• Bridal Musing’s Bootcamp: Healthy Eating & Exercise

    Hello lovelies,

    As you read this I’ll be in sunny Malta on a break with my mum. It’s the first holiday I’ve ever had with just my mum actually, usually we’re with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins/family friends or I’m with Zee. However, it’s not going to be all lazy days and ice-cream I’m thinking of this holiday as a bootcamp!

    Bridal Musing’s Bootcamp

    The past couple of weeks have been filled with junk food and hardly any exercise ~ and I feel horrid for it.

    I look back at the photos from my wedding and remember how determined I was to look my best ~ there’s nothing like ‘the dress’ for motivation is there? I need to get that motivation back and this holiday might just be the kick start I need.

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    Granted, it would be much better if I’d had this motivational health kick before I’d be wearing a bikini/swimsuit. But somehow I find it easier to eat sensibly on holiday than at home. After all, it’s too hot for stodgy meals and there’s no biscuits lying around or husbands offering you Arabic takeaways! {Grilled halluomi is my weakness.}

    As soon as I touch down in Malta I’m determined to eat healthy {not diet} and hopefully get into some good habits for when I return. Luckily my mum’s up for a healthy week too, so she won’t lead me astray. However, there is the ‘but we’re on holiday’ attitude that tends to creep in around cocktail/dessert time!

    For all you ladies who are on a health kick too…and let’s face it, lots of brides are. I have just discovered a fab new blog called Blogilates ~ the tag line is ‘Fitness, Food and Lots of Pilates’. It’s very inspirational. The exercise moves look quite hardcore but I love that they’re printable and the nutrition advice and recipes are fantastic. Here’s a bikini bootcamp workout:

    Yikes! Looks hard doesn’t it?! Click here for the full instructions. There are lots more workout printables, Youtube video workouts, healthy eating tips and recipes. If you’re feeling demotivated, it’s a must read!

    The Tan

    This week will not only consist of healthy eating, gym visits and swimming, I shall also be desperately trying to get some sort of golden glow. If you are a regular reader, you’re probably aware that I’m a rather pale person. I tend to go on about it ~ a lot. Sorry!

    {via Dust Jacket}

    It’s not even as if I’m pale and mysterious with lovely porcelain skin. I’m pale but my cheeks seem permanently flushed and I have a few broken capillaries *sad face*. Literally. Oh how I long for even toned, olive skin! C’est la vie. If you can recommend a good colour corrector, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve tried those green creams to calm down my red cheeks but I always think I look a bit sickly afterwards!

    Whenever I have a bit of a tan I feel much less self conscious about my skin tone so keep your fingers crossed for me. Don’t worry, I will of course be using a high factor sun-cream! And if I don’t get a tan there’s always the fake option. {Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel is my favourite as it’s nice and light ~ well suited to fair skin.}

    Happy, Healthy and Feeling Good

    I’m not expecting a quick fix I just want to get motivated so that hopefully this time next week I’ll be a little sun-kissed and feeling better about myself. Because, when you get to the heart of it, that’s what these Beauty School posts are all about. Not just looking good but feeling good and confident too.

    Sorry for waffling on…next week I promise not to talk about me {yawn}. Last week it was my horrific artifical nails story, this week I’m moaning about feeling overweight and pale! Don’t fret,  I’ve got a tutorial from a fabulous MUA {and a very special bridal make up offer!} up my sleeve that I’ll be sharing with you soon.

    What about you? Do you have a wedding health and fitness routine? Any hints or tips on how to stay motivated would be much appreciated!

    Also feel free to join me, I’d love some fitness buddies!!! Why not have a week of healthy eating and exercise yourself? {If you prefer to sweat in the comfort of your own home like me, I highly recommend Pump it Up & Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred} then next week, we can compare notes and cheer each other on over on the Bridal Musings Facebook page.

    Elizabeth x

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth I am totally with you, I have 5 weeks to get my body beach ready and trust me when I say it certainly IS NOT right now. I have neglected mine too and it needs some TLC. I will be sweating it out at home so your recommendations have come at a perfect time.

    Weirdly I also did the healthy holiday with Mum last year. We only holidayed in the UK, at her house in Wales, but it was such a good week. Total rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.  It worked a treat, the key though is in keeping it going and I failed miserably once I returned to ‘real-life’. So I will happily be your health-kick buddy, you may have your work cut out keeping me on track though, I have terrible willpower.

    Hope you have a fab holiday xxxx

    • Anonymous

      Oooooh how exciting! We can spur each other on. I’m so pleased you’re having a holiday, you work so hard, you really deserve it. You’ll be pleased to know that so far I’ve been a saint {but I’m only 2 meals down} ;) xx

  • Oh dear this makes me feel bad. All I did was eat non-stop on my hols! :) Good luck with it though! Hope you get to enjoy the sun and have some fun times with your mum. What a lovely break! Have a fab holiday xx

    • Anonymous

      Don’t feel bad, it’s what holidays are for ~ sampling all the local delicacies! :) I’m doing everything the wrong way round ;) Hope you and your hubby had a wonderful time xx

  • Madison

     I’m off on hol on Wed and i think i’m gonna b a scoffer. I’m going with friends who eat loaddddddds but i’m not a big holiday eater, its always too hot lol so not sure how that will work itself out! x

    • Anonymous

      LOL! I love that ‘scoffer’. You’ll probably come back exactly the same weight as you left ~ very rare for holidays! Have an amazing time xx

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  • Anonymous

    Okay i still have a while to go until the wedding (like 10 months!) but i am determined to look the best i have ever looked so posts like this are fab for me! Enjoy your holiday lovely xo

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Good luck with your health and beauty regime…10 months is quite a while to go, I wouldn’t give up on dessert just yet ;) xx

  • Elaine

    I’m from Malta (Gozo, actually) … So if you need any suggestions on where to go, what to see and where to eat (healthily, of course :) do let me know. Enjoy your holiday.
    P.S. It goes without saying that I love reading your blog :)

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