• Beautiful Real Life Proposal Stories

    I do love a good proposal story, don’t you?

    Although the words may change slightly over time and the memory of all the little details may fade, you’ll never forget how excited and happy you felt that day!

    I’m thrilled to feature this eclectically beautiful collection of real proposal stories from real couples who kindly agreed to share them via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and emails.

    Some of the stories are filled with big, romantic gestures, others are laced with sweet, subtle moments. All of them ended with a resounding ‘yes’.

    So grab yourself a nice hot cuppa and put your feet up, it’s story time…

    And be sure to share your own proposal stories in the comments section below!

     photos by Ciara Richardson from this magical proposal shoot

    Proposal Stories

    Some of my favourite bloggers and wedding industry folk chimed in with their stories…

    Christie of Mountainside Bride

    We both stood, hand in hand, looking at the Great Smoky Mountains. “I thought of proposing in a nice restaurant,” he said, “but I wanted to pick a place that would be here forever for you.”

    Sara of Burnett’s Boards

    I was still living in Houston at the time, he flew me out to Honolulu for Valentines weekend and proposed at our favorite beachside restaurant, where 6 years earlier we’d made a deal (as friends) that if we weren’t married in 10 years date we’d get married. I’m glad it didn’t take us the whole 10 years to fall in love!  Everyone along the beach and at the restaurant’s lawn tables started cheering and clapping when he went down on one knee.

    Louise of Bow Occasions

    Hubby booked a trip away to Turin, Italy for my birthday and as I always said I didn’t want him to propose at Christmas or on my birthday, I really didn’t think it would happen then… First surprise!

    Two days before my birthday he was so keen to take the cable car up the mountains but when we got there it was shut…He was really upset about it and I really couldn’t understand why we had to go on that day. He then tried to look for a bus up there but they weren’t running either. Bless him, he was very disappointed but as there was no way up there, we made plans to go to the old Winter Olympics village instead which is now pretty much a shopping centre. As we were walking back out over the Olympic bridge, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was so sweet but not as I think he had planned it bless him.

    The reason we had to get engaged on that day was he had a ring made with the date stamped on it so it couldn’t have been any other day. It’s a great reminder of the date he proposed and every time I look at it, the story comes flooding back.

    Our Proposal Story 

    The short version? We were on a boat just for two off the coast of Amalfi. And I said yes, obviously. The long version – with all the twists and turns, ins and outs, romantic and not so romantic details? Why I wrote a post about it, of course!

    Click for my proposal story.

    Stephanie of Fab You Bliss

    Kevin and I got engaged one night on a trip to Paris while sitting on a park bench across from the Eiffel Tower at Jardins du Trocadéro. It may be cliché, but it was the most special night of my life. Kevin took this self portrait of us right after I said yes, also after we wiped tears from our eyes. He was trying to get the tower in the picture.

    But as you can see…only a peek of it can be seen behind his head. That’s why I am the photographer ;-)

    Kitty Westhorp (via Facebook) 

    Our proposal was premature, he was planning to do it a few weeks later on our anniversary weekend in London, but after our film night included two wedding related films he couldn’t wait and did it there and then in our living room!

    Tamiya Tim Tam O’Rourke (via Facebook)

    It was christmas morning, I opened the massive box he gave me to find two presents inside. Opened the first and then the second which was a Bryce Courtenay book. I was excited to get the book as I love Bryce. I opened the book as there was a bookmark inside. Looked at the bookmark that said ‘love’ and I was all like aww, then noticed that there was a ring tied to the book mark. I thought it was all part of the bookmark till my now fiance said babe that ring is an engagemenr ring.

    In front of his four beautiful children he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry us. I was so surprised and shaking I couldnt get the ring off the bookmark so he had to! It was so sweet. He told me he had it planned for weeks and asked my father’s permission on christmas eve and called my mother and step father to ask permission about two weeks before. My mum and his helped with the ring choice. That was special as my mum lives interstate, so it was nice he involved her.

    Travel Themed Proposal

    The folks behind The Proposers, a proposal planning company in the UK, shared one of the proposals they planned for a travel loving couple:

    We hired out a penthouse suite in Cambridge for this proposal. During the day the couple went for a walk in Cambridge and Rhea kept getting handed tiny paper planes made out of maps by random strangers. This continued throughout the day (yup, we arranged it all!) with the final plane being given to her by the doorman of her hotel.

    When they went up to their room, she opened the door to find the entire suite decorated with travel related props – old fashioned globes, paper airplane’s, hot air balloons, maps and luggage tags with the reason why he loved her written on them!

    Final surprise was a personalized  passport that we had made for her that had stamps of all of the places they had visited together but also, hidden inside the cover, was her engagement ring.

    via The Proposers

    Pinterest Proposal Stories

    Click the links to follow each pinner of pretty things and be sure to check out the proposal pin that got this whole conversation started as there are lots more stories where these came from!

    Veronica S

    We went of a day trip to new york city with or closest friends. He had a list of everything I ever wanted to do in NY which included everything from the wax museum to ice skating at Central Park. Then he took me away from the group and we went on a carriage ride in Central Park and he proposed and it started snowing!

    Michelle Gravel

    We watched the sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor, Maine…after the sun came up he proposed!

    Jenni Houghton

    He proposed to me on New Year’s Eve in London. He timed it so when I said yes the fireworks would start. So romantic and magical.

    shelbycal We were at Disneyland, we’re both annual pass holders and he decided to pop the question in front of Cinderella’s Castle. It was perfect!

    Aryelle Lawson

    He proposed at the animal sanctuary where we volunteer and had one of the volunteers who was a photographer take pictures. It was so creatiive and personal.

    Lexi Culshaw

    We were down at the Vietnam Memorial that is outside of Camp Johnson in NC. It was raining, and we were the only ones there. After admiring the beautiful memorial for a few minutes, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

    Nicole Lajoie

    My fiance proposed to me in Epcot, after running 26.2 miles in the Disney Marathon. He had his friend wear the go pro camera, every mile through the marathon he stopped and filmed a memory of me. The 26th filmed memory was the proposal and he asked me to be his Disney Princess!

    Valerie Moreno

    He proposed on top of the Rockefeller center after singing a song in front of 200 people.

    Jessica Scrogham

    My husband asked me while I was recovering from a very bad car wreck. It was definitely original.

    Photo by Chris Emeott Photography

    samantha hanssens

    He asked if we could swing by a favourite coffee shop before heading to Vancouver. While there he seemed to get lost while going to the bathrroom, but came back with a huge bouquet of every flower I had ever mentioned I loved, a song we fell in love with playing in background, and of course a beautiful smile as he dropped to one knee.

    All I remember is kissing, and the sound of clapping from everyone else in the shop. Oh and of course, I said yes!

    Elizabeth Heersche

    After coming home from a deployment.

    Kirstin Bowdler

    He took me to one of my favorite gardens on my birthday. It had recently snowed and their Christmas lights were still up. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Then he took me to a building downtown over looking the river and had all of our friends and family there for a surprise birthday/engagement party.

    Sarah Perry

    We went camping for the first time together in a spot where he had been going since he was a kid and he wanted to show me this waterfall they used to be able to drive to. We drove around all day and finally found out that the road was closed – it only took us a moment to decide to hike there. We had to climb down this super steep cliff to get to the waterfall, it was gorgeous! As soon as we did he plucked a blade of grass, got down on one knee and asked, with the grass as the ring! I said yes and he put the ring on the wrong hand he was so nervous.

    I still have the grass ring, and we are getting married at that camp ground this summer!

    Lori DeBri

    He set up sky diving with my best friend. When my parachute opened I saw marry me on the ground. When I landed he was on one knee. Funny part though I was still attached to the instructor when he proposed. Another man attached to me will always be remembered in the photos.

    tanya tournavitis

    My hubby was very original – he changed his Facebook status to engaged then sent me an email to accept the proposal. That night we sat under the stary night sky and spoke about everything we wanted to do…

    Lacey Buksar

    I came home from work and he called me up to our bedroom. I look out on our balcony – him and my 4 yr old son from a previous relationship were on one knee each holding a single red rose. He asked if I would honor him by being his wife and making him a father. Still puts me to tears.

    Proposal Stories On Twitter

    Could you sum up your proposal story in 140 characters or less?

    Proposal Stories and Films on Bridal Musings

    Remember this unique, mid air proposal on an airplane?!

    The wonderful Kat and Lovine shared their sweet story here on Bridal Musings and it was later featured in the Daily Mail!

    And just last week, I featured these beautiful photos of a picnic proposal taken from afar.

    photo by Laura Murray Photography

    Here are links to some of my favourite proposal film features:

    Cinema Proposal – We Make The Movies Jealous

    Amazing Glee style proposal

    Romantic Candlelit Proposal

    Lucky – Quite Possibly The Best Proposal Film Ever!

    ~ More sweet proposal films and stories on Bridal Musings ~

    I hope you’ve enjoyed these proposal stories!

    It’s been such an honour featuring them, thanks to everyone who shared a little piece of that special, intimate moment with us.

    Don’t you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside now?

    Please do share yours in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Love this kind of posts! :)
    Just put up one on my blog

  • Thanks so much for including me! Awesome post – loved reading these stories!

  • So great to hear how some of my favorite folks had their proposals! What a wonderful compilation of beautiful stories.

    • Thanks for the sweet comment :) I agree they’re all so different and beautiful in their own ways!

  • These are all so great!  I LOVE a good proposal story!

    • Me too! Thanks for your comment, glad you liked reading them!

  • Lbrenner5

    My fiancee is a middle school teacher and included the whole middle school class and our family in my surprise proposal! 

    • That is adorable!!! It must have been so special and unexpected. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Diana Young

    I’m obsessed with the band Hanson (I’ve seen them 40 times in concert). My fiance and I were on a trip to Disney World where I was sure it was going to happen. On the last night when it didn’t happen there I ended up getting extremely bummed. The next morning I was surprised with an email from Expedia saying my flight home has been cancelled per my request. I freak out thinking something went wrong. However, my fiance informed me that he changed our flight to go to Tulsa, OK (home of Hanson). He researched Hanson type stuff to do in Tulsa, took me to their studio, where they played their first gig, where they were discovered. He ended up at a museum and proposed in front of these beautiful gardens all while playing my favorite Hanson song on his phone. Turns out my favorite Hanson got married in those gardens.

    The proposal my sound insane and crazy, however it was the sweetest thing he could have ever done. He really put lots of thought into it and made me feel extremely special.

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  • Bride to be 2015

    My Proposal Story!
    My boyfriend and I were best friends growing up. Although we were very close, the years seemed to seperate us.
    Years later, we managed to be reconnected through my aunt! After being reconnected, we started dating and we were irreseperabled. After 11 months, we were in church one morning and my boyfriend couldn’t sit still! He was so fidgity! At he end of the service as everyone was about to pray, my boyfriend raises up and walks up to the preacher (in front of everyone!) And asks to say something to the church. He went on to talk about how much God has helped him in so many ways. And how he was so blessed to have loving people in his life. In the middle of his speech, he asked me to come up there in front of everyone! And i was so nervous, my heart was about to beat out of my chest! My boyfriend turned to me and told me how thankful he was that God brought us back together after several years. And how he couldn’t imagine life without me. All of a sudden, he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!!! When i said yes, and started fidgiting with this little object, he was shaking and i then realized that he put the ring inside a bottle cap! (He said i would notice the big box in his pocket, so he put it in that) and i grabbed the bottle cap with the ring inside and jerked him up with a huge hug and kiss! He started crying he hugged tighter. He then looked at me and told me I make him so happy. The preacher had to get the ring out of thebttle cap. When the ring was free from the bottle cap, my boyfriend placed the beautiful ring on my finger. And the hurch stood up and clapped and they all came running up to us congratulating us on our engagement! :) It was the happiest moment of my life! I looking forward to our wedding day, and spending the rest of my life with my best friend! :)

  • Mrs guinn 2014

    My proposal story!
    My boyfriend of a year and a half and I decided we wouldn’t exchange christmas gifts until a few days after Christmas. We decided we would make Christmas about our two year old. So the Friday after Christmas he come over after work and I tell him I want him to open my gift, a simple shirt and new hat (his current one was awful). He promised he loved it and handed me his gift a huge bag with a giftcard and the weirdest hunting tabogan I had ever seen! I ask if he really thought id wear it trying not to seem mean,he said yes so I ask again. As my head is down staring at the hat he hands the ring box to our son and tells him to give it to mommy. Our son refused because was loving openingnand closing it, we started to laugh right as we saw the ring fly across the room! I picked it up ans ask what it was and my now fiance said ` I think its time we make our family whole` and that’s my proposal story! August 16, 2014 I become a Mrs!

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  • Josh Markus

    This is how I proposed to my fiance, Dani. We both are going to school
    in Utah, but she decided to go home for a week and a half before school
    started to visit her family. I drove down and decided to put a video
    together for her to watch and surprise her on the beach to propose! Here
    is the link to the video clip


    video is made up of clips of all the places where we’ve kissed. We
    loved always trying to find places where we’ve never kissed before and
    it kind of turned into a game. I got her friends to take her to Newport
    beach thinking that they were just having a girls night out. Instead she
    came across this pathway I set up and a laptop with this video for her
    to watch. While she watched the video I blended in with a random
    family/friends on the beach.

    After she finished watching I came up behind her and proposed to her on the beach. She said YES! People on the whole beach cheered and people came out of their houses and cheered on the balconies. It was a great moment :)

  • Kaleigh Brooke Dozier

    My Proposal!!

    Since I was a little girl I had
    dreamed of going to New York City. So when the opportunity to go with the love
    my life came about I was just too excited! We decided to road trip there going
    through the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New
    Jersey, and then finally making it to New York!

    first few days in New York we sight seed the city going all through the upper
    east and west side, along with most other popular districts with in Manhattan
    like Soho and Hoboken! We were able to see
    FAO Schwartz, Grand Central, the MET, spend time in Time Square &
    Little Italy, which those are only a few.

    So by the 3rd day we
    were already exhausted and we decided that night we would slow things down and
    just have a romantic dinner on the rooftop of our hotel and go to the Empire
    State Building. The night started off so sweet! Our dinner was amazing and once
    we were through we got a taxi and started our way there.

    When the taxi let us out and we
    started our way to the top, I had no clue that that night my life would forever
    change! I remember when the elevator doors opened to the top floor and we
    walked out to the sky deck and I looked out among the beautiful city I had
    always dreamed off and it was breathtaking. Little did I know that when I was
    to turn around my breath would literally be taken!

    he was the man of my dreams on one knee, looking ever so handsome, and he asked
    me to marry him! Of course, I said YES! I could have never asked for a more
    sweet and loving way to have been proposed too!

    We spent that
    night celebrating and telling all of our loved ones the great news! The next
    morning was surreal and I know I was the happiest girl in the world! We
    finished our perfect trip to NYC by seeing the Broadway play Wicked and seeing
    the Statue of Liberty! It was a trip of a LIFETIME!


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