• The Bride’s Lament: Is My Wedding Pretty Enough?

    Do you ever find yourself thinking that?

    I was in your shoes 9 months ago, scouring the net for inspiration, finding so much gorgeous stuff it hurts that you can’t include it all in your wedding day. Struggling with the myriad of decisions to be made from the small stuff like favours, to the big stuff like the budget! All the while loving the chance to be creative and put my (and our) own stylish stamp on our wedding.

    However, I constantly worried that my wedding couldn’t match up to all the amazing weddings out there in Wedding Blog Land…

    My bookmarks bar was brimming with fabulous wedding blogs. Here’s just a few favourites that were a big inspiration while I was planning (and still are!):

    Love My Dress

    ♥ Rock My Wedding

    ♥ Rock and Roll Bride

    ♥ Style Me Pretty

    While I was in the midst of my planning I read these blogs daily and although I adored looking at all the beautiful photos, the stylish ideas and the DIY craftiness, it also got me down at times too. We just didn’t have the time  to create lots of DIY touches or the money to hire a wedding planner to style our wedding to perfection.

    But I can honestly say that I put my heart and soul into planning our wedding!

    So I decided I wanted to share our wedding story with other brides (in the hope that I’d inspire them in some way) and submitted our photos to one of my favourite wedding blogs, Rock My Wedding, but I must admit waiting to hear back from them was excruciating! Everyday I waited, I questioned whether our wedding was pretty/cool/unique enough and I hated the thought that maybe it wasn’t.

    {So silly isn’t it? We loved our wedding day, why should it matter what anyone else thinks?!}

    In the end our wedding was featured (thank you Charlotte, Rebecca and Adam!) and I was so happy and proud to see our wedding on Rock My Wedding’s lovely polka dot pages.Even more so when other brides started commenting about our wedding with their sweet and lovely words (that meant the world to me and was quite a boost for the old ego too!).

    If you’d like to check it out here’s a link to Part 1Part 2 of our wedding.

    From a Blogger’s Perspective {albeit a newbie blogger}:

    Now that I’m on ‘the other side’, writing a wedding blog, I can see where bloggers come from with regard to their real wedding submissions. It’s such a shame but wedding blogs can’t feature every wedding that arrives in their inboxes-beautiful as they ALL are!

    It really depends on whether  the style of the wedding and photography match the style of the wedding blog and, more importantly, will inspire the blog’s readership.

    It is really important to me is to share talented, creative photographers’ work because I adore beautiful imagery and this is something the majority of wedding blogs take into consideration. Therefore, the reason so many real weddings on blogs look so damn good is because they were captured by uber talented photographers!

    Photography by uber talented Binky Nixon

    While writing this blog, I get pangs of wedding envy every. single day.

    There are just so many creative, stylish, beautifully captured weddings out there…BUT none of those weddings can compare to how perfect our wedding was for us at that time. Our time. Back on 1st August 2010…

    And I’ve no doubt that the same is true (or will be true) for you and your partner!

    I really don’t want to perpetuate that insecure feeling of ‘is my wedding pretty/cool/unique enough?! here on Bridal Musings! I want to share all sorts of eclectic weddings and wedding inspiration from different styles, cultures and traditions.

    ALL weddings are beautiful and I’d like to invite ALL readers to share a photo from their special day in my One and Only Photo feature. Drop me an email with your favourite photo, the one that takes you back to your special day and brings back all the happiness & love you felt at that moment. Then tell me why you chose it. {I love the reasons why  just as much as the photos!}

    The photos don’t have to be recent, perfectly styled or professional…just meaningful.

    {I intend to share every single wedding photo I receive.}

    If you do have professional photos of your wedding which you’d like to submit and you’d like to share your wedding story, please get in touch, I’d LOVE to hear from you. I adore featuring real weddings, they are what I’m all about…real people, real weddings, real love!

    I value each and every real wedding submission because I’ve been there, I understand how nerve-wracking it is to put yourself out there like that and I will do my very best to feature as many of your beautiful, love filled weddings as I possibly can!

    This is a post that I have thought long and hard about…I feel quite vunerable sharing my insecurities about our wedding and my thoughts about wedding blogs in general. {After all, this is a wedding blog and I do love to share pretty, cool, chic and unique stuff!}

    I guess I’m just trying to explain that I know how it feels to compare yourself and your wedding to others but that it’s just a waste of energy that could be spent in much more positive ways.

    Be proud of your wedding as it’s all about you, your partner and your love for each other. {Now if that’s not the prettiest, coolest, most unique thing in the world, I don’t know what is!}

    Elizabeth x

    I’d really love to hear your thoughts.

    Do you ever wonder if you wedding is pretty/unique/cool enough?

    Or feel overwhelmed by all the prettiness on wedding blogs?

  • I LOVE this post!! It so sums up my thoughts over the past few days!!
    Also love your beautiful wedding xx

  • Thank you, Leza. Your comment means a lot to me! It’s hard not to compare your wedding when there’s so many amazing weddings out there easily accessible at the click of a button but I’ve no doubt your wedding will be gorgeous (especially with that fab colour scheme you were telling me about on Twitter!) ;)x

  • I can fully sympathise with this – I had the same ‘my wedding will never be pretty enough’ feelings after getting hooked on the wedding blogs (although Elizabeth, how you ever thought YOURS was not going to be pretty enough I just don’t know). Ulitmately though, it will be beautiful to you and your husband, because you’ll be surrounded by the people who care the most about you. Thinking that got me through the ‘I will never have an RMW worthy wedding’ days!

  • Bravo! I think throughout my whole wedding planning I undoubtedly visited too many wedding blogs (ditto every one you mentioned!) and read too many wedding magazines as I questioned almost every aspect of our wedding. I went from glam, to vintage, to urban, back to glam, hell I probably even toyed with rockabilly!

    I think it’s very natural though and ultimately you just have to stick to your guns and remind yourself occasionally that you are planning YOUR wedding and that is is a celebration as you would wish, not what you think you should have. I wouldn’t change a single aspect of my day (and it ended up being a RMW wedding like yours!) and I was so proud of what we achieved. Even now whilst I am wedding blogging I have not yet had a moment of regret and that’s seeing so many amazing weddings every day and I really think it’s because weddings are about love, life and laughter which you really can’t source :)

  • Thank you so much, it’s great to hear from my fellow brides turned bloggers. I appreciate all your thoughts so much. It seems we’ve all gone through similar experiences.

    Clare, thank you for your kind words about my wedding-we loved every moment! I feel so pleased that we had the opportunity to share it with other brides on RMW. It was so lovely for you to share your touching wedding photos and story with your readers on Any Other Wedding.

    I adore all of the wedding blogs mentioned in the post as well as both of your lovely blogs! Especially now I’ve finally stopped comparing our wedding to the super pretty/cool/unique weddings featured! ;)

    And Vicky since seeing your wedding, I really can’t imagine it being a rockability themed affair! Thank goodness you stuck to your guns and have no regrets about your gorgeous day!

  • Thank you for a great post. I too am beginning to think I need to step away from looking at the hundreds of blogs/sites out there and think about we want, instead of comparing it to blog weddings.

    On a side note I have been searching for weeks to try and find the lovely wedding on Rock my Wedding where the bride wore a veil but with her hair down, this seems to be unusual but is my preference. (I had to close it quick as the boss came in). Anyway I couldn’t and had given up then I found your site and it’s your wedding, how strange!

    So thank you for giving me a point of reference to take to the naysayers who say my hair must be up to have a veil.



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