• Wedding Cake Stands: Buy or DIY?


    This morning it’s all about the cake stand on Bridal Musings ~ a small detail in the grand scheme of wedding planning (much like this) but definitely one worth considering.

    I remember searching high and low for the perfect pedestal cake stand for our wedding. It was really important to me that the cake we spent a small fortune on should not be plonked on a little table but sit atop something pretty!

    And today, as a treat, I’m giving you a double dose of BUY or DIY? Mainly because I think you’re lovely.

    Vintage Plate Cake Stands

    Vintage plate cake stands are perfect for scrumptious treats at bunting clad, village fete style weddings. Pop an array of pretty cupcakes on them, a small cutting cake on top and you’re good to go.

    All you need to decide is whether to BUY or DIY…


    I’m loving these delightfully mismatched options from:

    I Love Retro via Not on The High Street at £29.95 ( $45) and Vintage Home Art via Etsy at £45 (£70)


    I discovered a fantastic vintage plate cake stand tutorial over on Rock My Wedding for those of you who aren’t afraid to get busy with power tools. I just adore the china blue and white ‘matchy matchy’ ness of it all, don’t you?

    Check out Rock My Wedding for the full tutorial.

    Pedestal Cake Stands

    Want to show off your cake? Raise it up high with a pedestal cake stand!

    In case you’re wondering, I got mine from John Lewis. It was a simple, white, porcelain stand and it’s been in the box ever since the day after the wedding! (I’m not much of a baker.)


    How gorgeous is this dusty pink beauty from Sweet and Saucy Supply? It’s £47 ($75). What a way to make a statement and display your wedding cake to full effect!


    This wooden DIY option is just as pretty but bear in mind it doesn’t have such a sturdy base. This tutorial by Tori Jayne is so beautifully laid out and simple. There are no power tools necessary! Just a bread board, candlestick, glue and paint. That’s it.

    Check out the full tutorial over on Torie Jayne’s lovely blog.

    So, you know what’s coming next…would you BUY or DIY your wedding cake stand?

  • bree [capitolromance]

    I think it comes down to timing/craftiness on this one … if you have the time, skill – I would say DIY it … if you don’t and you’d rather support a local/small biz, then go the BUY route. But with all the options you put out on this post – it’s really hard to decide if one is better than the other!!

    • Elizabeth

      So well put, Bree :)

  • Orly

    really love the idea of this but i’m a buyer x 

  • How fab… I’ve never thought of making my own! 

  • great post!! I love it.

  • {belle}

    I loooove the vintage ones! I actually really love the print on the DIY one but I’d probably have to find something similar and go the buy route… I lose when it comes to DIYing anything. At all. Ever.

    • Elizabeth

      I agree, the floral prints on the buy options are so charming! I’m a DIY loser too ;)

  • Kewain {@nolabellesoiree}

    The hand made cake stands are gorgeous!!  I would believe they were bought from a store. 

    • cynthia lida

      Where do you find the rod that connects the plates?

  • I’d probably do both :)

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  • Jan M.

    I love the look of the wooden hand-made ones, but I don’t think they would stand up to a cake setting on them. One little bump and over it would go! Just my opinion

  • Melisa

    I made something similar to this and it turned out beautiful but the stand tips easily. The base needs to be broader at the bottom.


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