• The Engagement Ring Saga: When You Don’t Like The Ring

    A few weeks ago I shared our Amalfi proposal story.

    Here’s the condensed version: Zee, the man of my dreams, asked me to marry him on a boat just for two off the Amalfi coast and I felt like the happiest and luckiest girl in the world!

    That is, until the day after, when I started to worry about ‘the engagement ring‘…

    The truth is it just wasn’t ‘me’ (it was big, bold and flashy, whereas I don’t actually wear much jewelry, and when I do, it’s delicate and dainty). But when the man you love has just got down on one knee and asked you, through tear filled eyes, to be his wife, the last thing you want to do is mention any doubts you have about the ring he’s spent months saving up for and carefully chosen for you!


    via Martha Stewart Weddings

    Zee asked me soon after he proposed if I liked the ring and I said yes, of course, I love it! Wouldn’t you have?

    This is actually quite hard to write about, it was a very sore subject between us for a long time.

    It’s hard because on the one hand I felt like an ungrateful, spoilt brat for even considering changing the ring and on the other I felt justified in my decision to tell Zee about my doubts and asking to change the ring. Which I did a few days later…

    After the excitement of our boat trip, we rushed back to the hotel, ringing our closest family and friends, taking numerous photos…many of me showing off the ring!!! (It was actually way too big for my finger so we’d spoken about getting it resized when we got back to London).

    This cringeworthy ring shot below was my idea. *Hangs head in shame.*

    Then I left the ring in it’s special little box, in our hotel room, while we went out for our celebratory dinner in Amalfi town. When we got back to the room, I opened the ring box again, hoping to see the ring in a new light, with fresh eyes but my heart sank because I knew for certain that I couldn’t happily wear it for the rest of my life. I’d always be settling for a ring that just wasn’t ‘me’.

    That night, the guilt crept in. So did the questions:

    Should I speak up or keep quiet?

    Why would Zee buy me a ring that is so obviously ‘not me’?

    Why should it matter what the ring looks like? It’s merely a symbol of our love and the promises we would soon be making to each other.

    Why didn’t Zee try to find out about my dream ring or ask my friends or family for advice before he bought it?

    Zee chose it especially for me and no doubt agonized over his decision for ages so I should accept my amazing gift and learn to love it. Shouldn’t I?

    If the tables were turned I would want Zee to have a ring that he loved and not to ‘settle’ for anything less.

    But Zee would be so hurt if I said I didn’t like it…

    Oh the drama that was going on in my head!

    So a few days later we had ‘the talk’. Zee was hurt. I cried. It was horrible.

    But we eventually came to a solution. As the ring needed to be resized anyway, I’d change the band and setting for a more delicate version and keep the original diamond he chose (which by the way is beautiful). I have a sneaky suspicion that Zee (and most men) are under the impression the bigger the better!

    (Before = tanned & After = pale)

    As you can see there’s not a huge difference, its the band width and the pear shaped diamonds at the side. Zee had said something really sweet about the original ring being made up of 3 parts, me and him on the sides and our future children in the middle! (Awwwww!) So we had to keep the power of 3 symbolism!

    I ADORE my engagement ring and wear it with pride everyday. It is the most beautiful object I own and it means so much to me because it represents our commitment to each other and also the compromises we make for each other. We both agree that even though it was hard, I made the right decision by speaking up about my doubts.

    So dear readers, if you or anyone you know find yourself in a similar predicament, I’d recommend being honest about your feelings.

    Those of you who are engaged/married, please do share your ring stories (or sagas) and your thoughts. Is honesty always the best policy?

  • Awww, such a sweet post! I enjoyed reading your ‘ring adventures’! Love the final version of it, and well done you for having ‘the talk’ about changing it. It is beautiful! x

  • Well done for being honest…..you couldn’t start a marriage on a lie! He would have been more hurt if you didn’t tell him how you felt.
    What a perfect proposal too….your ring is stunning and not much different from the original at all. He did a very good job in choosing it….just needed a thinner band! x

  • You definitely did the right thing – very beautiful it is, too!

    I was very lucky. The ring the boy chose for me was perfect, both in style and (somewhat amazingly) size!

  • I admire your honesty, and I think I would have done the same in your boat.

    Have to admit that when the boy proposed, I wasn’t sure about the ring. I had never worn a ring before and wasn’t sure if it was very ‘me’. Luckily that feelings quickly wore off and I now love it…. plus when he proposed, it was by candle light so I couldn’t see very well!

    Absolutely love your ring, it’s stunning!

  • I love your ‘now’ ring!! I also think you did the right thing, I know it can sound very spoilt brattish but, this is something you are going to wear forever!!!

    Chris did pick out my ring (which I love), however, I did show him the style I liked first!!


  • Awww thank you sooo much for your comments, I really appreciate them. Think I’ll always feel guilty about not sticking with the ring Zee originally chose but you’re right Gina, we couldn’t start our marriage on a lie!
    Very happy for you girls who got your perfect rings first time round {and just a little bit jealous} ;) xxx

  • Such a sweet story and I’m so glad u spoke up…u couldn’t have been thinking about that forever !! I always knew I had to choose my own ring and after 8 years of making sure the boy knew this he chose me a dummy ring for the proposal and we chose the actual ring together. He once tried to buy me a watch for my bday which I didn’t like , i told him and it caused such an argument I knew the engagement ring had to be chosen by me….,I’m the one wearing it afterall…..ur ring looks beautiful btw and that it one gorgeous diamond!!! X x

  • Thanks Caro, I can really relate to the watch situation…yikes.

    Glad your partner got the hint that you wanted to choose your own ring!

    I really feel like making a public announcement: dummy rings are the way forward for proposals! LOL x

  • Oh Wow, how beautiful, i bet he’s relieved you spoke upwhen you did and not later :) My fiance was a sneak in the ring choosing, he made an off the cuff remark about getting engaged one day and what sort of ring would i like – i was always wearing big bulky unusual stone rings and i think he was scared it would have to be something similar :P I’m not a big fan of the ‘usual’ and told him rather than diamond i’d like a green stone. He proposed a couple of months later at the spot where we first kissed and presented me with a delicate white gold band with tiny diamonds and an oval green amethyst in the centre :)

    • Anonymous

      Wow! I love rings with coloured stones, your engagement ring sounds beautiful! x

  • Natty_0307

    My fiance and I have a somewhat similar story. My fiance asked me to marry him after a few months of dating. At the time, he just didn’t have the money to purchase a ring and I understood his situation.  A few years later, he decided he really needed to get me a ring and had saved enough to purchase a modest ring. Being a modest girl, that was exactly what I wanted. We went together but since I rarely wear jewelry and had never even thought about diamonds, I was clueless about the 3 Cs: color, cut, and clarity. So when we went to the jewelers, I saw a simple, white gold band with a small, round solitare. It looked beautiful to me. It was the one. He paid for it and we left. A few days later, I was gazing into the diamond during a particularly boring chemistry class and saw something fuzzy in the middle of the stone. Cleaning the diamond didn’t make it better. I went to another jeweler to ask what it was. She told me there was a “flaw” in the stone.  At first I thought “oh well, this is what I picked.” But it wore on me. I debated for several days about saying something to my fiance but eventually I told him. I had the same feelings as you, Elizabeth. But I told myself that this was the only diamond that I ever cared to own and I didn’t want it to have any flaws; at least not such obvious ones. The fact that it had taken so much to save for even a modest ring made it all the more important.  He had purchased the ring on sale at a local department store that closed at the beginning of the recession in 2008. The jeweler in no way wanted to take the ring back…why would he…it had a flaw. I felt that the flaw should have been pointed out at the time of purchase. I spoke with (cried to) the manager and he made arrangements for us. In order to keep the same price on the ring, we took a small decrease in size to improve the clarity. I have forgotten the numbers of the 3 Cs as they are not important to me. What is important is that I love the ring on my finger and the man who gave to me and the fact that he was understanding of my concern with the original. Our wedding is this October so we’ll be picking wedding bands soon. I think it will go more smoothly this time! :-)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much for sharing your story, that must’ve been such a hard decision. I’m clueless about the 3 Cs too but I know that if I saw a noticeable fuzzy, flaw I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it either. I’m impressed with your bargaining skills, I wouldn’t have thought you’d be able to swap the ring! So glad it all worked out in the end. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your plans {and the wedding band shopping!} x

  • sewitseams

    I feel so encouraged by reading your post. I have been married for 5 years now & have never liked my engagement ring. It’s just a plain solitaire with a dainty diamond in the middle, but I’ve always been a creative person & would prefer something a bit more unusual, whether simply a twist in the band or some coloured stones.

    I didn’t tell my hubby my feelings until we’d been married for a year which was a big mistake – I should have had the courage to do it at the time! Everytime a friend gets engaged I always feel really sad about the ring. It’s so silly…I have the man of my dreams! And I’m not a materialistic person, the ring just isn’t ‘me.’ I’ve been thinking about getting it reset or having something added to it, but i hate bringing up the subject as I feel it hurts my hubby. Any advice? 5.5 years feels a long time to have lived with it :( x

    • bridalmusings

      I’m so glad you’re feeling encouraged by my story, I cringe every time I think about it. But thankfully Zee and I can laugh about it now! :)

      (I would love to know what he would have done if I’d bought him a dainty, feminine wedding band covered in diamonds! I’m pretty sure he’d have spoken up and said it wasn’t quite right for him lol)

      I agree it sucks to feel materialistic when you’re really not at all but your engagement ring is something very personal. And as you say, it’s something women are always sharing with each other. So I can understand that sad feeling. 5.5 years IS a long time to have lived with a ring you’re not happy with.

      Your ideas sound beautiful to make it more ‘you’.

      It is a tricky situation but I think the length of time you’ve been married may help to ease any hurt pride on your husband’s part. Maybe a year in when you mentioned it, it still felt a bit raw. But you’ve grown together since then, I’m sure you feel totally and utterly comfortable in each other’s company. So hopefully you can have an open, honest discussion about it and explain that the last thing you want to do is hurt his feelings.

      Perhaps you could suggest it as an anniversary gift? Say that you’re not interested in new jewelry or clothes as you already wear your favourite accessory everyday :)

      You could explain that over the past few years you’ve grown into your personal style and maybe before you had liked the thought of a traditional ring, now you’d like something a little bit extra / creative added.

      Stress the fact that you don’t want to get a new ring/diamond and that you love it because he chose it for you, it’s just that you want to make it a little more unique / ‘you’. You could even suggest adding an inscription too (if don’t already have one) to make it seem all romantic and anniversary appropriate ;)

      Wishing you the very best of luck,

      If you get a chance, please let us know how you get on xx

    • Emilyr

      I had the EXACT thing happen, except I wanted a more simple ring and my husband being the creative one made it much more his style. A few days before our one year anniversary I told him I didn’t like it so now we are looking at gettin me a new one. He was sad I didn’t tell him right away but said he would much rather me have something I love and actually wear than to keep the other to spare his feelings. I say go for it!

    • Roxy Craciun

      Hi I am married for 11 years and I never got an engagement ring, I do get sad from time to time but then I look around me and i know that no rings can bring so much happiness. My husband adores me, we have 6 kids together and every day beside him it’s a blessing.

      A ring is just a cold jewel that will never be able to bring you comfort when you are down or make you smile but most importantly a ring will never love you back.

      He asked me to marry him after 3 days we were together and after 11 years we are still mad about each other.

      • Hi Roxy,

        This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all that a perfect engagement ring isn’t the be all and end all. A loving husband and family is what is most important. Elizabeth

        ps. I think you should buy yourself a pretty ring! :)

  • Jbolemiss

    I just had a very similar situation and decided it was worth mentioning based upon whether or not I wanted to hurt his feelings temporarily, or look down at my hand and always be unhappy.  I broke my finacee’s heart by telling him I wasn’t crazy about my ring and only loved it because he did.  In doing so, I broke mine as well for hurting him.  I cried a ton, and it was awful.  Mostly he was shocked because a) he thought I wast trying to put off marrying him (never occurred to me that he’d think that) and b) I had gone on and on about loving it for a week (trying to reassure him and myself that I liked it). 

    We immediately went to the jewelry store to pick out another band (the diamond was beautiful and I definitely didn’t want to change it).  I tried on the bands that I thought I liked better, from having looked online a few months prior (HUGE MISTAKE).  In the end, after we browsed hundreds of rings, and I tried several on, I didn’t like any of them better than the ring I walked in with.  Talk about wondering how you’re going to get out of an awkward situation.

    In the end, I wish I had gone on my own and looked at some rings before telling him that I didn’t love mine since it’s what I ended up keeping.  Definitely would recommend knowing exactly what you want prior to doing what I did.  Luckily, my fiancee forgave me and everything is fine, and now I know that I do love my ring and never will doubt it again.  Unfortunately, I’m still coping for being such an ungrateful jerk, but my fiancee has let it pass, and soon I will too.

    • bridalmusings

      Thanks for sharing, that is such wonderful hindsight advice. I’m so sorry you and your fiance had to go through that – but at least you know for sure now. You could’ve spent years questioning how much you loved your ring and have a niggling feeling that it wasn’t quite right for you. I’m so glad everything turned out alright in the end, please don’t continue to beat yourself up about it. You’re fiancee has forgiven you – I bet he feels very happy/smug that he knows you better than you know yourself! :)

  • Tyler 13

    I have a similar dilemma… My fiance and I have been engaged for over 1 year now, and are getting married this August, 2013. He custom designed my engagement ring using the diamonds from his great-grandmother’s ring. I love antique, vintage style jewelry, and I love the idea that I have heirloom stones in a ring made just for me. But…. the style is not me. Before he proposed we talked about types and styles of rings and stones, I showed him pictures of ones I liked and ones I didn’t, etc. And unfortunately, the ring he designed reminds me of a ring I specifically said I didn’t like. The ring is yellow gold (which I love), with 3 diamonds on a slant like a backslash (), 2 diamonds on either side with two pointed ends going up and down, and a large band to accommodate the diamonds. However, the points and large band make the ring seem harsh, jagged, and asymmetrical, and I like styles that look whimsical, soft, and delicate. I don’t want to upset him because I know he worked really hard with the jeweler making this custom ring, but it’s almost time to get a wedding band, and because of the unique (and awkward) shape of the engagement ring, the wedding band will have to be custom made as well… I just don’t know how it’s going to work out. I’ve casually brought up that I don’t know what kind of wedding band will go with it, but he just says “We’ll figure it out.” While other people have said it’s pretty and nice and so on, I have had someone else tell me it looks like their old grandmother’s… which isn’t really something you want to hear. I don’t want to seem selfish or ungrateful for what he gave me, but at the same time, I want something that will fill me with happiness and love every time I see it, since I will be wearing it for the rest of my life. What should I do?

    • bridalmusings

      Oh goodness, what a difficult predicament. How sweet of your fiance for designing it himself, it’s such a shame he didn’t get it quite right. It’s a very unique ring – don’t think I’ve ever seen one like it before. It’s beautiful but yes, not for the faint hearted or traditional!

      I tend to think, it’s been a year and you haven’t mentioned it yet so maybe you like it more than you think? But if that’s not the case and you can’t imagine looking at it for the rest of your life, perhaps you should speak up now or forever hold your peace.

      Explain that you love the thought, effort and especially the history behind the ring – his great grandmother’s diamonds – but that you’d actually prefer a more traditional style so that you can have a traditional wedding band that slots underneath it perfectly too.

      Explain that you’ve been thinking a lot more about wearing both rings for the rest of your life and that it’s made you admit something you’d pushed aside so as not to hurt his feelings…

      Perhaps you can take it back to the jeweller and work on a new design together?


      I actually wear my wedding band and engagement ring on different hands, so that’s an option if you don’t want to have to get a wedding band that fits around your engagement ring. Then you could think about your dream wedding band and have the best of both worlds without hurting your fiance’s feelings. 

      Best of luck with your ring dilemma and wedding plans, let us know how you get on x 

    • Teresa

      I am currently in this situation. I didn’t have a clue my bf was going to propose, it was a big shock and not only that but he had designed the ring for months before he proposed. Its not that I hate it but I just don’t love it either. He is I guess a lot more materialistic than me so he wanted the biggest and best, (bought a huge rock and then covered everything visible with diamonds) I am more understated, simple and elegant would have been perfect. I’m not a huge fan of platinum and really don’t want a band the same.

      Half of the guilt is that you don’t feel like it is anything you should complain about in the first place. I have mentioned it to friends and they think i’m crazy. He has an idea that it wouldn’t have been what i’d pick as we agreed i’d only wear it now and again as its too heavy and big for every day. It had cost him £2000 to design so I can’t ask him to pay to change it. I feel like we are both taking it very personal. I’m wondering why he would give me something so blingy and he is sad i’m not wearing his ring.

      I’m not the world’s most enthusiastic bride to be anyway. Its never been a priority of mine to get married, I really don’t want to change my name or how we are together so having something so visible just adds up to the overwhelming feeling of being completely terrified by the whole situation.

      When I looked at the picture of your ring I wondered maybe if you could make the diamonds straight on a single band? That might be a good compromise.

    • Wanderlustlor

      I’m in the same situation. My fiancé custom designed my ring secretly though I gave many hints about really wanting a thin band. I sent photos to his sister who was helping him decide, again reminding her that I have small hands and it looks out of proportion with large bands. I just wanted something classic and feminine and ended up with a a thick baguette surrounded round. I know his sister forwarded the photos I sent and every one was a square shaped diamond with a very thin band on tiny round diamonds. I don’t know how he could get it sooo wrong. I feel horrible and haven’t said anything in fear of hurting his feelings but have gone to jewelers to see if I can trade in a family diamond and my engagement diamond to upgrade the size of the center stone not even sure if that would help the proportions. I’ve only had it four days have worn it the whole time to see if it “grows on me” but all I can think is hot not my style it is. It’s beautiful, just not for me. Afraid to wait too long to tell him and need advice.

      • Wanderlustlor

        Since my original post I spoke to my fiancé and we both cried a bit about the ring but decided to upgrade the center diamond. I love the new diamond! Drastically helps the proportions. But now my eczema has started to flare up on my finger due to water/soap getting trapped under the thick band. This is one of the many reasons i wanted a thin band. Our jeweler is happy to swap the old setting for a new one using my center diamond for a very small cost. But now the ring has grown on me and I’m not sure i want to give up the design my FI created. But I’d like to be able to wear my ring everyday without skin problems. Will I regret not keeping THE ring he chose for me? And it’s too expensive to alter the original design compared to swapping settings.

        • priceless

          I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I have problems with water/soap getting trapped under my bands and my dermatologist recommended brushing the rings everyday with water and a clean toothbrush (set one aside for this purpose) and also (for me, at least) staying away from foaming soaps- too harsh for me. I put Polysporin on the original eczema to heal it, and put a container of softsoap in the bathroom at work for me to use and- voila!- haven’t had a problem with it in over a year!

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  • holly cleasby

    my engagement ring is an outdated looking ring, mystic topaz with a gold band two weird loops on either side of the stone. It is a hand me down from his mother (her 10th aniversary ring). here is the problem, he knew I wanted a diamond ring, he didnt even have the ring or the idea of giving it to me when he proposed to me, and honestly mystic topaz is so cheap looking and dark. (the proposal we were going about our everyday lives and he just turned to me and asked if I would marry him, sooo unromantic and not at all thought out) I mentioned to him that I am dissapointed by the ring and the proposal a few months later and he got very upset and angry about it; am I wrong to hate my ring?

    • bridalmusings

      Oh Holly, I’m so sorry it didn’t work out as you’d hoped. Perhaps your fiance thought he was being romantic by offering you his mother’s ring – a sweet gesture to show you’re part of his family now.

      But I totally understand why you’d want the opportunity to choose your own ring if it’s not your style at all. Perhaps you could suggest choosing a ring together for your birthday / Christmas / anniversary gift. Explain that you’ll always (ahem) treasure that ring but that you’d love to be able to choose your own, that’s your style and you feel proud showing off.

      If you get on with his mum, talk to her about it – I’m sure she’ll understand and can help explain it to your fiance from a female perspective. (If I’ve misunderstood your comment and she’s sadly passed away then I’m sorry – that makes things trickier.)

      Best of luck!

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  • Adam

    I am reading through these stories and noticing a trend. As a man I have always been under the impression that the ring represents the man that gives it. It is a sign to everyone of who he is on her finger. It is inspired by their love and future together, but it is still about giving himself to her.

    The rich man concerned with his image and wealth will get a large flashy ring so that his wife will reflect his stature and the thoughtful man will get a ring that is modest and pretty. The guy who just doesn’t care about himself will get whatever he sees and so on. This is the example that has been shown in story and movie for as long as I have been around.

    I believe that the ring represents the signature on the contract between two people. It is his signature on her hand, tweaking it a little makes sense, but changing it sounds like you may be with the wrong person. (I don’t think accepting a ring that was used as a commitment for someone else’s relationship to be a good idea)

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  • HaileyNISD

    Oh thank you thank you for posting this. My guy showed me a ring this weekend. We were both so excited! But then I saw it and I have no poker face….he knew I didn’t like it (and believe me I’ve tried so hard to). He’s hurt and I am too but I know we’ll figure it out. It is comforting to know others have gone thru the same thing!

  • Ring wringer!

    Okay so reading this article has really helped me out! My husband spent a lot of money on getting me a ring on our anniversary and I absolutely hate it!
    I feel bad cause he spent so much money on it, I guess I’ll cook him something nice and break the news to him. Wish me luck!

  • what do I do?

    But what if you’ve been married for a year? he even said at first “If you don’t like it, we can get a different one”. I assured him I liked it because I didn’t want to appear ungrateful or like a gold digger. I especially didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I feel like the whole proposal and ring were kind of pulled out from under me. My now husband wrote to my dad asking for my hand and my dad called me to tell me that days before my husband proposed! “surprise” proposal at the Grand Canyon at sunset completely RUINED! I haven’t told my husband that because I know he would get very upset. My husband asked what I’d like in a ring back when we were dating and i told him I didn’t want a diamond (White Topaz or some other non-blood diamond gem was what i REALLY wanted) and was hoping for something with a little flash to it. He gave me a diamond ring that is no doubt, pretty, but not at all my taste. It’s very, very dainty. I find myself looking at rings and admiring other womens rings all the time. I had the same feelings as you–I didn’t want to hurt him or make him upset or act like some spoiled brat, because I’m not at all. I don’t want some huge stone that makes it hard to get my hand in my pocket. I’ve put his feelings above what I really wanted and its now starting to really eat at my conscience. I even picked out a band with white topaz gems to give it just a bit more sparkle in hopes that it would help me change my mind. I love my wedding band, its exactly what I wanted. Guess what? It didn’t change my engagement ring or how I feeel. I just feel like the entire situation happened so fast that I was left in the dust. Now what?

  • Tangled

    I don’t know if anyone even reads this anymore, but I have a problem no one really touched on here.

    I recently found my engagement ring–purely by accident–in a suitcase packed for an upcoming trip to Disneyland. I was elated when I found that little velvet box, and promised myself I wouldn’t look at the actual ring until it was in my boyfriend’s proposing hands. The curiosity, I should have known, ended up becoming too strong as the hours went by. I peeked.

    Days went on and finally I over-indulged. I opened the box completely! What I saw didn’t name my heart flutter. It made it drop. I could tell right away that it was a fake. After some basic tests (yes, I’m a horrible person) I concluded that the setting was a cheap, thin, fashion jewelry material, and the stone was cubic zirconia.

    Now, please don’t get me wrong. I adore my boyfriend and want to spend the rest of my life with him. I just feel slightly off about the ring. I mean, I really don’t even need a ring, but I feel that the ring symbolizes something, and to have a ring that clearly wasn’t an investment kind of makes me feel like I’m not that much of an investment either.

    He makes enough that I know he could have paid for even the most modest of pieces. I just wasn’t expecting so little. Ugh.

    Anyways, it’s not the end of the world. But how do I tell him that I want something real? Is it even right of me to desire this??

    • Rplaporte

      what if he got a cheap version to propose with – and intends to shop with you for the real deal? did he end up proposing on your trip?

  • Rene

    Wow I have been living with this guilt for just about a year and our wedding is in October it came out once in a argument bad call….

  • Sherry

    For me, I like the ring. The only thing is that it is from a big brand store jewlery, and I know he did spend a little fortune on that ring! I just can’t help but think it was a rip off to buy 2-3x the price of a regular ring that would have cost so much less somewhere else, to a regular jewlery store…. Or the diamond could have been 2 times the size for the same price…

    I don’t really care about the size, but the fact that he paid twice more for a name, I feel guilty and bad…

    • Kelseycate

      I feel so guilty too. I have have been engaged to my fiancé for a year now. I love my ring to peices and we picked it out together. However, after everything said and done it was $1200 for 1/2 t.w bridal set. So I’m basically only wearing 1/4 T.w on my finger right now, and I don’t mind at all. It beyond beautiful. However It has had so many problems and I am not rough with my hands. I work at another jewelery shop that doesn’t sell engament rings so I know how to handle jewlery. Just the other day thought we saw a 1ct ring for $1100 at the navy exchange ad!! We both got this heart in the stomach sinking feeling that we wasted money on a ring that keeps giving us problems and is the same amount of money as a better quality ring. The 1/2 ct was only $499!!!! It just made is so upset. There is no way of returning myset for the money and just getting the $499(same size) and letting him keep the rest since he really needs the money. It’s just so upsetting. It was a ripoff. He had to go to a big name store and not the NEX. Which bugs me more.

  • Ell

    I could use some advice.
    My boyfriend and I just recently got engaged. We have now been together for 7 years and we spent several months looking at rings together. We picked out the perfect ring. It was beautiful; simple, classic, clean…I was in love. Out of nowhere his family offered him his great grandmothers ring, whom neither of us had met before she passed. I have a hard time with the whole heirloom thing. My family is nothing short of a mess. We have had several conversations about how I couldn’t wait to start a life together as a family, a fresh start. I even tried to talk to him when I found out about the heirloom ring but he was set on using it. My fiancée had it modified and I don’t think it is ugly by any means, but looking at it I feel hurt. I feel like it’s not mine, like I’m playing dress up and I’m have a hard time understanding why he’d let me fall in love with a ring that we got to pick out together and then just change it without thinking how it would make me feel.
    I’m so excited to marry him. I’ve loved him for so long. But I’m afraid to talk to him. It’s not even like we could just have it reset. To me the stone represents someone else’s love story, someone we know nothing about except her name.
    What do I do?!
    I’ve kept my mouth shut for over a month. But I have a pit in my stomach. I feel selfish and materialistic and awful. Please Help!

    • Say something. If you explain your reasons exactly how you told it here it’s very respectful and honest. Not one thing about what you just said is unreasonable. He seems like a wonderful man and if he loves you and you explain yourself just as you did here, he’ll understand. he may be a little hurt but in the end, the most important thing is a beginning of a few family and that’s what means most to you. He loves you. He’ll understand :) good luck

  • Melz

    Ok so I’m not sure how to feel about my situation. But I recently found out the my husband proposed to me with his sisters old engagement ring where she called off the wedding. My husband and I have been together for 8 yrs he proposed to me 4 yrs ago. When he proposed to me with the ring I honestly hated it and didn’t know if I should of express my hate for the ring out not.

    • Dee Dabs

      Id say something to him about it… If he didnt have the money at the time thats one thing, but he should start putting thought into getting you a new ring. I personally would not want a reminder of her failed relationship on my finger.

      • Melz

        I’m just super pissed at his sister as well because she knew I was wearing her old ring for all these years . She probably got a kick out of me wearing her old ring. And what pissed me off more is that she pretended to go ring shopping with my husband and helped pick out my ring. And she kept complimenting on the ring. As for my husband he’s shocked that I found out and has plans on replacing my ring, the only problem is my band and enhancer are all soldered together on the engagement. It just makes me so upset knowing we got the ring blessed and exchanged vows with her ring ugh!!! Oh and he had the money, he paid her for her old ring with the money he paid her, he could of gotten me a really nice new ring! The situation was that she needed money and she mentioned she had the ring so she got his money and he gave me her old ring !

        • read my post further up, it’s kinda similar. you should be PISSED! I’d definitely have it out with him about this. That would eat away at me until I got it off my chest.

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  • Pearl

    I got a gold sapphire ring he found somewhere, about 5sizes too big for me. Spend $90 to re-size myself. So I guess we make a big deal out of nothing. The big flashy diamonds is mainly for show and we come to realise this if we are really honest with ourselves. I could go out and get myself a 2carat diamond but I doubt its going to make my marriage better or me any happier in the long scheme of things. So I wear the ring he gave me and just be happy I have found a man who loves me dearly, listens to me and is good to me in every way he can. Isn’t that what matters at the end?

  • Renee Porte

    Before ingot to the part where you got the new ring I was thinking “just tell him you will get a very similar ring but daintier! Great approach. My hubby would be happier with me happier even after the hard part of telling him and him accepting.

  • Girl with no ring

    I was proposed and hated the ring. I gave so many hints on what my perfect ring would be like, went as far as sending a picture. For me a ring is important it means commitment it means I am off the shelf it means for ever so give me something I love to wear have and stear at. When I was proposed it was on a card. A written note. I never heard the words ” do you want to be mine foreve? Do you want to marry me? Nothing it was in writing only. The ring was not what I liked felt he had not planned this very special moment it felt like a spur of the moment. I wasn’t going to say anything but I googled what to do. It said basically to say is to big bulky etc not to say is not me… I didn’t like it so I did that and hell broke loose…I was ungreatful and he said he didn’t want to marry me at the end the engagement and ring sucked. Guess it was a sign he wasn’t the one

  • Octavia

    I asked for opal and for years told him how much I hated diamonds. And I got diamonds – a lot of them. I don’t know what to do. I was really let down. My mom just told me that he knows that I don’t like the ring. I don’t know what to do. In your story he didn’t know you didn’t like it. My fiance knows I don’t like it. So what should I do? I can’t really talk to him about it since he already knows I don’t like it and already knows what I want. Opal is even less expensive than diamonds.

    • Take the initiative and go to the jewelry store on your own and assess what your options are in terms of swapping it out. If he already knows you don’t like it he’s not going to be shocked you changed it. If he did get upset I would say, “We all knew I didn’t like the ring. You didn’t make an effort for us to resolve the problem together and I didn’t want to wear something every single day for the rest of my life that I don’t love.” Doesn’t it kind of irk you though, that he *knew* exactly what you wanted, knowingly gives you one you don’t like, and then make no effort at all to make sure you were happy with the most important thing from one of the biggest moments of your life?

    • juke

      I totally agree with you! He should be thrilled that you want opal! I asked for opal and my fiancé said when he went to the store the woman was trying to sell him diamonds and he said he kept reminding her that I wanted opal! So even sales woman have trouble understanding what we want! Lol I would sit down and talk to him. I know it’ll be hard and you’ll feel guilty but he needs to take into consideration what you want otherwise it’s not a good sign for the future.

  • Jane Spring

    When I was a teenager my uncle left a relationship after being engaged for ten years. Yes, ten years. that should be a red flag if the wedding date is a decade from the proposal. On my birthday my Uncle gave me a card that said, “This is supposed to belong to my favorite girl in the world.” It was the engagement ring. We were really close, like a second dad. It was so beautiful and it meant so much. I was only 14 at the time. I kept it in my keepsake box. Jump ahead seven years and my boyfriend at the time who had seen the ring and knew about it, took me out to a romantic restaurant and over candle light started his romantic build up to ‘Will You Marry Me?’ and presented me with MY ring that I already owned!! he didn’t go ring shopping he just went in my closet. he said he thought it could be a family heirloom. That engagement was broken. So far this ring has been bad luck for two engagements but it still sits in my closet. I’m thinking about selling it. it;s not a romantic ring if it’s seen nothing but heartbreak lol

  • Jane

    I have been engaged for over a month and can still sob my eyes out over how guilty I feel that I don’t love my ring. My fiance spent 4k on a radiant cut diamond that is just way too big and nothing I would have ever hoped for. I hoped for a small, unassuming round diamond but he never once asked me about what I would even like. The guilt of how much he spent and how I just cannot force it to be my taste is eating me alive, but I don’t have the courage to say anything. I admire your courage to be honest!!!!

  • Sonia

    I have a dilemma. My boyfriend and I have been discussing marriage for a long time, so he’s planning on proposing, I just don’t know when. Last night, he asked me if I’d rather purchase a ready made ring, or would I trust him to design one for me. He knows the style I like (we’ve looked at lots of photos), and the romantic in me is saying ‘let him make one’. But I’m very picky, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, and am afraid that even with suggestions from me, he might design something that won’t suit me. I feel like a selfish jerk, but I can’t imagine wearing something every day for the rest of my like that I don’t like. Any ideas how I should approach this?

    • Lucy

      You are not a selfish jerk. I would say purchase a ready made one that you yourself have signed off on. I had sent my fiancé pictures of what I’d like and it didn’t turn out the way I had wanted. Looking back I wish I had been more hands on and direct. I also just tried rings at one store only and wish I looked at more places with different styles. It is something you’ll be wearing everyday, possibly the rest of your life so you’ll really want to love it and not leave any room for error.
      That being said I have a girlfriend that was not involved at all with the planning process and her man came thru with the ring of her dream (I’ve seen it myself and it really is droolworthy).
      Best of luck!

  • Joanne

    I have the same dilemma with my engagement ring…the diamond itself is beautiful. Except the setting is not really what I wanted. I typically come off as a simple girl which is why I think he picked the setting that he chose…but I was hoping for one with diamonds all around the band with a four-pronged setting as opposed to 6. I got a solitaire with 6 prongs. I hate it :( I feel bad for not liking it, but at the same time I feel sad looking at the ring. He put an engraving on it too…so it’s nonrefundable….ugh. And it’s not even my size! I feel like crying now because I’m not happy with it but I’m stuck with it. I’ve already mentioned that it wasn’t really the ring I envisioned and he did get hurt and offended….he called me a brat…maybe I am. But I don’t usually go big on most things…I’ve always told him he’s more high maintenance than me and he admits to it. So I wanted a little more on my ring, what’s the harm in that? :'(

  • Dee

    I have a similar situation going on right now. There was this tiny diamond that has been apparently passed down from marriage to marriage in his family and I was unaware of it. Low and behold, I received the same diamond when he proposed. Problem being, I’ve never been a fan of diamonds, I’ve always dreamed of all things non traditional and wanted a big sparkly blue sapphire as my ring. Furthermore, the way the ring was designed (and I found out later the ring design wasn’t his choice, it was just what would fit the same diamond that had been passed along 4 marriages…) had the diamond stick out and it wasn’t very flush. I’m very physically active and the dumb thing just gets in the way all the time. After months I finally spoke up and told him as much as I appreciate the historic gesture, the ring just wasn’t for me. He was quite upset and said I wasn’t allowed to change it (family tradition, yada yada) for a while. But then when it came to his band he wanted to wear his grandfather’s yellow gold band and I HATE yellow gold and wanted our rings to match. He realized that he shouldn’t choose what I wear if I wasn’t allowed to have a say in what he wore. We are now shopping for a few rings and the family ring will likely go into a safe deposit box for the next couple down.

  • MRC

    Whew, I have some of the same issues….mine proposed about 3 weeks ago and we had looked at a number of very pretty rings all of which got my thumbs up all day. However, when he proposed he had bought nothing like what we had had looked at, at all….while I am TomBoy and am from day to to day an Engineer So I assume he thinks I am grimmy all day long, but honestly none of my accessories are very plain…the few i do have…So my point is my ring is an almost flawless 1 carat Princess Cut on a plain 14k white gold band. Whereas its not about the cost to me I wanted the best value for the dollar so we had looked at round less perfect diamonds with a halo and MicroPave diamonds, which would have a been probably half the cost of the ring he paid for. I know how much because I was the one who had to insure the ring since it is with me until we get married. His reasoning was two fold, he does not like side or extra diamonds so he basically bought the ring he likes as opposed to what I wanted secondly he said because I am fairly atheletic and a busy Mom of teenagers, as well as my work schedule He said that in his mind this is how he saw me Plain Jane….To say I am more dis-satified would be an understatement….I has said he views me as a China Doll and and I am very traditional.
    Okay so I am flattered, but I still hate my ring……and he can’t really understand why. And I forgot to mention that its the same cut, metal and carat that my exhusband of 13 years gave me years ago….Just a lot of issues circumventing this whole ring issue.

    • Hi Rochelle,

      I’m so sorry for the super delayed reply, I’ve only just seen this. Thank you for sharing your ring story, I hope you managed to sort it out? This lack of control over a piece of jewelry we have to wear with pride day in and day out is so hard, not to mention the pressure on our partners to get the perfect ring (when they most likely know nothing about buying rings!) Plus that whole ex husband thing is super awkward! Wishing you all the best, Elizabeth

  • CV

    So, I went through all of this, he picked a ring without asking my friends or finding out my style – and I really didn’t like it. After many fights and me kicking and screaming, we exchanged the ring for something more to my liking. A year and a half later the guilt of hurting his feelings has not gone away, so much so that I’m considering buying myself the original ring. Any thoughts on that or how to get over this? I love him dearly and I don’t believe that a ring symbolizes the relationship. But I can’t get over how hurt he was, and still is (he gets sad and “reminds” me from time to time).

    • I can relate to this completely, it was so hard to write this post. Even after getting married it still felt like quite a raw subject and I still do get the odd pang of guilt about it. But in the grand scheme of things, this will pale in significance to the harder times you’ll face throughout your marriage. Zee was so hurt and angry at first but now, 5 years on, we can laugh about it.

      I think buying the original ring is a sweet gesture but you said it really wasn’t your style – will you then have to wear it instead of the ring you love? Or as well as? It may just confuse things and intensify/bring up all of those sad/hurt feelings. If it’s really eating away at you, talk to your fiancé / husband and explain how you feel – you’re in this together, after all :)

      Wishing you all the best, Elizabeth

  • Thalassophile

    I’m so glad I found this thread. It had put my mind at ease and made me feel less horrible about my situation. Good to know I’m not the only one who has been through this! After 7 years together and waiting very patiently my fiance finally proposed last September by planning a surprise trip to Santorini. I totally didn’t expect it as the trip was disguised as a getaway from the building work we were currently undertaking and I was just relieved to be escaping the chaos of our lives. Everything was perfect, the location, the hotel, the proposition. Out of the blue I was presented with a little turquoise box wrapped in white ribbon and then my world fell apart. I was so shocked he had actually planned this all to propose that I didn’t have the heart to tell him the ring wasn’t right. I was elated and heartbroken all at the same time because although it was a beautiful ring it wasn’t right for me. I’m tall, well built and my hands are big with long fingers. The ring has a thin band with a tiny stone which not only gets lost in the expanse of hand but also makes my hands look even bigger. Like you I popped it back it it’s box and thought it will be fine, I will grow to love it. We went back to Tiffany when we got back to London to get the ring resized and I was hoping he would say the magic words ‘you can change it, I won’t mind’. They never came and I had the ring resized. 0.4ct Tiffany classic solitaire (Size N1/2) I’ve been wearing it for 8 months now and every time I look at my finger I get upset. It’s not right for me but I couldn’t say anything at the time because I didn’t want to upset him. Instead I stayed quiet and upset myself. I can’t wear it with pride. I hide my hands and don”t relish being engaged even after such a long wait. I stare at my finger 100 times a day with a heavy heart. After a few encounters with other engaged ladies who loved their rings I broke. I told my fiance the ring was wrong and he got upset. I cried. He was angry I didn’t say anything at the time as now it was too late to return it. I was angry I didn’t say anything but that he also didn’t think about ME when buying the ring. He didn’t consult my sister, or my mum. He just went out and bought it. (He admitted it had never crossed his mind (men!) ) Ladies, if you have just got engaged and are in a similar position, don’t leave it too late. It only gets more difficult and causes unnecessary stress and heartache down the line. If I had said something then, we would have changed it and it would have been forgotten about. I would be wearing a ring with pride and getting on with life. Instead it’s become the elephant in the room and has put a bit of a stain on what is supposed to be a special time. Speak up.

    • I’m sorry to hear you’ve been this. It’s so hard to not have any control over this special, symbolic piece of jewelry. I really sympathise with your frustration that your fiancé didn’t think to ask for your sister or mum’s opinion. I also feel so sorry for men as there’s such pressure to get the proposal right and choose the perfect ring. When really, I think most women would love to be more hands on (excuse the pun) with the ring shopping. We’re the ones who have to wear it every day after all! Sigh.

      That’s such great advice to other readers to speak up as soon as possible, while there’s still a chance to change things without causing too much heartache. Thank you so much for sharing.

      Although it must’ve been an excruciatingly difficult conversation, it’s probably a good thing that you told your fiancé how you felt about the ring. It may have been much worse if you’d quietly resented your ring/him for years. Hopefully you can both move on together and find a way to make it right. And, in time, that elephant will start to get smaller and smaller.

      I know it’s hard but try your best not to let it put a dampener on this special time – you’re getting married! You’re going to plan the best party ever! To celebrate your love with all the people you love! And you’re going to spend your life with this thoughtful man who whisked you away to a beautiful Greek island and asked you to be his wife :)

      I wonder if you could ‘upgrade’ your ring on your next anniversary or for your wedding? Or perhaps get a super gorgeous wedding ring?

      Wishing you all the best with your wedding plans (Elizabeth)

  • Jessicathom

    I am in the same situation as Thalassophile and I think all of the women in this thread have pretty much the same issue the ring isn’t right! We’ve been engaged for 11 months and since I first saw the ring I knew I didnt like it. Even though I showed him the exact ring I wanted a few months before we got engaged it wasn’t even similar to the ring I picked. I’m a simple girl and I wouldn’t mind even 1/2 carat on a tiny band but I got a bulk ring with lots of diamonds. I thought to myself I might grow to love it because I love him but instead I’m growing to hate it. I hate the thought he didn’t go by example ring I picked, I hate he didn’t take my friend or my family to pick the ring instead he took his parents. Which they don’t know my style so why take them? The sad part is I know my ring isn’t amazing in the style because when I show it off no one is awing in how beautiful it looks. It breaks my heart every single time. So, I finally brought it up to my fiancé! Like everyone else it didn’t go so well. He is hurt. He thinks every women who has asked to change their ring is a bitch! But I’m not even asking for a bigger diamond (sad face) I’m asking for a simple small ring…am I a bitch. He has agree to change my ring but I don’t want him to feel hurt every time he see my new ring…I don’t know what to do.

    • Hey Jessica, I’m sorry this happened to you. You’re certainly not a bitch, it’s just a difficult situation for you both. Your fiancé obviously put thought and care into choosing your ring (which is why he feels so hurt) but, as you say, he didn’t take what you wanted into consideration, or ask the people who know you best for their opinion, which left you upset and confused and wearing a ring that isn’t ‘you’. So, after a hard conversation, he’s agreed to change it – that’s great! But of course it’s a lose lose situation – either you stick with a ring you don’t like (and he knows you don’t like it) or you change it for one you love and he feels hurt. I know I’m late replying to this comment (sorry!) so I hope you’ve taken steps to resolve this tricky situation or come to some kind of compromise.

      If you get a chance, please do let us know what happened. Best wishes (Elizabeth)

    • Cidalia Martins

      And yet…if we bought a man a piece of jewelry they didn’t like, they would have NO problem not wearing it or asking to exchange it. But when women do it, they’re a bitch.

      • Kelly Strain

        You are so right.

  • Maria Patenaude

    My boyfriend of 9 years (I know, right?) proposed three weeks ago and the ring is pretty… but so not me. I knew I’d be getting an inherited diamond. Since it was coming from a vintage earring I figured it’d be on the smaller side and would look nice in a dainty setting. I have very small hands and am somewhat accident prone, so I wanted something low-profile and classic. My guy and I talked about the ring more than once starting a couple of years ago. I told him what I liked and didn’t like and even made a wishlist for him of several rings that fit my style; next to each I wrote comments and my ring size. I’d worn a promise ring for nearly 8 of those 9 years (until it broke) that was exactly to my liking and figured he wouldn’t have any trouble pleasing me. I’m a simple kind of girl!

    How the ring went wrong started when he became very busy with his new job and asked his mother (who is an artist) to have the ring made for him. It turned out very tall (as well as a half-size too big) and it catches on *everything*. I wanted something I’d only have to worry about while kneading dough, not every time I walk through a doorway or hand over a shopping bag. Seriously, I wore it only twice and hurt my hand on both occasions because the darn thing keeps catching and pulling, or I slam it into something and then check it frantically for damage. I tried to switch back to my promise ring for daily wear but it turned out to be broken in 3 places rather than 2 and would cost more than it’s worth (monetarily) to fix; I must have slammed it into one door frame too many. Our solution was to buy me a titanium ring off Etsy that’s similar to the promise ring (3 stones, low profile). I’d have to put my hand through way more than my day-to-day oopses to break titanium, and it’s both petite and inexpensive, so win-win there. My guy liked the sound of titanium so much that he’s decided that’s what he wants for his wedding band (mine is being crafted by the same Etsy artisan as my “daily wear” engagement ring).

    In the moment of the proposal, I didn’t even glance at the ring. He knows I only wear white metals and that I’m allergic to nickel, so the 5% of my brain that was concerned with the ring knew that at least it wouldn’t be yellow gold or of a metal that would make me itch. So I’d excitedly said yes well before the ring went on. “Wow, that’s big” fell out of my mouth, and not in an impressed kind of way. I must have winced because he immediately told me how he’d asked his mom to handle it and that what he’d described and what he’d gotten back were very different. “Something got lost in translation.” We talked about the ring a bit over the remainder of the evening and the few hours that I tried to wear it the next day, and he realized I was uncomfortable with the size of the setting, not the stone (it’s maybe a half carat? possibly .75? we haven’t asked) but that since it was custom made in white gold & palladium (because of my nickel allergy; most white gold is whitened with nickel) by his family’s jeweler in Old San Juan that it wasn’t something that could be solved by simply re-setting the diamond; too many toes would get stepped on. All I can figure is that his mom (who actually knows me fairly well) confused my love of big statement necklaces with a love for big jewelry in general. Totally forgivable! And it turned out that my guy had never meant for it to be an “everyday” ring; he just wanted to give me something really special, even if that meant it would be only for special occasions. That’s the opposite of what I’d hoped for my engagement ring because I’d have loved to wear it always; I’m a romantic. He’s a romantic, too, and I do love the gesture. I only wish the big, special one had been an anniversary gift somewhere down the line. And not so tall it’s actually dangerous! My hand has been bare since we got home from our trip (beach proposal!) and I realized my old ring would cost more to repair than to replace.

    The only argument we had wasn’t over the engagement ring, or its “daily” replacement, or whether/when to repair the promise ring. It was over the wedding band, oddly enough, because I picked it out myself and it won’t be an exact match to his. “It’ll match the daily ring and look nice with the real ring. Isn’t that more important than matching yours?” My emotions were heightened because I felt so guilty over buying what is, in the end, a fourth ring, so I was the one that accidentally escalated it into a tiff. We hadn’t argued in probably a year, so maybe it was overdue, and no one’s feelings were seriously hurt, especially once I showed him the rings I like for him and that all the ones in “sets” are only in full sizes. I can’t imagine trying to size down titanium, so I had to rule them out and go with “similar but not matching” for the bands.

    In the end I’m getting what I want and he doesn’t feel particularly hurt over the e-ring because the one I won’t wear often wasn’t the one he designed anyway. He says the whole process took so long and was so high-stress that he doesn’t even want to ask his mom about it. And now I have an expensive ring that (once re-sized) will be worn very carefully on the wedding day and at Christmas and such. It really is pretty, and made of quality stuff, and was made in an attempt to please me, so I can’t complain. I just wish I didn’t feel so guilty over “needing” four rings when my Mr. only gets one! I’ve made it my mission to ensure that he gets something he truly loves. And hey, maybe our future daughter or DIL will like big rings!

    • Thanks for sharing your ring story, Maria. It’s sooo lovely to hear a happy outcome despite a bunch of awkwardness in between!

      I think, if you’re a romantic couple who like the symbolism of wearing rings to represent your love for each other / forever etc. that it’s important to have an everyday engagement ring. After all, you’re not just engaged on Christmas and special occasions!

      I would be horrified if my MIL designed my ring (I actually suspect she did play a part in helping my husband to choose it though!) But in your situation, it sounds like everyone’s heart was in the right place – including yours. So don’t beat yourself up about having four rings! Your fiancé realised something had got lost in translation and that the ring he proposed with wasn’t quite right for you. I’m sure he must feel a little frustrated/sad about that but one thing is clear from all this – you both seem to have really strong family values – which is a wonderful foundation for a marriage :)

      And yes, fingers crossed your daughter/DIL loves big rings! (Elizabeth)

  • Crystal Jones

    I’m having the same situation right now and my heart is absolutely broken about it. Not about the ring but what I view as my atrocious response to it. Of course i haven’t said anything. It’s a very pretty ring. It’s a pretty setting and it’s nice and all. But I definitely don’t go WOW. I don’t wear jewelry and this is pretty much the only piece of jewels I’m ever going to wear so I wanted it be, wow to me. I had no idea he was going to propose. He had always joked around about it. And I never had taken him seriously because he was just joking. We did manage to have some discussion on stone shape and he ran from there. He did get me a princess cut like I like and in white gold. I am simple girl, but I do love some sparkle. Anyway he proposed and later he said, “there’s one just a little bigger at the store. If you want we can get the bigger one. BUT I picked this one for you from what I had heard you say and advice from a lady at work and because you’re so dainty and small too.” I felt like this was a trick question and I even though I thought I’d love to look at it I didn’t say anything… Anyway we go to the store to get resized and he was like let me just show you the other one and I was like no, no. Because I was afraid if I saw it, it would be the one that would take my breath away. Well he dragged me over reluctantly and sure enough it was the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and then I was completely heart broken that I loved it so much just at a 10 second glance. :( anyways he’s all happy I didn’t take the bigger one and so proud and says I’m such a good person for him. But I’m sad. My ring is just eh to me, and I wanted more of the wow for my forever piece. And I keep telling myself it’s the symbol, it’s the symbol, and he chose this one FOR me. He sat there for hours thinking of me, and what I would like, and that’s what he chose. So I feel like a monster for wanting the other. But my heart is broken and happy to be engaged at the same time.

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Crystal. I’m sorry you’re feeling so heart broken. Yours is such a difficult situation, especially as you had the opportunity to speak up but you didn’t. But I totally get why you didn’t!

      Please stop beating yourself up – wanting a different ring doesn’t make you a monster or a bad person. It sounds like your fiancé suspected you’d prefer a different ring / bigger diamond anyway as he kept mentioning it and even wanted you to see the other ring he was considering getting you! Was that some sort of test? Or was he genuinely saying – if you prefer this one, we can get it instead?

      Either way, it seems like it would be difficult to change your ring now – would the ring shop do an exchange? Would you need to sell your current ring then use the money to buy another one? (If you are considering telling him and changing the ring, I’d recommend looking into the practicalities of this because if it’s not possible financially you don’t want to hurt his feelings for nothing.) You’d feel even worse if you told him but due to these practical issues, it wasn’t possible to get a new ring. Then you’d both be looking at your ring and feeling sad.

      If you can do an exchange, perhaps you could explain to him that you didn’t speak up in the shop / earlier because you didn’t want to hurt his feelings and you were so proud he got it right and remembered what you’d wanted (princess cut + white gold) but that you fell a little bit in love with that other ring he showed you (just as you suspected you might, which is why you didn’t want to see it) and have tried not to think about it since but can’t help it as it felt just that bit more you / ‘wow’ / special. Would he be ok with that?

      Alternatively, perhaps you can get an extra special wedding ring – it doesn’t have to be a band, it could be something else. I wear my wedding and engagement rings on different fingers as I love them both and prefer them on their own. It’s not the same, I know, but it could be some kind of compromise?

      Wishing you all the best with your dilemma and for your wedding plans. (Elizabeth)

    • bridalmusings

      Oh dear Crystal, ignorance is bliss eh? You are certainly not a monster for feeling that way! Thankfully it sounds like your fiancé did a good job with your ring. I’m sorry it’s not the “wow” you were looking for. Hopefully, with time, you’re growing to love yours and forget the other ring?

    • Sabreena Perello

      Are you feeling better about it now?

  • Jenny

    I’ve got a similar issue…and I am heartbroken in a sense. Hurt kind of even. My fiancé and I are actually getting married this weekend. He got me a promise ring first. It was cute…but gold. Now I know some women like gold, but I do not. I like white gold. After that promise ring, I stressed with him, over and over again how much I disliked gold…hated it even. My friend works at a jewelry store and her and I together showed my fiancé exactly what kind of ring I liked…and shared all the details….and stress AGAIN that I hate gold. My fiancé has been so excited about finally paying off my ring and he kept telling me how much I’d like it because it’s exactly what I wanted and I’ll be so happy because he actually listened to me. Well…I got my ring last night. The ONLY thing he got right was the size. I wanted to cry. I could live with all the other things he got wrong with the ring…but he got me GOLD! He was so dang excited about it…but I feel like he just totally didn’t listen or hear a single thing I said. I am a simple girl too…I don’t care about the cost of the ring nor how big it is….but it’s GOLD!! I so dislike gold. I did tell him last night too that he got me gold and his eyes got real big as if then he realized and remembered that I didn’t want gold. He had this ring sized and soddered together already…..the excitement in his eyes when he gave it to me….and I now feel like an ungrateful person who is going to kill his spirit by telling him I don’t like it. Why? Why did he do this to me?! Uggg….

    • bridalmusings

      Hi Jenny, congratulations on your wedding! I hope you had an amazing day! :) I’m so sorry this whole ring issue happened you – it does sound like you did everything you possibly could to stress your dislike of gold. Did you tell your husband in the end?

    • Regina

      I don’t know if this is possible, but is there a way to get it plated in white gold? That would cost less than a new ring/new band (I think!).

      • Beth B

        Yes you can have a ring dipped in white gold….no need for devastation. It’s a easy fix.

    • Katie

      Sounds a lot like what happened to me! I was so suprised and excited to be proposed to and to know he wanted to spend his life with me and I try not to let the ring and proposal be EVERYTHING, but it’s still a kinda big deal when its something you wear daily and everyone wants to see.

      When me and my boyfriend talked about rings I told him and gave him hints and even showed him pictures and specific examples because I am pretty picky on certain jewelry. I even told him if he was more comfortable he could propose with just the center stone or even a place holder ring and then we could look together for a setting in his price range (I thought he would like that idea since he’s not the type to really go shop and research jewelry) Well he asked me one day for my ring size and told me he was looking and I sent him a simple list of dos/donts and some ideas. The ring he proposed to me was of course nothing like the things I showed him. Although its a pretty ring its just not what I pictured myself wearing and its also a high maintenance ring as It it has side stones that aren’t set very well (after checking with a local jeweler) I felt partially like he just got the ring because it was a good price, and didn’t take into consideration the things we talked about. He can’t return ours either, so its been hard on me. We decided not to announce the engagement until we decide what to do about the ring. Not the way I wanted to start an engagement but its a small bump in the road and I just remember that I get to marry him and that this isn’t as big as it feels right now :)

      • Sabreena Perello

        Omg!!!! I’m exactly on ur same boat! Well I just got proposed on New Year’s Day which happened to be our 5th anniversary the proposal was beautiful and I will never forget it but everytime I look at the ring I’m unhappy. I don’t wanna say anything Cz I know he took so much time and cared to research sorta something that I’ll like but it hurts me to know that he did not listen trust and believe I didn’t “hinted” I showed him exact pictures of what I liked and at the end of the day he picked something he was advised on by the jeweler

  • Jena Hernandez

    I got engaged 5 years ago when I was 6 months pregnant with my first son. It was a .28 solitare. We were living with family and I think he felt guilty for getting me a more expensive ring bc we were mooching off family and he didn’t have a lot of time to save. He wanted to propose before my baby shower so I wasn’t going in a room with a bunch of hens “un-proposed”. I was very excited to be engaged but I almost felt ashamed for showing it off to everyone bc it was so small. I eventually told him that I wasn’t in love with it and he agreed to change it but it had to be in his budget. For $200 more I upgraded to a .4 diamond. Still dissapointed but I couldn’t tell him spend another $2k and get my dream ring bc it wouldn’t have been right living rent free with his parents, pregnant. We were saving for a house at the time. I know I sound compeletly selfish and I’ll admit I am a brat but truthfully, I am not all that materialistic. I am a jewelry person and especially a ring person. But I don’t wear designer clothes, don’t buy designer bags, and I only have 2 other pieces of real jewelry. Some of you have said how guilty you feel for making your fiance feel bad or sad bc they spent all this time picking the ring out and all of this money etc. When I look at my ring, I see my husband saving pennies first, and what I want last. Am I asking for a $10,000 ring? Of course not! But fast forward 5 years married for 3, two children, I don’t ask for much and I just don’t want a more deserving ring, but I want my husband to want me to be happy and know that I take pride in wearing a piece that I absolutely love bc he cares about what I want and bc he believes I deserve the best. I’ve been on the hunt for a halo setting recently, actually for an entire year, and found nothing bc my diamond is very small. However, today I found the perfect halo set for my small .4 diamond and when I put it on, I felt good about it and I felt like this is what I imagined to wear everyday. When I showed him what it looks like he disagreed and said he hated it. But let’s be honest, the most GORGEOUS ring he ever seen would be considered hideous to him bc it’s not the style, look etc. Its the price. Look, We have 2 kids, in debt and he thinks upgrading my ring is irresponsible and Ludacris. And I absolutely agree with him Except when its a double standard. He can justify spending $1,000 and travel across the country, to see a band for one night but he won’t upgrade my ring ($2,000 for the set) to make me finally happy FOREVER. I am at the point where I am trying to sell him the ring, rebutting him like the salesperson and he just looks at me like I’m crazy. Yes, money is an issue for us and of course that money can go to our kids college fund but I know in my heart, I am forever stuck with this ring as he will never consider an upgrade a priority. There will always be something else to pay for-house upgrades, kids activities, car problems, medical bills etc. LIFE. MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, LIFE. I am just still really hurt by the fact that upgrading my ring is MY idea when it should be his. Why I’m hunting, when he should’ve gotten it right the first time. Why I’m BEGGING him for a new matching set which is also impossible to find when you already gave a diamond you want to set into. At this point, if he caved and I got my way, I’d always look at my perfect forever ring as something I know my husband doesn’t think I deserved but something that I forced him to do and spend. Talk about GUILT! When I look at my ring this is what hurts the most. It’s not necessarily about size, but just that a ring to me symbolizes what my relationship stands for and what he thinks I deserve as his wife, as a mother of his two children and the fact that it was rushed says it all. I even said I’m not asking for a bigger diamond. I’m just asking for a halo setting and a matching band to make it seem larger and more sparkly. But it’s all $$$ to him and it’s sad. And Yes We Don’t have money but we never did. And we’ve spent a lot of money on other things but he just doesn’t seem to prioritize the one piece of jewelry I stare at everyday. A part of me wants to take the engagement ring off and put it away. If I did that, he’d laugh it off thinking that I’m just “exaggerating” and trying to piss him off but really it’s bc I just feel so disconnected to him in so many ways possible. I never imagined I’d marry a rich guy. However I thought I’d marry a romantic one who would work hard and do his best to get what I wanted, to make a statement and say this is MY woman. He just thinks I’m concerned with what everyone else thinks and while it’s most important that I love my ring first, of course I want to show it off and of course I want it to scream “she’s taken!” Question is, why doesn’t he?

    • bridalmusings

      Hi Jena, this is a difficult situation, especially with children in the picture and as you say ‘life’ to pay for. But I know from experience that being in debt is a horrible place to be. I personally feel like your husband compromised in the beginning and changed the ring so you have to give him a lot of credit for that. He obviously wants to make you happy but also has to be sensible with money for you and your family. If the new setting is really that important to you (and it sounds like it is) then perhaps it’s a case of asking for your husband to put aside a little money each birthday/Christmas/other celebrations instead of getting you gifts. And you doing the same with your own money to save up slowly but surely. It may take years but at least you won’t feel guilty about the money not going towards your house/children/life and it’ll be worth the wait. As you say you’ll have the ring forever. Sorry, I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear. It’s just my opinion. Wishing you all the best.

    • Sarah

      Are you working?

      If you want to spend $2,000 of his money and you judge him for spending $1,000 of his hard-earned money on himself, then you are being demanding.

      If you have a job, then save up the $2,000 bit by bit. If you don’t have a job and take care of the kids then good luck. Make him take care of the kids on weekends and you go out and work.

  • Miah Henkes

    Far out I’m glad I found this. The love of my life ask me to marry him last week and of course i said yes absolutely thrilled. We had spoken about the ring, what I liked and I even sent photos. But when I got the chance to look properly at my ring I cried as it was nothing that I would even wear. I’m heart broken and toss and turned about my decision. But i finally told him and we are both hurt. Because the ring was designed by himself we couldn’t exchange the ring and now we have found out through attempting to sell the ring that it’s not worth enough to buy another ring due to the way he designed it. Remodelling the ring is going to cost a few grand more so we are out of options and just don’t know what to do. Our last option is to sell the ring and to purchase a ring within that price range. Can anyone give me any thoughts or guidance through this?

    • bridalmusings

      Sorry this happened to you Miah, it’s a really hard situation. It seems like you really only have two options, keep the ring for now and save up over the next few months/year to remodel it or sell it and purchase another ring within that price range. Perhaps, if you went for the first option, you could get a temporary, cheap, ‘place holder’ ring while you save up? Best of luck!

    • Cidalia Martins

      You say “Remodelling the ring is going to cost a few grand more…” Then sell it and buy something within that budget. How expensive does your ring need to be?? My engagement ring cost well less than $1,000. Has cubic zirconia and a blue turquoise centre stone. And I love it. Don’t get hung up on prices and fancy stones.

  • TheAnn8484

    Wow you people are greedy. Unless it looked like a mans ring. You should be happy with it. No matter the cost or how small or how bad it is. An engagment ring is before you marry a loved one. So if you truly love them then you appreciate what he gets you. That’s what’s wrong with the world, worried about a small fucking ring. Appreciate things in your life and what you receive.

    • Defender1000

      Wow TheAnn8484, your comment is rude and uncalled for. Just because that’s how you feel doesn’t mean other people need to sacrifice their happiness for something they’re going to wear for the rest of their lives. It’s not a question of being greedy or ungrateful – did you not read the above about how torn she was about her own feelings? I’m proud that she stood up for how she felt and was honest about it. That’s what relationships stand for. They’re filled with compromises, not one sided settling. Both people need to be happy in a relationship in order for it to be successful.

      • TheAnn8484

        You have a right to your own opinion yes. But mine is I think people think to much about stupid little things. Some people have to worry about dirty water and others are worrying about a small ring. I’m just saying. If she was torn about her feeling she should stop and think wow I’m being greedy. If it was cheap more money for something else. If it was ugly well no ring is really Ugly. I appreciate all I receive in life . that’s not being rude

      • bridalmusings

        Thank you so much for the support Defender1000 This is such a difficult situation, filled with conflicting thoughts and emotions but it seems to have resonated with a lot of people, which makes me feel better about writing this post. Absolutely agree successful relationships are all about honesty and compromises. Best wishes, Elizabeth

    • bridalmusings

      I can understand where you are coming from as I personally wrestled with that fear of being perceived as being ungrateful before talking to my fiancé about this as well as writing this post but I can assure you that I am not an ungrateful or greedy person. And I’m sure the majority of people who commented on this post are not either. Admittedly it’s a ‘first world problem’ and there are far more important things to worry about/focus on throughout a marriage and in the world but it doesn’t make it any less worthy of a discussion.

      • TheAnn8484

        Good answer. I’m glad you openly talked to him about it. I wasn’t trying to be rude or disrespectful to anyone when writing a comment. I just wrote it fast while being upset on the thought of people being unhappy for a gift they received from a loved one. I just wish The world would start worrying about things more important than something on their finger. It came from a person whom obviously loves you enough to give it to you and no one else. ?

        • Chrissy

          If you’re in a good relationship most men would want you to love your engagement ring. Marriage includes good communication so it’s between each couple how open they are with each other. It is def a first world problem, but having a change of heart on style isn’t greedy or unappreciative. It just means you want to look at the ring the man you love gave you and get super excited that he got you your favorite piece of jewelry. There’s no shame in that. I’m not even sure it’s about the ring itself .. It’s more about the excitement that comes with loving the ring that serves as a reminder of your relationship. It’s really easy to criticize, but each person and relationship are different so it should be up to the couple to decide what they want. My fiancé brought up marriage then went overseas for a year. While he was in Bahrain I started looking at rings (hoping he’d ask when he got home. A year apart is a very long time and looking at rings was exciting) and got my heart set on this simple style. I didn’t mean to.. It just happened. He knows me so well he instantly knew by the way I was playing with the ring and he pushed the subject. I love him.. I love the care he took in picking out the center stone.. I love that he told me I could change the setting .. I love that he loves how much I love the ring. The ring didn’t make our relationship (we did). The ring is just a symbol and since I’ll wear it until the day I die I’m glad it’s the one I got my heart set on. You are entitled to your opinion, but it’s just an opinion. It doesn’t mean you are right. Maybe you are, but then again maybe you’re not.

  • Beth B

    My husband didn’t pick the ring I wanted, but I never said anything (it was beautiful i just had a different style on mind)….after we had been married for a while I got the opportunity to look at new rings. After trying on different styles I just went back to my original, to be honest knowing it was what my husband put thought into made it more beautiful then the others. He had the ring built and now I am glad I didn’t change. I see so many other brides with the rings I picked out. Mine not only reminds of my husband it isn’t one that I have seen on anyone else. I am glad I never changed and am grateful husband gave me something so beautiful and original.

  • Ladyinwaiting

    I really appreciate all of your comments. I’m struggling soooooo bad. Basically, my boyfriend bought me a ring 2 years ago. He let me see it before he bought it. I told him I liked it. I honestly did. We agreed that the surprise wouldn’t be the ring but how he proposed. Well, it’s been a year and since then, my style has changed. I used to want something unique. Now I want something traditional. I asked him could we change it and he was very hurt. He took pride in the journey to finding the ring. I feel really bad, tacky, spoiled and materialistic. I’m worried that when he does put it on my finger , I might feel weird. I feel like I opened Pandora’s box in the worst way by asking or even looking at something that was more my style. The ring I found is very common. The ring he found was a limited edition. I never in my life imagined that I would feel the way I do. Please help.

    • Unique or traditional?

      I am in the same boat as you. I just got engaged a month ago and I have an alternative-style ring that I thought I would love but it turns out I don’t. My grandma gave me her engagement ring – which was so generous and meaningful – and we used her diamond to create a unique, custom piece with a local jeweller. I think it’s a beautiful piece of jewellery, that’s for sure, but it doesn’t feel like an engagement ring for me, and I want something that represents the beautiful relationship I have with my fiancé and that I will ADORE looking at every day for the rest of my life. I have been feeling so incredibly guilty and materialistic, ESPECIALLY because the ring holds an heirloom diamond. I even went behind my fiancé’s back and started looking at other rings. I finally spoke up with him and he was hurt too. He’s open though to the discussion of getting a new one, as it’s not the kind of ring that can just get a new setting. If I do end up getting a new ring, we are going to get my grandma’s diamond bezel made into a necklace pendant that I will wear on my wedding day. I am now looking at one particular discount ring on kijiji that has a vintage-flair but is still traditional. This has been a huge source of stress for me, and has put a bit of strain on our relationship – SO I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Hang in there! We can get through this…

  • maureen

    my boyfriend gave me a hideous ring also on valentines day , but he is so overly sensitive , im afraid he’ll pull a hissy fit and take the diamond back call me a bithc saying your not worth a ring ,, im sick over this ,, the ring i wanted i told him was an emerald cut sapphire but he said no oh i saw those square ones trust me it will catch om everything ,, i dont care if it catchs its what i wanted or an antique kind of ring i love those , i love dainty also ..he got me a cushion ring halo round with a big fat bad :( its even cloudy, i am terrified to say something but everytime i look down my stomach turns , maybe its a sign we shouldnt marry

    • Kelly Strain

      Give that ring back and explain that you would like to choose one together. If he reacts as you fear, run, do not walk, away as far and fast as you can

    • Anum

      Wow at least he got you a ring for valentines day – and a diamond too at that, which is pretty incredible. My guy left to travel to his ex’s city during valentine’s time, for “proper closure”. I’m still upset at him over that and told him I didn’t want to see him the next valentines day together, which he very willingly obliged too. He never actually proposed to me, just brought both the engagement ring and wedding band over on the reception after our court marriage. To my horror and disappointment, it was hideous! I’m talking, flashy and cheap :( It broke my heart because I always longed for a nice proposal and special moments with him, but he has no romance left for me at all. I know you’re annoyed about your guy being sensitive, but I’d rather have a guy who cares too much than one who cares too little

  • maureen

    can the ring even be exchanged ??

  • Lauren

    I don’t know what to do about my situation. The problem is I picked out 2 rings online and let him choose between the 2. (We live in a small town with few jewelry stores so we didn’t see anything good and had to resort to the Internet to look at rings) Proposal came and all I cared about was to see which one he chose. Turns out the pictures online were way off and the ring looks very different in person and I really don’t like it. After a week I decided to be honest with him because I just couldn’t look at it without being disappointed. I felt so ashamed and selfish. He was hurt. In the end we decided that I would just keep it because he said he’d be hurt if I got a new one, even if we will both always know I don’t like this one. I’m not happy with the decision, he knows that, but I can’t hurt him any more. But I’m having a very hard time moving on. It’s affecting all the wedding planning, I’m not excited to show it off, I constantly notice other girls’ rings. I have a perfect life, and a perfect fiance, who I love more than life itself. I’m so modest in every other way. I hate myself for putting too much importance on the ring in the first place. how can I move past this?

    • bridalmusings

      Hi Lauren, thanks so much for commenting, this is such a tough situation, and first of all, you are not selfish! You shouldn’t feel bad about it, it’s hard to forget about something when you see it any time you look down at your hand. I think you either need to find something you do like about your ring, and make a decision to fall in love with it (and maybe get an awesome wedding ring that works to enhance it!) or you have to straight-up tell your fiance you really are struggling to move on, (maybe show him what you’ve written here?) and that you’re not enjoying your engagement as much as you should be. He’ll be over the initial hurt about you not liking the ring, and hopefully, having had time to think about it, he’ll just want you to be happy. It’s not as if he chose the ring on his own and you’re not happy with his choice, it was a joint decision, and as with many an online purchase I’ve made, it didn’t work out. It’s not anyone’s fault, and it doesn’t take from the meaningfulness of your proposal, you just want something on your hand that’s a happy keepsake of this exciting time! (Claire, BM Editor x )

    • Chrissy

      My fiancé and I talked about the ring I wanted and I described it to him in great detail with a specific one in mind. He picked one out that I described to the T (turns out I am really bad at describing things). It was a beautiful ring, but a bit uncomfortable bc the side stones were pave and scraped in between my fingers and it was a little more showy than I intended. Within a half hour he asked me what was wrong and after he pushed the topic I told him it scraped a bit. He was a little hurt and basically said a lot of women would just be happy to get one haha. He was mad at me for a day or two but he got over it and we finally decided I would change the setting. I kept the center stone bc it was perfect and I love how much time and research he put into getting the perfect cut / sparkle. Anyway occasionally he makes comments like that’s not the ring he gave me and I kindly remind him that not only did he pick out the most important part (center stone) he also funded the purchase. Then he laughs. It’s more like a joke now. I adore my ring and I’m really glad I got a setting I love. When we discussed whether or not I should change the setting I basically told him that it was my fault bc he got exactly what I described, but if I was going to wear it forever (and I intend to) then I wanted something I adore that is comfortable. So my advice is .. If he’s easy going then maybe explain that changing the setting is different than changing the ring. It’s not like you’re asking him to upgrade (which would justifiably hurt someone’s feelings). You love the stones he picked you just changed your mind on style. We are women. Changing our minds is our prerogative. If he’s sensitive .. I still think you should be able to get something you love. Wedding rings are different than other jewelry bc you wear it every day.. So maybe wait until your five or ten year anniversary and suggest a setting change? Good luck.

    • Chrissy

      Also I don’t think it’s selfish or materialistic to have a change in heart on style. It’s just about personal taste. You are the one that has to wear it so you should get to love it. No one would tell you it’s selfish that you’re uncomfortable wearing a low cut dress or a moo moo if it’s not your style. When ppl say “the ring doesn’t matter it’s about love” that goes both ways. It is about love so who cares if you change the setting if it makes you happy? If he’s not ultra sensitive I’d guess that he’ll come around when he sees how much you love the other setting.

    • Marie

      I agree.. I’m in the same predicament and am wondering how to deal with it, if at all…

  • JeepGirl27

    Well after doing a lot of reading through the comments, I’ve decided to share my own. My fiancé and I went and looked at rings together, we narrowed it down to 2 bridal sets. I really thought I loved the one, that he ended up choosing to propose with. But after I got the ring, we both decided the engagement ring alone looked kind of funny. Having the wedding band with it (it is just two small stones that intertwine with the e-ring) makes it look much better. So my fiancé told me to wear the entire set as just the e-ring, and we would then find a wedding band that would fit. The rings are not just a traditional straight band, they curve into the center. Well, I’ve worn the rings together for a few weeks, but I’m having a hard time not feeling like wearing both is taking away from the excitement of just wearing the e-ring and showing it off. And now I can’t find any wedding bands that would line up to the curve in the rings. Lately I keep looking back at the second ring I picked out, and now I wish I would have told my fiancé back then that I liked the other ring better. What should I do? I hate the idea of upsetting him, especially since I had a hand in picking the ring. But the thought of never being able to wear a wedding band with my engagement ring, and hating that they don’t fit well together is over whelming. I truly like the ring(s) he picked for me, but I’ve come to realize it wasn’t truly what I was looking for. Help. I feel selfish, and rude. But I’ve done a lot of suppressing my feelings so far in the engagement, I can’t imagine having to do it any more!

  • Brandon Wells

    Male here. I went through thousands of pictures of rings with my fiance. Went to a few jewelry stores. She found a picture of one that she loved. Her mother gave us a ring to use for barter or parts. This ring had a 3 carat marquise as the center stone. So I commissioned a jeweler who had made a ring for me previously. I drove 4 hours to his business. Oh, and the ring she found could be made from the original designers for about 10k. So I had one made to the exact specifications as the one she loved, except I used the big marquise. The one she found had a 1.5 carat, not 3. Keep in mind that I engaged with a small cheap ring until I could get this one made. So was done a couple weeks ago. A friend had to go to that city anyway, so she picked it up for me. My fiance thinks it’s too big. Ring is over 5 carats. But beautiful. 100% custom. I am almost ready to take her to an upscale store so we can put it on consignment, and use the money to get something she likes better. She said I r is gorgeous, but huge. Any how, that’s my story.

  • cpd12

    My boyfriend of 5 years just proposed to me with a small but gorgeous & classic Tiffany Ring. I have rather big hands so we always joked abut how I can’t wear small rings because my hand swallows them. So I found it rather strange he would get me the smallest ring possible and the wrong size even when he knew my exact size. I guess this was the beginning of something not feeling right. Bottom line, conversation came up where I asked, Please tell me all about the “experience of buying a ring at Tiffanys” I was truly excited to know since I had been shopping for silver there for a long time and always wondered what happened on the diamonds side of the store. He gave a story but not all of it, couldn’t figure out why. I collect the blue Tiffany boxes so I asked him if I could please have the blue box since he didn’t give it to me in that obviously. Plus this box was no ordinary one ;) He said he didn’t get one then the questions started coming. He then admitted to not buying it at Tiffanys. Suddenly the whole story changed which hurt a bit because he lied about the Tiffany experience. I know TIffanys doesn’t wholesale so naturally question came. So is this ring previously owned? He said no. I know he’s not lying to me I’m just worried now he got lied to by this dealer. Plus the idea of having a used ring is something that surprised me. I don’t know how to feel. I am confused and saddened not sure about which part the lying or getting a used ring. What should I do?

  • Kelly Strain

    I hate my ring. We’ve been married 3 years now and I wonder to this day why my husband didn’t ask me whatiI liked first . I hate round solitaires – that’s what he got. To me, the whole surprise thing with a ring is for young people and fairy tales, considering that it’s a financial investment that is supposed to last a lifetime. My horrible ring is the source of friction and resentment every day because it was not an “us” selection.

    • Sarah

      Will you ever say anything? I have found out that I’m getting the same thing but of course we never looked at solitaires. Every ring we looked together was a halo and now I’m afraid that I’m going to be resentful everyday.

      • Kelly Strain

        I plan to say something once I finish nursing school and have more of a financial contribution to make toward an upgrade. By then, maybe we both won’t feel as sensitive about it.

  • brittybear

    you bitches are all really selfish and i wouldnt be surprised if your men divorce your gold digging asses

  • Mandapanda

    I was very specific in telling my boyfrind (now fiance) what rings I liked and why. I didnt want anything big, or too fancy, because I am simple and dont wear a lot of jewelry, and I have small hands. I went to the store he wanted me to go to and licked out 4 different rings. I also went to another store he mentioned and picked out 2. He knew exactly what I wanted and when he got down on one knew and proposed I was surprised and excited, however completely taken back by how big and overly designed this ring was. I dont understand why what I wanted doesn’t matter. I don’t understand why I know have to settle. He went to a pawn shop for it, which was my idea, but we were at 2 different lawn shops 2 weeks prior and I gound several great quality beautiful rings that I loved, but I guess he didn’t. The worst part is, it has characteristics of my old ring from my first marriage. I have cried about 5 times (not in front of him of course) since getting this ring and my proposal was yesterday. I feel like a horrible person because the ring isn’t what matters, he is. I love him and am going to spend the rest of my life with him but I do not like the ring at all and I am struggling with what to do with my feelings and emotions.


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