• A Beautiful, Thought Provoking Film About Marriage

    More than a little moved by this video this morning…

    (Be sure to watch the video before scrolling down.)

    Isn’t love amazing?

    Such a thought provoking and beautiful video.

    It really is time to end marriage discrimination in Australia and around the world. Click here for more info and to sign the petition.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this film. I’m guessing the majority of you made the same assumption as I did that the person behind the lens was a woman. How did that make you feel?

    As an open minded person it made me feel frustrated but I suppose it’s to be expected due to my cultural and social make up. I’m a straight woman who’s been fed a diet of princes marrying princesses since I was little!

    I LOVE how this video made me stop and think.

    But I think my head might explode when I consider my role as a teacher ~ the worry of perpetuating the idea of marriage and family as being between a man and a woman, the need to share more diverse images and stories about love and family, the constant need to discourage gender stereotypes amongst children who, from as young as 2, think certain toys/activities are ‘just for boys/girls’! However, I do believe that ultimately, children’s understanding of love, marriage and family starts at home.

    What do you think?

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  • Phoebe

    What a sweet film. Weddings are all about love (I’m going to go to your link and sign the petition).  That’s all you need to teach the children.  They don’t need to know the details of how it’s expressed as an adult – a goodnight kiss is all they want or need to know about for now :-)

    • Anonymous

      Very true, weddings are all about love. I think it’s great that this video shows love in many different forms, love between friends, family and partners. Thanks for your comment :)

  • Oh Elizabeth, this is so beautiful and thought provoking! xXx

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t it just? Thanks for your lovely comment and for sharing on Twitter, Annabel x

  • Angela

    I think gender assumptions start even younger than 2. We pigeon hole people in terms of sexuality, skills, interests and character traits from birth. They have done studies on crying babies where caregivers make gender-influenced decisions such as perceiving female babies crying as manipulative etc. So many myths about gender & sexuality are held as fact, it’s scary. Natasha Walters book; Living Dolls is an excellent examination of this, if you are interested.

    It would be great to live in a world where we didn’t need this type if video :(

    • Anonymous

      I agree, that would be a wonderful world. Thanks so much for your comment, I’ll definitely give that book a read.

  • thanks for sharing !

  •  great video and great post. i don’t know why people try to stand in the way of other’s happiness.

  • Krissy Cartwright

    Fantastic!!!!!  Tears are streaming down my face!

  • michelle

    really so lovely

  • Fiona Kelly Photography

    what an amazing video…kind of speechless but just great. 

  • This video is absolutely stunning. I’m about as cynical as they come and I was nearly crying at the end.  So romantic!


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