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  • Classic, Elegant & Oh So Glamourous London Wedding {Part 1}

    emily and ned-221

    Hello there, Are you on a chocolate come down? Not quite ready to get back to business? Well you’ve come to the right place! Let me take your mind off it all with a gorgeous real wedding and lots of other loveliness on Bridal Musings today… I’ve got a truly chic and glamourous wedding to share with you, […]

  • Royal Wedding Hair: Expert Musings by Severin from Hepburn Collection


    I’m such a happy bunny today, not just because it’s a bank holiday {hello lie-in} but also because I have the opportunity to feature the fabulous Hepburn Collection on Bridal Musings! Hepburn Collection has a special place in my heart because super talented hair stylist, Severin, with his magic hands & French flair worked alongside his […]

  • Kate Middleton Unleashes Her Wild Side!

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    Prepare to be Royally shocked… Reserved, dignified, good girl Kate gets wild, raunchy and baaaad as she gives Kie$ha a run for her money! This had me in stitches!!! “No crown on my head but I’ll get it when she’s dead…” {So wrong but so funny!} Best line…?

  • Happy Easter & Next Week’s Loveliness


    Happy Easter lovely readers! I hope you are all having a truly wonderful weekend and that the sun is shining for you. To celebrate, here’s a cute and crafty little Easter Egg Idea: via Poppy Talk {where you can see the whole, fabulous How To!} If that looks like too much effort…here’s my kind of DIY: […]

  • Sa Wat Dee Kaa from Thailand


    Hello from Thailand! I know you were thinking: wedding geek + blogging addict = daily posts while away on honeymoon. I was too. I even put it in writing! I tried my very hardest to make this happen but it hasn’t worked out as planned… The best way to describe how I look as I type […]

  • A Rock the Dress & the Hijab Shoot


    I am so pleased to be able to share this unique, urban, Rock the Dress shoot featuring beautiful Muslim bride, Anisa, captured perfectly by the talented and passionate Sofi Seck of Sofi Seck Photography from St Louis, Missouri in the US of A. Here’s Sofi to share the story behind the shoot: Anisa showed me […]

  • Want Longer, Fuller Lashes? {Sunday Beauty School}


    A few weeks before our wedding I got my first set of lash extensions and I LOVED them! It was amazing waking up with Bambi eyelashes, with no need to put mascara on or even any eyeliner as they were so black, thick and gorgeous! However, my initial love of them was soon tainted by the […]