• Will You Do The Cake Smoosh At Your Wedding?

    Why hello, fancy seeing you here?

    As regular readers will know, I rarely post on the weekends. (Even wedding geeks need a break every now and then.)

    However, I had a little idea brewing for a short and sweet regular feature that’s just perfect for the weekend!

    I can’t tell you how much I LOVE hearing your thoughts and opinions in the blog comments, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I appreciate each and every comment, ‘like’ and tweet. So I wanted to hand the reins over to YOU by asking a wedding related question and seeing what you lovelies think.

    Starting this weekend, with the eternal quandary…

    To cake smoosh or not to cake smoosh?

    will you do the cake smoosh at your wedding?

     Chudleigh Weddings via Snippet and Ink

    Previously practiced on the clown circuit, the ‘Cake Smoosh’ is one of those weird, modern wedding phenomenon (like the ‘jumping in the air group shot’) that just sort of caught on and is now practiced amongst newlyweds the world over.

    Cutting the cake is traditionally symbolic of the couple’s first act as husband and wife. Cutting the cake and sharing it with each other is a very sweet tradition. Smooshing it into each other’s faces? Not so sweet.

    My main concern about the cake smoosh was the prospect of my carefully coiffed hair, perfectly polished make up and expensive wedding gown getting covered in sweet, sticky cake. So I personally didn’t opt for a cake smoosh at our wedding (and thank goodness Zee didn’t surprise me with a face full of buttercream frosting ~ that would not have been the best start to our marriage!)

    I’ve never smooshed, smashed or squidged a cake into anybody’s face before but I’ve gotta say, it looks like fun. Often the cutting of the cake happens towards the end of the wedding day and kicks off the party, so it’s the perfect time to get a little wild and messy!

    Wedding Cake Smush

    Photo by Mandi Nelson

    So what do YOU think?

    Will you (or did you) do the cake smoosh at your wedding?

    Brides, photographers, planners, bloggers and married folk, I’d love to hear your thoughts and varied perspectives on this. And please do let me know if you have any burning questions you’d like to ask.

    Oooh and if you can think of a good name for this feature please share it ~ all I could think of was ‘Wedding Question Time’ which is really rather lame.

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  • :)

    I know without a doubt my husband to be will smash cake in my face….. what he doesnt know is I am going to have my maid of honor pass me a can of silly string :)

  • courtney nye

    My soon to be hubby will smash me with cake no matter what. I’d be surprised if he didn’t. But I feel like the fun and silliness of smooshing cake into each others mouths is a pretty good representation of the fun we often have as a couple. The silliness suits our personalities and relationship. I fully planned to smash cake into my hubby’s face. 

    • bridalmusings

      That is awesome. Sounds like it’s going to be one fun party! :)

  • Mammersb

    I guess I’m a bit of a party pooper, but I would not be impressed if my fiance covered my face with cake. I think there are other ways to have some fun that doesn’t involve ruining make up, potentially a dress or suit and wasting cake…. i would just feel embarassed in front of the guests I think.

    • bridalmusings

      You’re not a party pooper at all! I’m with you on potential expensive of it and agree that there are LOTS of other, less messy ways to let loose and have fun at your wedding! I think I’d be a little embarrassed walking out of the room with my face/hair covered in cake too lol.

  • Jennygo45

    It’s disrespectful to your partner! Not remotely funny or loving.

    • bridalmusings

      I can definitely see how it can be perceived as disrespectful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Reshmi

    A big fan of cake smooshing in kiddy birthday parties from when I was 5 till about 11. But not when I’ve had careful and expensive hair & make-up done (I always get food all over anything I wear that is white/ivory/cream in any case so the dress isn’t such an issue!) x

    • bridalmusings

      LOL! Me too Reshmi ;) perhaps it is best left to kid’s birthday parties. x

  • JMK

    I think it can be cute to play the will he/she, won’t he/she for the guests… But personally, I’d be really upset if he actually does it. And I think I’ve made that kinda of clear.

    Plus, I love the suspense of it all, but I’m always embarrassed for the bride when it actually happens and relied when it doesn’t. It’s a sign of true respect that the man doesn’t smush.

    • bridalmusings

      I’ve actually never been to a wedding where they’ve done a cake smoosh! I can imagine that whole will he/she won’t he/she? act would be cute/suspenseful for guests…but surely thy couple would have to agree beforehand whether it’s ok (or not)?! I agree, for some reason it seems worse when the man smooshes the woman than the other way around.

  • www.angelawardbrown.com

    Difficult one – cutting the cake it not the most interesting of traditions for people to watch or shoot, so this definitely livens things up!  However, it does seem a little odd to plan to do something which started out as an inherently spontaneous thing…

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  • It makes a good picture, but I definitely couldn’t do it myself – not knowing how much the dress, suit, make-up and hair will have cost beforehand! I’ve never been one for getting messy though…

  • Of my weddings this year, the first three ALL did the cake smash!  Some of them got super messy!!!  But it worked for each of those couples… it’s definitely not for everyone ;)

  • Jennifert9994

    Every wedding my Mother ever attended where the couple smashes the cake has ended in divorce.  DON”T DO IT!  Why start off a marriage by doing something so disrespectful?  I don’t understand how this is supposed to represent “love”?  

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  • emseebee

    hrmmm i’m contemplating it. only for the fact that it would make a fabulous photo especially coz h2b HATES cake. in saying that i would hate for it to be smooshed into my face/hair/dress…. LOL

    • bridalmusings

      LOL! I can’t believe you’re marrying a man who HATES cake ~ all the more for you I suppose :)

  • Alaina

    I think if the “cake smoosh” represents the silliness or personality of the couple, that’s cool.  My fiance and I are pretty silly, but this is definitely not our style.  I’d personally be pretty annoyed if he did that to me. Especially after paying so much for hair & makeup.  There is always time for smooshing later :)

  • Nope! It is just too messy for that day. While I understand it is fun, I think i would save it for a time at home or with a few friends when I do not have make up on and a big white dress.

  • Gemini

    Absolutely not. In my opinion, it’s extremely disrespectful and inappropriate for the setting. I just think it’s indicative of a lack of respect for your brand new spouse. On a day when I want to look stunning and practically perfect in every way, I just can’t imagine having cake all over my face…(also, I know I’m late to the game comment-wise).


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