• A Wedding Filmed & Photographed Entirely On The IPhone 4!

    Ok I’m going to go all geeky on you guys again ~ I know I’ve already posted my Wedding Geekery of the day but this deserves a little post.

    After reading this article discussing the pitfalls of guests using camera phones at weddings I was surprised to discover that it’s not just the guests anymore!

    This is {allegedly} the first wedding shot entirely on the iphone 4 camera.

    And it was shot by professionals.

    The results are better than you might expect…

    There are some sweet moments captured and as long as the bride and groom are happy, that’s all that matters.

    But our wedding photography and videography were our top priorities at our wedding so I can’t help but wonder how much better their wedding photos and film could have been on a ‘proper’ camera?!

    Can a professional photographer take amazing photos on an iPhone 4? Is it all about the photographer’s eye and skill or is the right equipment essential too? {I suspect it’s a bit of both.}

    I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    Read the full article on Cult of Mac.

    {Special thanks to @jffcrmr for sharing this interesting find via Twitter}

  • Hmm… I think the photos turned out pretty great considering. But would I ever allow the most important day of my life be part of an experiment? No ma’am. Everyone’s different though!

  • I´ve been waiting for this to happen, and i guess it was always just a matter of time, and its true that the results are better than you might expect, but thats most likely because the photographer was pretty good at what they do. A good photographer can get good images with just about any camera you give them, but you reach a point where you become limited by your equipment, and i´m quite sure that if you gave the same photog a full frame camera they would get waaay better shots. And at the same time, if you give uncle bob a full frame and have him shoot the wedding, the photog with the iPhone would kick his butt… i´m sure this will spark a million heated debates in the internetland!

  • As a photographer myself, I know if a photographer knows what they are doing…they can shoot and get excellent results with any kind of equipment. Having the RIGHT kind of equipment just adds to the beauty a good photographer can already capture.

  • how cool!!

  • Totally agree with Kerry and Stephanie here, but you have to think too… an iPhone 4 is how many megapixels? That will greatly limit the clarity of the images if they want to print any larger… also, in the video, all the images we see are pretty small. They look a lot different when you blow them up (even just to fill a computer screen, not necessarily huge on the wall) so I’d be interested to see that.

    And, then there is the obvious…. where are all the reception pictures (other than the one at the end?)!? Lots of people can take great images with a point and shoot or even a cell phone…. but in the dark? Not so much.

    Just my two cents! An interesting experiment, nonetheless!

  • I remember clearly that when I was five, I asked my nan for a piece of paper so I could colour. She came back with a brown paper shopping bag and a set of pencils (I think it was all she had). I winged a bit and moaned and moaned – I wanted white paper and pretty colours. She looked at me and said, ‘an artist can make art out of anything’. My nan was a smart lady.

    That said, now that I am all grown up and working as a photographer….good tools make the job a lot easier and in an imperfect world – not having the right equipment creates limitations that may be difficult or impossible to work around. I might have been able to make art with that paper carrier bag and pencil – but as hard as I might try, that art could never have been in colour. I wouldn’t want these kind of unnecessary creative restrictions on my big day.

    I also second Amanda with regards to image size. I would love to see those same images much larger. I can only image the lack of detail. Not to mention a dark church wedding, the first dance – or shooting in the rain.

    Still…shooting a wedding on an iphone? You know it had to happen eventually. lol….I’m still waiting for the iDSLR….lol

  • Nah… doesn’t do it for me… A phone doesn’t capture the light in the same way a proper camera does, and I can see it straight away in the images – they look flat

  • Not bad, not bad, but… I’d still like super high quality for my big day!!! This is a good idea for some of the more creative guests at a wedding though… they could shoot from their perspective and edit a little video as a gift for the bride and groom after… thanks for sharing!


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