• Making DIY Coffee Filter Flowers: The Complete Guide

    Hello lovely readers,

    Apologies for the delayed post today.

    This post was originally one sweet little DIY tutorial all set to go live at 9am this morning then I got immersed in the intoxicating world of coffee filter flowers and ended up adding another and another until I was up to my eyeballs in coffee filter tutorials and inspiration! So it took waaay longer than expected but I do hope you’ll find it useful.

    If you’re looking for a cheap, simple and pretty DIY project for your wedding, coffee filter flowers could be just the thing!

    pink dyed coffee filter roses

    photo via Just Simple Designs

    Who knew coffee filters could look so pretty?

    The great thing about coffee filter flowers is that they can be used in so many different ways, from decor (they’d make a mean ceremony backdrop) to centerpieces, place settings, wreaths and, if done in miniature, they’d look so sweet attached to escort cards or favor boxes!

    You could even create a bunch of them, attach them to ribbon wrapped florist’s wire et voila! a bouquet of flowers that will live on after your wedding and be a sweet keepsake of your special day.

    There’s also a variety of ways of making them (depending on your desired effect or the time you have to make them) so after researching the different methods, I thought I’d do a round up on the best tutorials I found to save all you crafty brides having to hunt them down!

          Making DIY Coffee Filter Flowers: The Complete Guide


    Photo by Diana Li of Sparkle and Champagne on Etsy

    Dying Coffee Filters

    Coffee filters are wonderfully delicate looking and absorbant ~ perfect for dying! Use water colours or watered down acrylic paint for a more intense colour or food colouring and natural dyes such as beetroot or tea for a vintage, yellowy brownish aged effect.

    photos via Emalee Design

    The basic dying technique is very similar in all the tutorials I’ve found. I found this step by step photo tutorial by Salvaged Whimsy on coffee filter dying to be very helpful. Erin oven dries the dyed coffee filters to speed up the process but you could always dry them flat on paper towels or air dry them by hanging from a string / washing line.

    Top 10 Coffee Filter Flower DIY Tutorials + Ideas

    *Firstly, I have to draw your attention to good old Martha Stewart’s tutorial by Cassie Mae Chappell which provides a downloadable petal template. As Cassie Mae Chappell actually sells these roses in her shop, Mommy Makes Roses, this is quite a fiddly and tricky tutorial but definitely worth a look if you want to make realist looking roses.*

    DIY Coffee Filter Flowers Tutorials

    Some Of The Best (And Easiest) Coffee Filter Flower Tutorials

    1. Realistic Roses via Emalee Design ~ an in-depth photo tutorial using the intricate petal shape template by Martha Stewart mentioned above. This method is very detailed, it even involves rolling the edge of each petal around a pencil to create a natural effect. Emalee actually made loads of these roses for her wedding decor! However, unless you have a lot of time, I think this style is best suited to small quantities such as bouquets or button holes.

    2. Rolled Roses via Salvaged whimsy ~ a much simpler technique, involving cutting a spiral shape into your coffee filter and simply rolling it in on itself. Then using hot glue at the base to ensure the roses don’t unravel. (Full tutorial here.) I really like the finished effect and think these would be so pretty for a backdrop, or a wreath (like no. 8 above) and it wouldn’t take too long to create large quantities.

    3. A Variety Of Roses via Aunt Peaches~ this brilliant photo tutorial outlines 3 different techniques for creating coffee filter roses including a pleating technique, ruffling technique and a multi-layered technique to create larger roses. I love the effect of mixing and matching the different roses. These would make lovely, full, ‘floral’ centerpieces on a budget.

    4. Super Easy Flowers (No Glue Gun Needed!) via Two Shades Of Pink~ this is by far the easiest way to create coffee filter flowers quickly and in large quantities. All you need is coffee filters, scissors, masking tape and a stapler! Check out the video tutorial below.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjwCMZ3RFLM?rel=0]

    Also, I love Jessica’s idea of spreading them across a tables cape for a romantic look, or having them cascading down a table cloth…if you used real roses a look like this would be extremely expensive but with coffee filter roses, the possibilities are endless!

    photo via Two Shades Of Pink

    Coffee Filter Flower Ideas

    5. Make pretty coffee filter flower place cards as seen at this awesome carnival themed wedding on 100 Layer Cake. This cute video demonstrates how to make the blue coffee filter flowers above. It’s just 1 minute long but I think it’s so helpful to watch the whole process from start to finish. It makes it look super easy and achievable!

    Paper Flowers from pastoriii on Vimeo.

    6. An example of using coffee filter flowers as a ceremony backdrop ~ cool huh?! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

    7. Single stem coffee filter and paper flowers look modern and fresh on their own or pairs in bottles of different heights and sizes. (Tutorial via Green Wedding Shoes.)

    8. These rose wreaths by Salvaged Whimsy are so romantic! I like the thought of popping them on the front of the church doors (if you get married in a church) or hanging them from the backs of chairs.

    9. Dahlia pom poms ~ a modern yet whimsical touch to any wedding! (Full tutorial on Aunt Peaches). Attach the finished poms poms to a piece of string/ribbon hanging down vertically or strung across the reception space horizontally. If you like the simple, ruffled effect from photo no. 4. you can also make coffee filter pom poms using a similar stapling technique (watch the video tutorial here via Rhonna Designs).

    10. Add some ‘wow factor’ to a simple cake ~ design and tutorial by  Miso Bakes via Half Baked – The Cake Blog.


    How AMAZING is that?! I love the grey icing teamed with the peachy pink ombre flowers. Wish I’d included it in my pink and grey inspiration board!

    BUY or DIY?

    Now for all you who love the look of these but not the time or effort involved, fear not ~ you can buy pre-cut and hand dyed kits to create them quicker or even beautiful ready made bouquets from Mommy Makes Roses. Hurrah!

    Ok my lovelies, I’m all coffee filter flowered out. My next move is to actually make some myself…

    Please leave me a comment if you found this helpful, or share your coffee filter decor ideas ~ I’d love to hear from you guys!

    More crafty DIY projects + my BUY or DIY? series

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  • Those are so pretty!! Can’t believe they’re actually coffee filters!

    • Flukesnature

      The best way to color them to look like real is to use the opaque watercolor white from a tube first and then use watercolor black and other colors as deeply as you’d like ( the mommy makes roses way to paint ). Follow those steps and they work really well for real true colors.

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  • Laurajean

    wow, so pretty. 

  • bree [capitolromance]

    OMG i love this post!! thank you for sharing – I am TOTALLY going to try my hand at making some for the decor for the bachelorette party I am hosting in July!

    • bridalmusings

      Hey Bree, so glad you liked them. Bet you’ll do a fantastic job with that bachelorette party!

  • This is gorgeous! I need to make these soon. Bookmarked! :)

  • Amanda Marsh

    These are so beautiful…. Best paper flowers I’ve seen! I really thought they were real!!

    • bridalmusings

      I know some of them look so realistic, thank you for your comment :)

  • Who knew coffee filters could be so pretty? http://t.co/dY5eeWNo @BridalMusings

  • Making DIY Coffee Filter Flowers: The Complete Guide http://t.co/YbureNVN vía @bridalmusings

  • Very cool! I’ll have to show this to my wife!

    • bridalmusings

      oh yes, please do…OR you could give her a bunch of roses that will never die and get lots of brownie points ;)

  • Trevormaeve

    They are lovely, so pretty. Thank you

    • bridalmusings

      you’re welcome, thank you for your comment :)

  • yes, coffee filters. I wish I’d known about these when I got married. http://t.co/smMDBcig

  • Coffee Filter Flowers #DIY http://t.co/msO8ILHt

  • Tequeiromigato

    What kind of dye do you use?

    • Tequeiromigato

      Oops, went back and reread. Thanks. (: 

      • bridalmusings

        lol you’re welcome :)

  • No way!! These are pretty gorgeous!! I just may have to do some of them… :)

  • Its hard to believe these are just coffee filters, they are so pretty. What a clever idea!

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  • Cait1022

    I love the look of these! I am getting married 1 year from tomorrow and the colors are difficult. This is perfect because I can dye them myself to look right and I can make more for less money than the satin flowers I was just looking at! Amazing! Beautiful! Just perfect!!

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  • I like roses ;) They look like natural flowers. Good Work discount cigarettes

  • Tina S.

    I love these! Had to try it and making a fall wreath with black and various shades of orange. Thanks so much for this :)

  • Tina S.

    Here are some that I made using technique #4

    • justme

      how did u get the black just right? I used black food coloring and it turned out like a techni-color mess!! thanks

  • I love that these are inexpensive and so customizable! I’ve been making dahlia pom poms from tissue paper, but these are even prettier. Thanks for rounding up all the tutorials and putting them in one place.

  • Sarah Towle

    Love this, I will definitely have to give it a try….Baby Shower coming up!!!

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  • Hawaii Wedding Planner

    These are AMAZING!! I’m impressed with how real each flower looks. You would never expect them to be made from coffee filters!

  • VinPro Elegance

    Beautiful!! just gorgeous.

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  • Brides: How cute are these? RT @jara_marta: Making DIY Coffee Filter Flowers: The Complete Guide http://t.co/PwdYaBIo vía @bridalmusings

  • melodome

    This is LITERALLY the best DIY/craft post ever created, EVER! Sorry for the caps but I’m so excited to find this bog and everything in it! Thank you so much for such a thorough and easy to navigate post. U rock!

    • bridalmusings

      I’m sorry to say that I’ve only just seen this comment but THANK YOU! (all caps necessary) you just made my day! So glad you found it helpful :)

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  • Fatima0108

    Amazing.I have tried making these roses from aMartha Steward show. Getting better and better(even if I say so myself

  • Oh my God, they are amazing. What colors , so expressive and so perfect. I love the peachy pink ombre flowers.

  • Pretty awesome images.thanks

  • Mackenzie Stanfield

    minecraft and black ops

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  • Sharon Adams

    I am addicted to making paper flowers and some of these rose patterns are exceptionally realistic and so very lovely. I have done a great deal of experimenting and came up with (what I think is brilliant!) the idea to use dryer sheets (I use fresh,but recycled could be used!)…folded accordion-like and trimmed (in a variety of different) edges, They are easily coloured with watercolour paints, and smell lovely!

    • bridalmusings

      That’s such a great idea – love that they’d be scented too! Thanks for sharing :)

  • LauraLeeDesigns

    I am always looking for creative ways to decorate on a budget, and these are SHEER GENIUS!!! I am chairing a Gala that raises money to plant trees and I love the earthy vibe they create. Plus we can compost them afterwards! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wisdom!!! I can’t wait to start crafting… I’m throwing a “Gatsby” themed wedding shower in a few weeks; I think I’ll dust them with gold glitter to jazz up my tables!

    • bridalmusings

      Thanks for your lovely comment, both events sound wonderful! Particularly love the idea of dusting them with gold glitter!

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  • veronica

    too bad the video of the blue one was in fast speed I could not tell how the flower was assembled

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  • bill

    Your spelling really sucks.

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  • waysey1

    Hi, Just found this and they are lovely. I remember making flowers from Kleenex with my Mom and grandma when I was a little girl, ages ago. I have forgotten how to do it. Do you have anything on flower making with Kleenex?

  • Carolyn

    I am making some of these tomorrow!

    • bridalmusings

      Yay! Hope they went well, Carolyn :) Feel free to share photos!

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  • Laura Hughes

    I used the technique in #4 also to make a beautiful arrangement for a poolside arbor. I dyed my coffee filters with food coloring.

    • bridalmusings

      Gorgeous! I love the colours and the way you’ve arranged them. Did you use paper or plastic ‘ivy’?

  • Stormy Thomson

    These are the ones that I made for my wedding almost 2 years ago. I used the Martha Stewart technique and dyed them with Rit dye. Them darkened the edges with diluted black paint and sprayed them with a diluted pearl white paint to give them the shine of actual roses. I believe I did something like 175 individual roses..

    • bridalmusings

      Thanks so much for sharing, Stormy! They look beautiful :)

  • Mary

    I’ll be using these ideas for the arts and crafts section of a girl’s camp, really hope it goes well. I think it’s an excellent craft for children to do, and I love it when I can find crafts for children that actually end up looking pretty. Thanks for posting!

    • bridalmusings

      Yes absolutely, it’s a wonderful craft for children! Hope it went down well at the girl’s camp :)

  • Rm

    Wow I can not wait to start

  • Crystal Tingler

    This is by far, the best collection of tutorial’s I have found, hands down! Making 200 for my wedding. Thank you so very much for assembling these in one post! What a time saver!

    • bridalmusings

      Thanks for the lovely comment, Crystal. I’m so glad you found the post helpful. And WOW, 200!!! Hope they turn out beautifully and that you have a wonderful day!

  • ColaGirl

    Out of curiosity, how do you make the tips darker like in the first initial picture? Do I paint the tips a little darker myself after dying?

    • Libby Halstead Philpot

      If you play around with the filters and what you use to die them before you make flowers you will see how they absorb food coloring when mixed to make other colors. I mixed 3 colors to make one color and you could see them separate the further up they went. The longer you leave them in the more they will absorbed. Just dab the tip in gently and see how it works.

      • bridalmusings

        Thanks for sharing those tips, Libby, they’re so helpful!

  • Val

    So beautiful!

  • Valley Blaze

    Does anybody still have their flowers in coral pink and white or light green ? going to making some for my wedding … and wanting to sell of get rid of theirs let me know :)

    • Cat Ceraolo

      Are you still looking for some flowers? I have 100+ white and pink/coral ones I made for my wedding and used 2 weeks ago – looking to sell them. Also selling the twine covered wine bottles we placed them in.

      • Tanya Wiedenhoeft

        How much are you asking for them? I am interested. Please contact me at info@ppmhomerentals.com

        • Cat Ceraolo

          Sorry, I sold them at The Recycled Wedding Boutique last weekend.

      • Beth Morgan

        How much are you asking?

  • Gorgeous and versatile. Food safe too! I will share this with my brides!

  • thank you for sharing! going to making a whole ton for my shower!

  • Concerned One

    Where is the tutorial for the main ones that’s on the main pic?

  • crafty

    Hey Concered one it is on a web site called EmmaleeElizabethdesign this site used some of her pic hope this helps!


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