• Black Magic: Would You Wear A Black Wedding Dress?

    Happy Halloween!

    Have you been carving pumpkins, making elaborate costumes and eating too many sweets?

    I thought it’d be fun to get into the spooky spirit on Bridal Musings with a look at Vera Wang’s bold and beautiful Fall bridal collection 2012 ‘Witchcraft‘ which was unveiled at NYC Bridal Market recently.

    The gowns had all the elements of Vera Wang’s signature bridal style ~ feminine and romantic, figure hugging with clouds of frothy, draped tulle but there was one big difference…not a white dress in sight!

    Models sashayed down the catwalk in a lingerie inspired colour palette of dirty blush, slate grey and gothic, jet black gowns. Now wedding industry folk, brides and fashionistas everywhere are asking would you wear a black wedding dress?

    Would you wear it? Vera Wang's bridal collection for Fall 2012

    Vera Wang’s bridal collection Fall 2012 via polyvore

    Don’t make up your mind just yet…

    Check out this inspiration board full of brides in beautiful black wedding dresses alongside gothic, smokey eyes and rich, plum lipstick. A bewitching combination.

    Black Magic Woman ~ Brides in Black Wedding Dresses

    Black dress & bouquet via The Knotty Bride | Bride in black & groom photo by La Photographie via Rock N Roll Bride | Bride in black with white bouquet via Bridal Snob | Bride in front of mirror by La Fleur Weddings | Gothic make up & necklace via Trend Hunter | Grey and plum make up | Bride & groom photo by Christina Carroll via Glamour and Grace

    I LOVE the thought of a bride in black. It’s daring, it’s different and imagine that gasp worthy moment, when everyone turns to see you walking down the aisle in all your dramatic, black, non traditional glory?!

    But personally, I wouldn’t wear a black wedding dress as I’m quite a traditional girl at heart. Black feels a bit too sultry, sexy and sombre for a wedding. I would wear one of Vera Wangs‘ bewitching black dresses to a fancy ball, a trip to the opera or even a glamourous engagement shoot, like the one above.

    So, the question is…would you wear a black wedding dress?

    ~ See the full Vera Wang bridal collection here ~

  • {belle}

    I agree with you, I’d definitely wear one of those gowns to a formal event, they’re absolutely beautiful. Especially the one-shoulder one on the top-right. But I’m far too traditional to wear black to my wedding. When my day comes, I’ll be wearing pure white! :)

    • Anonymous

      A girl after my own heart :)

  • Retuura

    I would wear any of these amazing Vera Wang dresses to a formal event but not for my wedding.  

  • ED

    I so would – dare to be different and dont they say black is flattering? 

    • Anonymous

      Good point! 

  • I absolutely adore these dresses! Would love to see a bride in black at an opulent, winter wedding in a gothic castle!

    • Anonymous

      oooh that sounds so dramatic ~ love it!

  • Phoebe

    No, but I’d wear those shoes – just gorgeous!

  • These dress are all lovely, with the right setting, hair and make up i think a black dress could work very well and not just look gothic.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your lovely comments everyone…it seems black is beautiful but it’s not the new white! ;)

  • Anonymous

    I photographed a wedding last year where the bride wore a black dress. She had accessorised with lots of purple and her flowers were purple and pink. It all went together very well!. Ivan x

  • I wouldn’t wear a black dress, but MAJOR PROPS to those who do and pull it off :)

  • Sarah Wayte

    Well, I know I don’t want to wear white! 

    Oh that I had the funds to be able to afford one of Ms. Wang’s creations. I would wear a black dress in a heartbeat! As it is, I’ll probably go down the ivory route or, if I can find one I love, I would love to wear a deep purple dress. 

  • WrappedCouture {Lissahn}

    I’d wear anything that looked good but like you, I don’t think I’d wear a black gown on my wedding day. However, I’m not opposed to color!  I like to be daring and sultry and like the occasional gasp! ;-)

  • Elise

    Beautiful dresses. No, I would not wear a black wedding dress but would wear one of the gowns to a formal event. I like white or ivory for a wedding – guess I am too traditional also. But I think it’s great for someone who would like something different, and black is slimming.

  • bree [capitolromance]

    i’d def like to think i would … but when I initially wanted a pink dress ~ my mom flipped out. this is certainly one trend i would LOVE to see more of tho!!

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  • I’ve always loved that black Vera Wang photographed by Jose Villa that was originally featured in a shoot on Once Wed above.  Gorg!

  • Bella

    My friend wore a black wedding dress last year in her winter wedding. Nobody liked it.

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear. Well, as long as your friend liked it, stuff the rest of ’em! ;)

  • Dandy

    I am getting married in a black lace wedding dress. It’s going to be outside during the fall.

  • Amber

    I’m been a fan of black garment for years. So this is an instant yes for me, though it might run off a bit nontraditional. 

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  • Janet

    I love them too! I wanted to wear a black wedding dress, I thought my groom would wear an all white tux. No gothic vibe at all. I could not find a black wedding dress 20 years ago! I’m glad to see them now!


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