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  • Bajan Wed

    I was so surprised when cascading bouquets started trending again, but, as you said the modern styles are just so gorgeous, it’s hard not to swoon! Especially over the beauties in this lovely roundup!

  • Krisstin

    So hard to pick a favorite. They are all so gorgeous. I think I’m leaning towards the organic arrangements.

  • These are so gorgeous! I love the idea of adding strings of pearls to them, too!

  • medo

    fantastic photos

  • medo zezo


  • medo zezo


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  • Trish

    These are all so beautiful! What I’m wondering is where are the names of the floral artists who created these masterpieces that you featured? Why only credit the photographer and where the image was posted?

    • bridalmusings

      Hi Trish, thank you for your comment and valid point, we have included the names of the florists now.

  • Blair

    Would be great to know WHO actually made the beautiful designs you’re writing about!

    • bridalmusings

      Hi Blair, the post has been amended to include the floral designers.

  • alicia

    the post is about floral designs, right? you took the time to credit the photographer and the image source, yet not the time to credit the floral designer? please tell us who the artists are who created these lovely bouquets, surely they all poured a lot of creativity, time and love into each of these…

    • bridalmusings

      Thank you for your comment, Alicia. It was an oversight on our part not to include the names of the florists (one that won’t be repeated in future round ups) they absolutely deserve credit for their beautiful creations.

  • Lori

    I too would like to know who the floral designers are. These are nice photos of really amazing floral designs. Thanks!

    • bridalmusings

      Hi Lori, the florists have been credited now. Totally agree they are amazing designs.

  • Liz

    Great photos…but who are the designers?

    • bridalmusings

      Hi Liz, we have amended the post, please find the floral designers under each photo.

  • amy

    Beautiful work! I would LOVE to know who designed this lovely floral art!!!

    • bridalmusings

      Hi Amy, we have included credits for the floral designers now.

      • amy

        Thanks so much!!!!

  • Laurie Garza

    Beautiful works by talented floral designers, but why are the artists who created the actual piece of art that the photograph shows not even mentioned? Did they not take part in this??

    • bridalmusings

      Hi Laurie, thank you for your comment and valid point. We have included credits for the floral designers who created these gorgeous designs now. They do, of course, deserve to be credited, it was an oversight on our part.

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  • Nice post, beautiful works by the floral designers, with the Calla Lily Bridal Bouquets wedding Flower.


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