• Unique, Artistic & Beautiful Wedding Film

    It’s been far too long since I last featured one of s extraordinary wedding films.

    The thing that captivates me the most about Roland’s work is the way he weaves stillness and movement with quite moments and intense flashes of colour, light and life within his films.

    Each Roland Mihalsky film is not just a typical wedding video, documenting the day as it happened, but a unique work of art.

    And Orsolya and Andras’ surreal and beautiful wedding highlights film, edited to a soundtrack of ‘walking through corn vs The Chemical Brothers’ is no exception.

    Roland Mihalszky is based in Hungary but more than happy to travel.

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  • Ali Lovegrove

    WOW! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Harriet

    Absolutely stunning, just beautiful!

  • Stunningly beautiful…WOW!!!

  • I can’t believe this is a wedding video – it’s SO amazing! 

  • This is absolutely stunning. Rylee has captured the emotion of the day so beautifully here and that dress is divine. What a gorgeous day.  

  • JT

    While the filming and editing is amazing, I wouldn’t be happy if my wedding day video became more about art then my marriage celebration.

    IMO the video was boring and the music creepy.

    •  as a wedding video producer i completely agree and i am glad there are still those that want to actually see what happened on their wedding day! these artistic videos are more about the “film” maker, and not so much about a bride and groom. it does say “highlight” film, but what’s the point? i always tell my clients that are still looking for a good videographer to be cautious when dealing with video producers that insist upon being called “film makers”. these are not “films”. these are personal videos produced for clients that would enjoy reliving one of the biggest days of their lives, not a highlight reel showcasing a “film makers” skills.

      • bridalmusings

        Thank you for your input, I agree a wedding video should always be about the couple first and foremost.

        But I would argue that any couple investing such a big part of their wedding budget in a videographer will have chosen him or her for the special way in which they capture love/family/weddings.

        Be that as a straight up document of the day or in a more cinematic style. In this case, the couple are also ‘film makers’ or videographers themselves so I imagine this film is especially focused on the artistry and creativity ;)

    • bridalmusings

      Thanks for your comment, I hear where you’re coming from.

      The couple in this film are creative videographers themselves so I’ve no doubt that played a big part in the editing decisions behind this film.

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