• Beautiful, Quirky, DIY Wedding: The Bride Didn’t Wear White…

    I met photographer Sean Curtin and his lovely wife, Kate, through Twitter. Sean is a fantastic photographer and kindly shared photos from a recent rock star/vintage/whimsical wedding…remember?! How could you forget!

    Kate shared a couple of photos of their wedding day with me and I was desperate to see more! There’s so much to to love about their wedding from the breath-takingly beautiful Irish setting, the intimate morning trip to the beach that the couple took to read their vows and Kate’s champagne/gold dress, purple shoes and floral cardigan! Thanks to Kate and Sean for sharing their planning details and to Daniel Griffiths for sharing these incredible images.

    I married Sean on the 16th of September 2010 on a wonderfully mild sunny afternoon in Dingle, Co. Kerry. Little did I know 9 years earlier when I set eyes on the cute photographer in Limerick that he would become the greatest love of my life and that we would say our wedding vows surrounded by friends and family in the intimate An Diseart Chapel in Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland.

    The Location:

    We looked at two places and then we found and fell in love with Ballintaggart House in Dingle, Co Kerry. The owner John Cluskey met us with the warmest of greetings and after popping on the coffee he showed us around the enchanting 300 year old Manor, then and there we fell in love! Knowing that we wanted a small wedding, he suggested the Diseart Chapel in Dingle for the ceremony. We are so very grateful he did. When we went to visit it, it just took our breath away. It still gives me goose bumps every time we visit it.

    The Morning of The Wedding…on The Beach:

    On the morning of our wedding, after the madness that is hair and makeup, Sean and myself escaped to the beach for half an hour. We said our own personal vows to each other and just took a moment to relax and enjoy “it” before the rest of the day sped away from us.

    The Dress:

    David Fielden, Wallis Simpson, 6929. I bought my dress online (second hand) I had tried it on in a shop in Dublin and nearly fainted when I heard the price, but it was “the one” and i WANTED it! After a week of searching and wishing I found my beloved David Fielden online and made a small few changes to it to make it my own. No it wasn’t white, and yes I have worn it lots since!

    The Shoes & Accessories:

    I had a birdcage made by Karen Flannery in Dingle. I hadn’t seen anything online that I liked, that matched my flowers or color of dress. Karen had it made within a few days, I have since taken the netting off it and worn the flower in my hair on nights out. I had urban ourfitter shoes for the ceremony. However I’m a bit of jeans and t-shirt girl so as soon as we got out the door I put a pair of flowery pumps on!

    Hair & Make Up:

    Make up was fairly simple as I don’t usually wear any, and hair was to be loose and in a bun, it fell out while dancing the night away, but sure that’s all part of the fun!

    The Grooms Attire:

    Men being men, Sean bought his and the best mans suit the week before and his friend picked up a pair of shoes in Dublin and brought them down the night before the big day. All the boutonnieres for the men were made by myself a few days before the wedding. Last minute Uh Oh!

    Bridesmaids/Groomsmens Attire:

    My bridesmaids were in white short dresses, (Who knew that Kate Middelton would do the same with her bridesmaids a few months later!) these were made by Sean’s mother, Margie. As for their shoes, both wore their own favorite shoes. I figured they should be happy and comfortable on the day too! The girls’ accessories were found on Etsy a site i would highly recommend for any Bride to be!

    Theme/Colour Scheme:

    We were never ones to conform. We didn’t want a truly white traditional wedding. Sean didn’t want the top and tails or I the silly dress. He just had his brother as Best man and I had my sister and cousin stand with me, we even had the Beatles “Blackbird” played in the chapel. Our wedding was going to be personal and meaningful to us.

    We spent hours thinking about what we wanted looking online at quirky ideas for weddings. Quirky ideas tend to cost money so that’s when it turned into a serious DIY wedding. With many man hours put in by friends and family invitations were made, pompoms were folded (found on Martha Stewart Weddings), sweet bags stamped, labels for bottles designed, items were found at car-boot sales and hours of trawling the internet for the best bargains were had. Sean and John even constructed a photo booth that I was adamant on having. It paid off we have some great moments from it.

    So beautiful.

    How perfect are those pure white bridesmaids’ dresses against Kate’s champagne dress, peachy pastel cardi, & hair flower? Oh and don’t you just love those shots around the local area ~ pint of Guinness essential!

    Come back tomorrow for Part 2: The DIY Details, The Beach & The Home-Made Photobooth!

    Flowers : http://www.anewleaf.ie | Veil/birdcage : http://www.karenflanneryart.com/joomla/ | Hair: http://www.munstermobilehair.com/ | Reception: http://www.ballintaggarthouse.com/ | Make up: http://divashairandbeauty.vpweb.ie/ | Photography: http://dgphotos.com.au/ | Photobooth photography by http://www.seancurtin.com/online/

  • What a beautiful wedding. The setting is stunning, and the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses just gorgeous! I love that colour xx

  • What a beautiful wedding. The setting is stunning, and the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses just gorgeous! I love that colour xx

  • What an amazing dress!! I love the images on the beach, a few moments together to say their own vows is such a beautiful idea!

    • Anonymous

      I know, isn’t that just such a wonderful, thoughtful idea? Love how they were so relaxed on the morning. 

  • Kat79

    I have my eye on a david fielden dress, you looked so beautiful and relaxed!!! cant wait to see the home made photobooth…

    • Anonymous

      I love David Fielden dresses! The homemade photobooth has to be seen to be believed ~ it’s pretty awesome! ;)

    • Kate(MrsSCP)

      Thanks Ladies, my friends mention the similarities but never take it seriously, so funny to see you think the same. Sean & myself did a wedding for an American couple in June, at the end of the day a few of the guests came up to me and asked to take my picture “because you know who you look like..” I was so embarrassed!

  • Such a beautiful wedding – amazing dress the colour is stunning! x

  • Arleta

    Stunning dress, lovely venue!!! such a great big day, the couple looks very happy with how the day went :) xxx

  • Jessica

    Does anyone else think the bride is a Kate Middleton lookalike? Yes? No?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head! She’s such a classically beautiful bride and called Kate too ~ not to mention her bridesmaids wore white! :)

  • Olivia

    So beautiful :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your lovely comments x

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful, I love the dress and cardi combo. A very pretty wedding x

  • bree [capitolromance]

    wow, you seriously get the most AMAZING weddings Elizabeth! I love this bride’s non-white dress .. and PLEASE tell me the mom is opening an Etsy shop so I can buy one of those bridesmaids dresses? Pretty please? Amazing & beautiful photography too!

  • What beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing them. 

  • What beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing them. 

  • Sarah {A Paper Proposal}

    Very pretty.  I love how the bridesmaids wore white and the bride’s floral cardigan!  

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  • Dougie’s mom

    Kate and Sean rock! And guess what, they’re amazing photographers themselves and I’m lucky that they’re shooting my wedding! Ye hawwww :   

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