• Why Hire A Wedding Videographer? Reason #1 Uncle Charlie…

    So as you know I’m a BIG fan of wedding films ~ the more chic, unique, creative and beautifully edited the better. Evidence here and here.

    Just thought I ought to explain why I think that professional wedding videography is such a wonderful addition to a wedding ~ if not an essential. So I’ve put together a few reasons {in no particular order}

    Reason #1 Uncle Charlie…

    There’s no escaping it, quality videography by a professional will take a chunk out of your wedding budget but I’d argue that it’s worth every penny. Yes, there have been weddings recorded on iphones and even innovative DIY videography options BUT in the wrong hands, trying to cut corners and save money, your wedding video could look a little something like this…

    Uncle Charlie is the perfect example of why professional wedding videography is so important!

    {And why 80′s wedding style should NEVER make a comeback!}

    Apologies for the awful quality ~ I thought it was worth sharing for the giggle factor.

    I’d really love to hear your thoughts on wedding videography.

    Is professional wedding videography a priority, an added extra or simply not part of your wedding plans/budget?

  • Jessica

    Ah, the 80s…haha.

  • jennycake

    Hey Elizabeth, I got married a month ago and there just wasn’t room in the budget for a videographer, as much as I’d have loved one! We had friends and family record the day and what I would love to find now is some advice on editing the footage and recommendations for editing software so that we can make the most out of our own little film! Any help would be amazing!

    • John

      imovie comes with most macs. you could also purchase adobe premiere or final cut pro. though the last two are more professional and difficult to learn how to use…

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations Jennycake, hope you had a wonderful day! Good question, John has made some great suggestions. But learning how to use such software and watching through all the footage from your friends and family will be time consuming ~ so if you didn’t want to take the DIY route, a service like this could work be an option: http://www.yourhomevideo.co.uk/

  • i wish i would have taken this advice.  one of my biggest wedding day regrets :(

  • Malia { Something Navy }

    I love wedding films as well, when the day comes, definitely going to have to put money aside to save for one!

  • goagainstthegrain

    i didn’t have a wedding video but I wish I did!

  • Whenever someone asks me that question, I always say that videography must be a priority with the photography. Especially with so much talent and all the videos being works of art, the tears cried from watching it and reliving it makes it a necessity to include in the wedding budget!

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that! :)

  • It took me months to persuade my husband to allow our wedding to be filmed. We were getting friends to film it but two of them just happened to be professional cameramen! I took on the role of editing it all after the day-the hardest job I’ve ever had to do, especially when trying to see a screen through floods of happy tears! It took me a year to do and we had lots of little goodies on there, I even made a surprise Outtakes reel which was the biggest hit on the DVD-yes, we held a screening! :) Photography was a massive thing for us and we spent a small fortune on it, but I must admit, I am so thankful I pushed for a wedding film! My husband was so overwhelmed by it that he secretly started setting up my mini empire and bought me a website named after our first dance. 2 years on and I am now running my wedding film business full time! I hate sounding like a sales pitch telling people that it’s such an amazing way to relive your wedding but it’s true. I hope my films speak for themselves and I even added our own film on there-it always has people in tears when they see that Lee cried! I hear all the time that couples regret not having a professional film, just like Erin and goagainstthegrain but how do you tell people that without sounding like it’s a sales pitch!? 

    It was the best thing we did for our wedding and I would say my Husband inspiring me to start my business (after hating the idea so much) must be the best best recommendation anyone could get…oh, and the Mother-in-law still has it in the DVD player, watching it most weeks and loving every minute! I would say that’s pretty good too :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your fab comment, Charlene! 

      It’s amazing how planning your own wedding can make you realise how much you want to be involved in the industry. Thank goodness you persuaded your husband to have a wedding film and that he then encouraged you to follow your passion!I’ve just had a look at your website http://www.lovegetssweeter.co.uk/ your films are beautiful! I love the idea of an outtakes reel too ;) 

  • Such a great post and a hilarious video! :)

  • Love the video, made me laugh so much!

  • Anonymous

    I definitely see the importance. My sister booked one last minute for her wedding five years ago and we still watch it now. Some people have since passed away so its taken on a new importance and it means my nephew gets to see his great grand parents.

    Because of this my other sister and I priortisied. She got married in Feb this year and used Gorgeous films who were amazing and I have gone with the lovely Reellovefilms for mine next year! I cant wait!

    Rachie xo

    • Anonymous

      Rachie, I hadn’t even considered that…how lovely that your nephew gets to see his great grandparents in motion.

      Ooooh I’ll have to take a look at Gorgeous Films and Reel Love Films, thanks for the recommendation. Can’t wait to see your wedding film!! :)  xx

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  • Sarah Wayte

    I can’t help but have a real dislike of wedding videos, maybe because I recall how, when cousins were getting married 15 years or so ago, I noticed the videographer was generally getting in everyone’s way and stopping the bride and groom from actually even experiencing their big day because he wanted them here, there and everywhere for particular shots. Seeing that really put me off the whole idea of videography and, I have to say, I’m not sure I’d want to sit through someone’s wedding video so why would I subject others to the same thing?! 

    Of course I would like my day photographed and have a lovely album of photographs put together so that in years ahead I can sit down and flick through them and be reminded of the lovely day we had but I’m just not sure I’d get the same feeling about watching a video. I don’t know, if anyone can persuade me different, I’d love to hear your arguments!

    • Sarah, I understand why you feel this way — in the past, videographers used HUGE cameras with BIG, BLINDING lights. It was almost impossible not to notice them. Fast forward 15-20 years and the cameras are the size of your palm. In fact, we use the same cameras that your photographers use and are often mistaken for a photographer. No lights either. These cameras perform so well in low light conditions, as long as you have great lenses (which your videographer should have), he can shoot a whole wedding without any secondary lighting. 

      Additionally, wedding videography has changed to wedding cinema. We are no longer making 1 hour+ films where you sit back and hit the fast forward or “next chapter” button. What we do is short-form storytelling — taking your day and delivering it to you in 5, 10, or 20 minutes, shot and edited as a movie. I’ve never met a couple who hasn’t told me “I don’t know what I would do without this video.” 

      I challenge you to look at any of our films and tell me you wouldn’t want this memory of your day. I got married last month and I watch the video more times than I’ve looked at the photos (although I might be a bit biased b/c of what I do!).

      Regardless, I hope you make the smart decision and get a videographer for your wedding. When all is said and done, the cake will be eaten, the flowers will die, but the photos and video will be the only things left of your day. Don’t make the mistake of missing out on a very important part.

      Good luck!

      • Sarah Wayte

        Thanks for your reply Michael. It’s interesting to know that only a short film is now created so, just out of interest, how much is something like a 10 minute film likely to cost? 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your comment, Sarah. I think Michael has put forth my exact argument! Wedding videography has changed so much in the last 15 years…

      For our August 2010 wedding our videographer blended in with the guests and used a small camera {no blinding lights} he was wonderfully unobtrusive. He let us get on with our day and enjoy it with our families, capturing those special moments naturally. He gave us very little direction except when he utilized those moments alongside the photographer for group & couples photos/footage. We identified the VIPs in our wedding party so he could talk to them & get a few snippets of footage from them wishing us well. Having their sweet words on our film is amazing!

      Our wedding video is only 7 minutes long ~ I think even family members with the shortest attention spans could happily sit through that! :) 

      To me, our wedding video is just as precious as our photos ~ to some extent even more so. 

      If you get a chance, please check out the Film Club tab at the top of this page: http://bridalmusings.com/filmclub/ I only share wedding films under 10 minutes long and I’m very selective about including high quality, creative, moving and/or fun films that represent some of the best wedding cinematography out there today. The films are very different but they’re all beautiful in their own way!

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