• Moving Father/Daughter Dance To Butterfly Kisses

    Hello lovelies,

    Here’s a bit of an unplanned post for you.

    It was inspired by a truly touching Youtube video that made me wish I’d worn waterproof mascara today…

    Last year John of Aria Melody DJ shared his Top 20 Best Father / Daughter Dance Songs Ever playlist.

    Ever since then, I’ve loved hearing from brides and wives sharing their own touching father / daughter dance songs and stories.

    Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle is by far the most popular.

    It’s a beautiful song about a father watching his daughter grow up and ‘letting her go’ on her wedding day.

    It’s a tear jerker, for sure.

    But this particular wedding video clip I’m about to share makes the song all the more poignant and tear inducing.

    Painfully, the bride’s father, died earlier in the year from pancreatic cancer.

    Her brother thought of a touching way to give her a truly special father/daughter dance…

    Video by Lafrance Films

    (Andrea’s first dance was with her dad’s father,  followed by her brother Luke, then brother Nick and finally her new father-in-law Scott.)

    What a wonderful tribute to a man whose absence must have been sorely felt that day.

    For those of you who’ve lost your dads (or mum’s, or anyone close to you) I’m so sorry for your loss.

    I know that amidst the excitement of wedding planning, the thought of certain wedding traditions will be difficult.

    For the first dance with your parents why not do as Andrea did and dance with other family members or don’t include the dance at all.

    Please don’t feel bound by traditions if they don’t suit you, your partner or your family situation.

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    For those of you who don’t know the song, Butterfly Kisses, before here are the lyrics:

    Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle

    There’s two things I know for sure
    She was sent here from heaven
    And she’s daddy’s little girl
    As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
    She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes
    And I thank God for all of the joy in my life
    Oh but most of all

    For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
    Stickin’ little white flowers all up in her hair
    Walk beside the pony daddy it’s my first ride
    I know the cake looks funny daddy but I sure tried

    Oh with all that I’ve done wrong
    I must have done something right
    To deserve a hug every mornin’
    And butterfly kisses at night

    Sweet 16 today
    She’s lookin’ like her mama a little more every day
    One part woman the other part girl
    To perfume and make up from ribbons and curls
    Trying her wings out in a great big world
    But I remember

    Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
    Stickin’ little white flowers all up in her hair
    You know how much I love you daddy
    But if you don’t mind
    I’m only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time

    Oh with all that I’ve done wrong
    I must have done something right
    To deserve her love every mornin’
    And butterfly kisses at night

    All the precious time
    Like the wind the years go by
    Precious butterfly
    Spread your wings and fly

    She’ll change her name today
    She’ll make a promise and I’ll give her aways
    Standing in the bride room just staring at her
    She asked me what I’m thinkin’
    And I said I’m not sure
    I just feel like I’m loosin’ my baby girl
    And she leaned over

    Gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there
    Stickin’ little white flowers all up in her hair
    Walk me down the isle daddy
    It’s just about time
    Does my wedding gown look pretty daddy?
    Daddy’s don’t cry

    Oh with all that I’ve done wrong
    I must have done something right
    To deserve her love every mornin’
    And butterfly kisses

    I couldn’t ask God for more than this is what love is
    I know I’ve got to let her go but I’ll always remember
    Every hug in the mornin’ and butterfly kisses

    Isn’t that precious? A tad on the cheesy side but lovely all the same!

    I’d love to hear from you, how are you including loved ones who have passed away into your wedding?

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  • I absolutely LOVE this video… So emotional and such a beautiful tribute to her father!

  • Brittany Bellagala Intern

    This truly is  tear jerker. Thanks for sharing. We agree that it’s okay to ignore traditions if they don’t fit your personal situation. 

    • bridalmusings

      Your welcome, yep it all depends on what suits a couple and their family.

  • Cclattari

    I’ve thought about this moment since the day my dad left this world. He always wanted to dance to Lady in Red … I just have to do it or I will always regret it.

    • bridalmusings

      How lovely. Then you should do it, he’ll be with you in your heart.  

  • LB

    I looked forward to this moment all my life.  My dad is a picture junkie and had a “neat” camera. He left in the middle of the reception, he didn’t tell anyone he was leaving. We announced our father daughter dance and he was gone. I’m not sure what was harder, my mother not being there because she had passed away, or my dad leaving to go print pictures so we would have some that night. We had paid a professional photographer. 

    • bridalmusings

      Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. His heart was in the right place, it just happened to be at the wrong time. I know that must have been so hard for you, especially as your mum wasn’t there but try to let go of that disappointment and be thankful he’s still in your life.

      After all, you don’t need a dance floor and a room full of people to dance with your dad :)

  • aaa

    GOD i am crying my a** off……………..

  • Anon Mouse

    Oh this is beautiful.
    For my own wedding, I plan on my mother giving me away and my brother dancing with me for father/daughter dance. My sister and cousin will be my bridesmaids. It is all that I have, but really it is all that I need.

    • bridalmusings

      That sounds perfect! I think it’s so wonderful that your nearest and dearest are such a big part of your day, I know of lots of brides who don’t even speak to some of their bridesmaids (who were friends from work/school) anymore which is such a shame. But having close family by your side is, as you say, really all you need.

  • Valerie Hom

    I officially hate and love you right now.  Hysterically crying at work right now…..

    • Msgarrow

      THANK YOU!

  • Msgarrow1113

    HOLY GOODNESS This is depressing but beautiful.

    • bridalmusings

      The perfect way to describe it!

  • guest

    I danced with mom momma for my “parent/daughter” dance

    • bridalmusings

      That’s lovely! :)

  • Katie

    I was not prepared for that.
    Not at all.

  • Mckenna Longinott

    This hits so close to home for me. My father used to sing “Butterfly Kisses” to me and my little sister before bed when we were young and we danced to it at my 16th birthday party. Unfortunately he also passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2007. We played “Butterfly Kisses” as he was leaving the church. I often think about traditions we will miss out on, especially father/daughter dances. This blog post really tugged at my heart strings but it’s comforting to see such love and support during this special moment. 

  • OMG tears! tears! smiles and more tears from me! Gorgeous! – Nana x

  • Rapsity

    As a future bride to be, I would not want this done for me.  I’m getting married the end of this year, I lost my father when I was 14 and my grandfather, who was there for me in place of him, died when I was 22… with every step of planning my wedding, I keep thinking about where they would have been and I know my father especially would have been proud of the man I chose.  I’m not wearing makeup that because I don’t feel like fixing it when I am reminded of them (I know I’m going to cry a lot that day) so, as sweet as this is, I think it’s cruel to remind someone of what they don’t have on what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life.
    I miss mine so much, even after so many years, but I feel more sorry for her, having to loose her dad the same year she gets married, I can’t imagine how that must feel.

    • RedHandedMabel

      It was probably the bride’s decision to do that. The only surprise was that her brother recorded the song. It may not be something you want, but it certainly isn’t cruel if it’s something the bride wants, which she clearly did because she wasn’t surprised when her brother announced that it was time for the father-daughter dance. And I guarantee she was thinking all day about how her father should have been there, so no, it wasn’t reminding her of what she lost.

  • Shel

    I was just  balling at work, this is the dong my Daddy and I will dance to at my wedding. Thank you so much for sharing. 

  • Smelly_honeybee_melissa


  • This was a wonderful magical moment.. Like most people I’m crying my eyes out now.. I do have parents but I don’t know or see them anymore… My grandfather is on the verge of dieing and untop of that I live in another country as most of my family.. You made a spectaculair moment! Beautiful!

  • Paolavelasco123

    i should not be watching this video while im in class

  • Binie O

    I have watched this video like 500 times and still cry everytime. Im sure it has a little to do with the fact that my father passed away and was unable to be at my wedding but the love from her brother and the rest of her family is just overwhelming. Ugh im tearing up again.

  • Seumas

    So touching. So much love there. What is Nick’s surname? He sings really well. He should release it as a single.

  • sandy2249

    Loved this video and love that song !

  • Linda 7777

    What a beautiful tribute to your Dad the song brought a flood of tears to my eyes. I have been married for 35 years my dad and I did dance to Daddies little girl but we never bonded until 3 years before he passed away in 2003. When I go to Heaven I WILL HAVE this dance with my dad to Butterfly kisses. May God Bless your marriage and your family.

  • Shatima

    I couldnt stop crying! This is so beautiful!!

  • tammy daniels

    no matter how many times I listen to this song I cry, I love it


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