• All lovely but is it just me worrying unnecessarily or is the proposal going to be the new keeping-up-with-the-Joneses wedding stresser?

    • I know what you mean, Karrie. That thought did cross my mind too but grand/romantic/creative proposals have been happening for as long as I can remember! However I think that in the last couple of years, having a film of said proposal is becoming more popular so we see more of them. Which is great for videographers like yourself but not so great for couples saving up for their wedding / a wedding ring who feel they need to capture their proposal on film too ;)

  • How sweet is that idea of a ceiling-ful of balloons holding special mementos?!!!

  • oh gosh, Im in tears again…My favourite part is the end I love how in awe of the ring and proposal Kimberly is :)
    What an amazing guy for organising all of that XxX

  • I’m Lori from Shutter Life Productions, and we had the most amazing time filming this with Patrick and Kimberly. We actually just shot their wedding on Sunday! It was so sweet and simple. Regarding the thoughts of having to save up for having a proposal video done, we at Shutter Life always shoot proposals for free as long as we can coordinate the date and can get to the location :) I’m sure there are other companies that might offer the same if you know someone that would like a video of their proposal and doesn’t want to break the bank, lol. Nathan and I got married about a year and a half ago, so we definitely remember that budgeting stress! :)

  • Louise

    This is simply beautiful and inspirational for future bride and grooms :)


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