• Glamourous Italian Wedding Editorial

    Oh how I wish these images were from a real Italian wedding.

    The bride is so fun loving and care free ~ not to mention drop dead gorgeous…

    The bridesmaids {and bride!} manage to look glamourous with rollers in their hair and cigarettes in their hands…

    The groomsmen are so sharply dressed it hurts…

    And the photography is INCREDIBLE!

    Bella Italia indeed.

    Stunning photography by David Burton, taken in Rome for Italian Elle Bride, 2010.

    This is just a tiny glimpse of the breath-taking shoot ~ see the rest here.

    How much do you wish this was a real wedding too?!


  • The photography is great but I don’t see anything glamorous about a room full of women (or men!) smoking.
    Unrelated though, I’ve seen a few editorials of models smoking in various shoots recently. I’m not sure what the stylists are thinking, to make something so disgusting and unhealthy ‘cool’ again. It’s not like we can claim ignorance about this anymore. Absolutely bizarre. All I can think about when seeing them are the smells, the yellow teeth, the wrinkles around the lips and that sickening cough. What’s so glamorous in that?

  • Thanks for your comments, Audrey.

    I agree smoking is not a glamourous habit!

    That’s why I found it hard to believe that the models still managed to look glamourous with cigarettes in their hands.

    I hadn’t really considered the impact of such images in magazines {or on my blog} but you’ve made a valid point.

    To me this shoot embodied a 1960s Italian wedding ~ an era when everyone smoked because they were oblivious to the effects on their health. I also felt it was a nod towards the European {especially French & Italian} stereotype of everyone being smokers! ;)

    In that respect, I didn’t find it offensive just kind of shocking and funny {in a Mad Men sort of way} to see a bride puffing away in her wedding dress.

    I’m sorry if it offended you, lovely. xx

  • Lmao no way, you didn’t offend me! I totally understand the era, but I think certain photographers and magazines use it as an excuse for something controversial and infamous now. Examples would be Kate Moss smoking down the runway for LV and Gaga doing the same for Thierry Mugler. I think it hit a chord and needed to vent!
    You’re still one of my favourites, Lizzy xx

    PS. I looove the style of Mad Men but I can’t stand the show for its accuracy to that era. Sexism like that is something i’ve never experienced and it’s so difficult to watch without getting so angry. I wish I had the gusto to just take a cup of cement and see it as a tribute to the life my grandparents had but it’s way too offensive. Must be a Gen Y thing >_<

  • I like this shoot – the photographs are quirky but at the same time elegant and, yes, what a glamorous real wedding it would have been! I was not offended by the cigarettes – I just saw them as props for the photoshoot – as an ex-smoker I could see that no-one was actually smoking! The strange thing is only the women are smoking and only when there is no man around.

  • :) for some reason, the cigs made me like the shoot. Instead of it being too pretty, it added more of a ‘real’ element to it, though it was editorial. well done.

  • How funny. I was planning to comment on the first photo before I read the comments. What I was going to say is that I LOVE that shot. And I don’t really know why, because I agree that smoking is disgusting and terrible for your health… but it does give the realistic and vintage vibe to the photo. And I just love them hanging out in their underwear & curlers and chatting before the “wedding.” Great shoot!

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