• Quite Possibly The Cutest & Craziest Save The Dates EVER


    Yes I just ‘swore’ on the blog and I never swear unless I’m really late or losing at Mario Kart…

    These are, as the title suggests, quite possibly the cutest and craziest save the dates I’ve ever seen. Ever.

    Awesome graphics, groovy colours and personalized, illustrated bride and groom magnets with interchangable hats and beards which guests can use to accessorize the happy couple’s outfits. How fun!

    unique save the date design by Julie Song Ink

    It doesn’t get cuter than that. And I can’t imagine a more elegant head dress for a bride…can you?

    If you loved these, you must check out Julie Song Inks creative, beautiful and unique illustrated wedding stationery.

    And for your information, she is infact the magnet bride from these save the dates!

    So after seeing these wonderfully cute and crazy save the dates can you imagine what Julie and her fiance’s wedding stationery looked like?

    Get ready to be surprised...

    photo by Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty 

    Beautifully unexpected and it just goes to show that your save the dates don’t have to match your invites!

    You must take a peek at the gorgeous water colour wedding stationery, wooden signs, intricately carved wooden favours and fab cocktail sign that Julie created for her elegant wedding. And rest assured the bear hat did not make an appearance!

    Very rarely do I get this excited about paper goods but looking through Julie Song Inks varied portfolio is like catching a special glimpse of each of the couples she works with. Go take a peek and you’ll see what I mean.

    (Her mind blowing and oh so cute 36 reasons why I love you illustrated cards have inspired Zee’s next birthday present…but shush, let’s keep it our little secret.)

    So are these the craziest save the dates you’ve ever seen?!

    What are your views on matching your save the dates to your invitations? Is it a do or a don’t?

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  • Eleanor Smith

    Oh Wow! These are amazing! They certainly put our engagement party invitations to shame! x

    • bridalmusings

      Yay! So glad you liked them but I bet your engagement party invites were lovely (comparison is the thief of joy!) :) x

  • OMFG (yea, I said it too) this is ADORABLE!

  • Amma // Beyond Beyond

    Yes! And congratulations blog swearing – it’s the way of the future :)

  • These are Lovely – so nice to see something original!

  • Sarah {A Paper Proposal}

    hahaha! That design IS pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • msfunnelcake

    They are not the craziest wedding invites/STDs when you compare them to the paper record player: http://greenweddingshoes.com/a-paper-record-player-wedding-invite/

    but they are pretty cute. :) I love the watercolour invites!


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