• BUY or DIY? Geronimo Style Big Round Balloons With Streamers

    He passed me a messy, misspelt note scribbled on paper from the back of his maths exercise book.

    It read:

    You make me feel like… jaronimo!

    It was his sweet, boyish way of saying that he liked me. I had to pinch myself.

    You see, I was a shy, geeky 16 year old at the time and ‘geronimo boy’ was my first proper crush. My Jordan Catalano.

    Who knew that underneath that bad boy exterior (and all that hair gel) beat the heart of a poet. Albeit one who couldn’t spell.

    To this day I consider it to be one of the loveliest and most romantic things anyone has ever said to me.

    Why am I telling you this?

    Because not only do I adore the word ‘geronimo’ for that very reason, I also can’t get enough of the big, round balloons adorned with tassels, sparkles and all kinds of frilly fancies created by Geronimo Balloons!

    Geronimo Ballons

    These wonderfully round balloons are a great way to add a bit of sparkle and whimsy to a wedding when used in your wedding colours as ceremony/reception decor for fun portrait shots and even for gifts.


    Every Geronimo balloon is a custom made, one-of-a-kind piece that costs between $60 – $200.

    You can buy a set of  two 36″ peach and grey Geronimo balloons complete with neutral trim from BHLDN for $180.


    Want a cheaper option?

    You can buy similar balloons from Stephanie Shives Studio on Etsy from $30-$50. 


    Want to make your own pretty giant balloon wedding decor or gift?

    Here’s the part all you crafty brides have been waiting for…the DIY tutorials!

    First up here’s a few links to where you can buy those big, round 36″ balloons from:

    ~ Balloons Fast from $3.95

    ~ Bargain Balloons 6 for $9.90

    ~ Borrowed Blue Wedding (Uk and Ireland only) from £4 per balloon

    ~ Also check out Amazon and Ebay.


    1. This tutorial by Teissia of Firefly Events as featured on Sweet Thing Blog has fantastic, step by step photos taken by professional photographer Jessie Webster on how to create fringe balloons. I think it’s fab!

     via Sweet Thing Blog

    2. Here’s another DIY tutorial using tissue paper ~ I like the tip about taping the string to the wall so as to easily attach the streamers.

     via Mint Love Social Club

    3. I love all the different textures used in this tutorial including Christmas tinsel!

    via Blue Eyed Yonder

    So much balloon loveliness!

    As ever, the big question is would you BUY or DIY?

    And if you opt for the DIY option, what colours/textures would you use?! Do tell!

    More crafty DIY projects + my BUY or DIY? series

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  • Rose

    I’m trying to figure out what it is about the fringe on the Geronimo balloons that makes them look so much bigger/fuller/fabulous-er. I’m not sure, but I think there’s just more of it, and maybe that it starts higher up on the balloon. Then again, at that price range, I’m sure they put some serious effort into getting them all to look ‘exactly right.’

    I guess I would obsessively DIY until it looked just the way I wanted it to or I died. Or do I always do that? Wait… ;-)

    • bridalmusings

      Lol! Loved your slightly crazy comment ;)

      I can tell you are most definitely a DIYer rather than a BUYer!

      Yes I agree there is something extra special about the Geronimo balloon fringe! They must have the magic touch. Best of luck with your DIY endeavors x

  • Shannon Crissey

    DIY. I agree the original Geronimo looks the best and I would try to emulate it obsessively. I think it’s partly that they keep it simple…either the tissue fringe or metallic fringe. I don’t think I like loads of texture going on especially against something like a simple balloon.
    I work at a party store and we have the painted/swirl? 36″ balloons. I would love to make a bright colored fringe to match something like the blue/green or orange/yellow balloon!

  • guest

    tmyers.com has everything balloon

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  • johana

    i would LOVE to know if the balloon is blush or peach. any idea? please and thank you

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  • Cara

    Cool balloons but seriously, can you tell me what designer makes that dress?????!!!!!! I love it! And, so far I haven’t loved any dress.

    • bridalmusings

      So sorry, Cara – have only just seen this! I hope you’ve found your dream wedding dress. If not, Sarah Seven and Ivy and Aster do similar gowns to the one on the photo.

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  • This post is SO helpful!! Thank you for including so many different sites and information. I have been dying to make one of these for a stylized shoot and now I know exactly what I need!:)

    • bridalmusings

      So glad you found it helpful, Jenna. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and let me know – it made my day :) Bet your shoot will be awesome!

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  • Love this! I already have the balloons for my wedding but think this might be what I have to do with them!

    • bridalmusings

      Thanks Lippylash, I think it would add that extra special something! Best of luck with the rest of your wedding plans!

  • marina

    Fyi to those who love the big round balloon and plan on purchasing – I bought from balloons fast and bargain balloons and it was one of those lessons of “you get what you pay for”. The Balloon Fast’s were strong, perfectly round and stayed a float for a long time. The Bargains were not all perfectly round but sort of de-formed and they did not float well at all. :( lesson learned. I believe my album on FB is still public for viewing – Marina Zavala Sanchez album is titled VJ and Rayanna’s Birthday Celebration.

    • bridalmusings

      Thanks so much for sharing this info, Marina. It’s really helpful! Sorry the bargain balloons didn’t work as well for you, I hope that VJ and Rayanna’s birthday was a lovely celebration nonetheless! :)

      • jericramos

        I used 9 36″ balloons from Bargain Balloons – turned out great for my 21st! Fast shipping too considering I’m all the in Australia. Attached below is how it turned out. Only regret is that I had designated friends to inflate them and should have made them larger!

    • Meghan

      Shoot, I suppose I should have read the comments before purchasing.. Hopefully they turn out okay.. :(

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  • Love! Trying this over the weekend for my August wedding. Thanks for all the tips and links!

  • Brittany Sigers

    I am having the HARDEST TIME EVER finding oversized peach balloons. I feel like I have been on every website. Where are y’all finding the peach ones? Thanks in advance!:)

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  • Fashionista Fang

    Super cool!!!!!!!

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  • Sofie

    Brittany, did you find peach one? I want some too and I agree with you, it`s hard!

    • Brittany Sigers

      I never found peach:( I switched my wedding colors around, and I’m using blush pink (or “powder pink”) instead!

  • Carol Wafer

    Did you look on Amazon? I just bought a 6 pack in light yellow, they had a huge color selection. Just type 36″ Latex Balloons into your search and look for amazon to come up. You might have to search for your color but it’s probably there.

  • eileen

    I need expert help fast!! I ordered round balloons but as I begin to inflate them they don’t seem to take the round shape? Am I over blowing them? I don’t know? Please help :O


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