• You May Now Kiss The Bride

    The kiss.

    Your first kiss as husband and wife.

    It’s a pivotal moment in any wedding ceremony.

    But let’s not forget this intimate, momentous moment occurs in front of all your friends and family. Perhaps in a place of worship, in front of religious officiants and your dear, sweet nan.

    My thoughts on the subject: Let’s keep it PG people.

    via Better Than Fine

    Having spoken with a few photographers about ‘the first kiss’ it seems they have seen it ALL. From quick pecks a la Prince William and the Duchess to full on ‘snogs’, tongue sarnies and even bottom grabbing!

    Now there’s nothing wrong with a bit of passion between newlyweds ~ a wedding celebrates the union of two people in love who are (hopefully) very attracted to one another.

    I think this next photo montage depicting the couple’s first kiss is absolutely beautiful ~ passion, love, friendship, happiness. It’s all there in these four photos:

    Photos by Jonathan Ong via Eat Drink Chic

    Let’s face it, there’s a time and a place for full on passionate, intimate kisses. Isn’t there?

    Speaking from experience of the ‘first kiss’, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget about everyone else around you. Those of you who have seen Twilight Breaking Dawn may have thought it incredibly romantic watching Bella and Edward get lost in their intimate post nuptial kiss (which seemed to last forever).

    via Daily Mail

    It was a beautiful moment however, after a while, I started squirming in my seat and began to feel a little uncomfortable for the guests!

    But that’s nothing compared to this excruciatingly cringe worthy kiss…

    You need to know the story behind this kiss ~ it was their first EVER kiss as a couple. As part of their faith they were saving themselves for marriage. Which is sweet in theory but…there are no words.

    Just watch:

    My first EVER kiss was probably just as cringe worthy ~ ‘washing machine’ springs to mind and I’m sure there was a bit of teeth gnashing. But for this couple to have their first kiss in such a public setting, in front of their friends and family, captured for all eternity on their wedding film, then aired on TV and now going viral on the internet. Yikes!

    It just goes to show that practice makes perfect.

    Photo by Emily Blake Photography via Wedding Chicks via Fuck Yeah Wedding Ideas

    So dear readers, whether it’s dip kisses, short and sweet kisses, lingering kisses or even full on snogs you’d like to share for your first kiss (because it’s your wedding and your choice). I suggest you and your betrothed have lots of fun practicing in the run up to your wedding day so that you have an idea of what you both want/feel comfortable with. It’s a special moment, you don’t want it to feel awkward.

    That’s what Zee and I did and, to be fair, I’m sure our carefully choreographed kiss went out the window as we were so emotional/overwhelmed/nervous during the ceremony. But at least we were both on the same page and knew that we definitely didn’t want our first kiss, in front of all our loved ones, to be a wet, tongue sarnie!

    via The Brides Cafe

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on wedding kisses.

    Is there such a thing as an inappropriate wedding kiss? Shouldn’t couples express their love in a way that suits them? And am I simply being a prude?!!

  • Good topic. Ha! I love the photo of the guy fist pumping the air at their first kiss! As for the video – well, there are no words! – Rach.

  • Good topic. Ha! I love the photo of the guy fist pumping the air at their first kiss! As for the video – well, there are no words! – Rach.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, I love that photo too it just screams ‘yessssss’! Yep…don’t even try to find words for the video! ;)

  • Sara (Shabby Chic Bride)

    Actually laughed out loud reading this! Did you see the Wedding Singer? They discuss appropriate first kisses – open mouthed, no tongue :P that’s the rule! xxx

    • Anonymous

      That is one good rule ~ the ultimate wedding kiss rule, in fact! xx

  • This is something that is really on my mind, my fiancé and I are not PDA people we’re hand holding in public type of kissing and a quick peck when no one is looking but to have to kiss in front of my Dad… gives me shivers. Add to that my fiancé is shy and well it’s too much lol wish us luck for 14th July

    • Anonymous

      I understand. Maybe you could ask your officiant to say ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’ as opposed to ‘you may kiss the bride’. It may make it less daunting for your fiance. I think the quickest of quick pecks followed by a hug, is in order. Or a big hug and a peck on the cheek? Best of luck for the rest of your wedding planning and the kiss conundrum. Do what feels comfortable for you :) 

  • I’m all for modest-keep-your-tongue-in-your-mouth kisses, but several of them… from a photogs point of veiw, there can never be too many first kisses! 

    • Anonymous

      Good point! :) 

  • Cris Of Kiss My Tulle

    HA! This killed me! Great post!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Chris, glad you like it ~ thanks for the retweet too :)

  • Haha, this great!  My husband and I aren’t much for PDA, so we didn’t even really have to discuss the first kiss, really.  Plus, I think the big kiss is more about the big moment…we kissed like we always do, but it will go down in history because this time, we were married!  

    • Anonymous

      So true, it is such a momentous moment.

  • Katie @ Lovebird Productions

    My friend told me about this show but I just couldn’t believe it until I read your post and watched the video. Wow, wow, WOW! :)

    • Anonymous

      Wow indeed LOL!!

  • Jacqui_56741

    There really are no words for that video. I read all the comments before I watched it but I still wasn’t prepared. It was also really sad to see their family and friends laughing at them! Besides that as a previous commenter said I hold to the rule from wedding singer, it just makes more sense to be restrained!

    • Anonymous

      I know ~ I think it was just so unexpected that the guests didn’t know how to react!

  • goagainstthegrain

    Haha love that first pic!

  • Such a cute post! That video makes me cringe – I just feel bad for that couple  because they will always have to look back on that video that so many people have laughed at – I hope they can laugh at it too! But in general, I agree with a little passion and a lot of love, but keeping it PG for the wedding kiss. :)

  • Anonymous

    Such a great topic for an article, and lovely photographs to go with it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Elizabeth Wellendorf

    haha. I know some people that had saved their first kiss for marriage but they were completely romantic yet discreet about their first kiss. Couples should understand that simplicity in front of a bunch of people can be so much prettier. 

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