• Hello From San Francisco!

    I’ve been up since 4:30am (PST) feeling jet lagged but happy.

    Over the past few days Zee and I have packed up our London flat, said our ‘goodbyes’ and flown halfway across the world.

    I’m writing this from our new home in sunny San Francisco.

    san francisco by Stone Crandall Photography

    Stone Crandall Photography via In A Nutshell

    There’s SO much to do but I’m excited.

    Our flat (sorry, ‘apartment’) is right in the heart of the city ~ the equivalent of living slap bang in the middle of Oxford Circus. There’s hustle and bustle a-plenty but I love how everyone says ‘hi’ in the lift (sorry, ‘elevator’).

    I managed to get a little lost yesterday looking for a hardware shop and ended up climbing one of SF’s infamously steep hills. The view from the top, of the bay glistening in the sun, was incredible.

    I think I’m going to like it here.

    But in all honesty, it isn’t just the jet lag that’s been keeping me awake. I also have some explaining to do…

    Remember that girly ski trip I went on?

    via Tuts Plus

    Well I only went and forgot my phone (it’s a long story involving a 4am cab ride) which meant that I had to use a public telephone box that smelt of wee to call Zee and my daily Facebook and Twitter fix was out of the question.

    The icing on the cake was that there was no access to wifi in our chalet so my laptop sat in the corner gathering dust while we hit the slopes.

    However, we had an AMAZING time and after the first few days of feeling bereft without an internet connection/phone I actually relaxed and enjoyed being ‘disconnected’.

    But the day after I got back from France it was all systems go for our big move…

    via Pretty Stuff

    Blogging, emails and Bridal Musings just had to wait.

    As did all the loveliness I had in store for you guys ~ the fabulous guest posts, the beautiful real weddings and the amazing wedding films.

    So dear readers, I’m truly sorry for being a less than perfect blogger but I promise all that loveliness will be winging it’s way to you as of Monday next week when life is a little more settled.

    Bridal Musings will be back with a BANG from my new home in the US of A (but still with a British accent).

    blogger illustration by Inslee

    (Oh how I wish I looked this glam while blogging. Let’s just pretend I do ok? Beautiful illustration by Inslee)

    I do hope you’re all happy, healthy and enjoying your wedding planning. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed our daily wedding related rendevous.

    See you back here on Monday…hurrah!

    Love Elizabeth x

  • Katie @ Lovebird Productions

    How exciting to be in San Francisco! I bet you do look that glam while you blog :)

    Welcome to the beautiful USA!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the lovely welcome, Katie! I definitely don’t look that glam…unless polka dot pjs & Uggs suddenly got glam ;) 

  • bree [capitolromance]

    Welcome to the USA!! If you ever make it to the East Coast – let me know :) Best of luck getting settled Elizabeth!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Bree! I will definitely get in touch if I go East (hope I get the chance to, looks like a fab place) :)

  • Natalie Fava

    Elizabeth!! I’m so excited for your new adventures in San Fran! I am sure it will be amazing for you (and you will be amazing for it!) :) Thanks for giving me one more reason to visit soon! <3

  • Congrats on the new move!  San Francisco is an amazing place and I think you’ll like it there too! :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jennifer, I have a feeling I will ~ it is an amazing place :) 

  • Congratulations on making it over safely and with a smile on your face gorgeous girl :) Have fun and lots of it over there. I am so so sorry I didn’t get to see you before you left, gutted infact. It still feels a bit like you are here! {I’m in London right now}.  Please come back soon and visit. But in the mean time, have the time of your life exploring and getting to know your new home :) Lots of love xXx

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much, Annabel. We’re really loving SF so far but I will be visiting lots for sure! Hope you had fun wedding related adventures in London :) xx 

  • Welcome to California Elizabeth!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Stephanie!

  • Elisabetta

    This is so exciting Elizabeth! Those first few weeks of exploring your new town are so much fun, but doing so in San Fran is just SO much more exciting! Best place (after Rome for me)… Just incredibly beautiful and with amazing quality of life! Congratulations my dear! Enjoy every minute! Looking forward to reading more on the blog! xx elisabetta

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Elisabetta, you’re so lovely! We’re really enjoying exploring San Fran :) I’ve never been to Rome, but will have to visit soon (even though Europe feels sooo far away now!) xx

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to California! I wish u the best of luck here :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much! :)

  • Enquiries

    Oh this is lovely! Lots of love and happiness in your new home and I look forward to reading all about your adventures! SF is one of my favourite cities in the world you are a lucky girl! xxx

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your sweet comment, I feel very lucky indeed :) xx

  • I am in no way envious of your SF life. Honestly. Totally don’t wish I was there in that amazing city myself. No sir. Anyway, glad to see you back online and looking forward to everything you have in store.

    • Anonymous

      lol! Thanks so much Emma, it’s good to be back online!

  • Natasha Jane

    There you are pretty lady :)

    What a move eh, I know you will fit in perfectly there everyone will be as polite as you and the sun will be glorious (I’m not that jealous then oh how bad I fib) I’m really looking forward to seeing pictures and the kinds if weddings you will encounter out there.

    Come back soon and see us :) XxX

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your sweet comment, Natasha. You’ll be pleased to hear it’s raining today ;) xx 

  • Yay!!! Welcome!! I live just a couple hours south of SF, so maybe we can meet someday! :) I hope you love it here!

    • Anonymous

      That would be wonderful! :)

  • Late to this  comment party!  But hope that San Fran is treating you well! x

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  • I too am very late to comment. Hope things are settling for you. What a chance of a lifetime! xxx

  • Hi Elizabeth, How are you doing in San Francisco? It looks like an amazing place to live! You blog is still looking beautiful by the way. 
    Best wishes, 
    Nicola X x 

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