• Chic 1950s Retro Diner Engagement Shoot

    Those of you who follow me on Pinterest may have noticed that I have a non wedding related board (gasp!) called Retro Vintage Chic. It’s filled to the brim with pretty pins inspired by styles from times gone by.

    I have a particular fascination with the 1950s. I blame Grease which I watched over and over as a kid until the tape got chewed up. Then I progressed to re-enacting scenes with my cousin for our poor family members almost every night for the better part of a year!

    So, needless to say, I’m absolutely thrilled to share this retro fabulous engagement shoot by Honey Heart Photography with you.

    Ali and Chris are in love with all things 50’s and James Dean. The Parkette Drive-In, Kentucky was the perfect location for their 50s themed e-shoot. Chris pulls off the moody, leather jacket clad, boy from the wrong side of town look to perfection while Ali is the epitome of Retro Vintage Chic. Her gorgeously coiffed red hair and red lips are the perfect combination.

    Oh my! Isn’t Ali just outrageously gorgeous? She could certainly give Sandy a run for her money!

    And don’t you just love the editorial style of this shoot?

    Thanks to the super talented Honey Heart Photography for sharing these images and many congratulations to Ali and Chris!

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  • Fab! I too was obsessed with Grease, so I understand your fixation!

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  • Super cute! I was so in love with Grease as well, but even more so with Grease 2 (with Michelle Pfeiffer as Stephanie). I know corny, huh? But my sister and I spent one summer watching it over and over and over until we could repeat, (and sing… horribly), every word! 

    Awe, thanks for the trip down memory lane…oh, and the gorgeous shoot! 

  • Wish this weren’t the case

    Kudos to the photographer for her execution on the concepts, I would probably really enjoy the collection if Ali (the redhead) weren’t – with out a doubt – the ugliest, least grateful and most self-interested person I know. It really is a shame because on the outside she’s pretty, while at her core is the most putrid concoction of all things decent humans do diligence to avoid. Sociopathic and manipulative, her person and creative life has been an amalgam of slandering, plagiarizing and thieving form those have have helped her most. Her modus operandi is to separate and isolate the few of those who have yet to see (or are incapable of seeing, as is the case with her fiance) her true nature, then to feed them tailor made narrative establishing an us-against-the-world mentality to further exacerbate the isolation. Lastly, until this shoot, the fiance (who has been one of my closest friends for a decade) has never once expressed interest in the 1950’s – instead preferring the 1970s and 1990s, both stylistically and culturally, nor has he ever worn a leather jacket.

  • bree [capitolromance]

    her outfit, her hair, the diner, i love EVERYTHING about this. god i love the 50s

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  • So awesome! I am just a little bit obsessed with the ’50s, too! 

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