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    Hello and welcome to Bridal Musings!

    Meet Elizabeth

    My name is Elizabeth Muhmood Kane, I’m the founder and editor in chief of Bridal Musings. 

    I’m originally from London but currently living out of my suitcase, travelling the world with my handsome husband, ZeeWe both work online so before babies and mortgages come along we thought we’d go on a big adventure.*

    I started this wedding blog soon after my own wedding in 2011 as a pretty little place on the internet to geek out about weddings with fellow wedding obsessed folk. Three years on, it’s my full time dream job and I’m still just as enamoured with weddings!

    It wasn’t as if I spent my childhood dressing up in net curtains and planning Barbie’s dream wedding but somehow, the moment that sparkly ring was on my finger and I discovered my first wedding blog – it was love at first click.

    I love all things wedding related, especially of the chic and unique variety, and want every reader to enjoy their wedding planning and their wedding day as much as I did.

    But I’m not just all about weddings, I’m also an early years teacher/ dog person /undomestic goddess / Londoner / avid cinema goer / internet and world explorer / red lipstick wearer / daughter / friend and wife to the most wonderful man, Zee.

    Meet Claire

    Well hello there. My name is Claire, I’m a Dublin native, living in London with my boyf/travel buddy, Mark.

    I’m a three-time wedding singer, a two-time bridesmaid and a one-time wedding cake baker. (The latter two went okay, the first one, not-so-much).

    I adore travel, style, interiors, food, and I adore weddings. Flower crowns, stemless wine glasses, tear-jerking vows, bohemian wedding dresses, oh, and a killer party playlist. Heck, I love bunting so much, it hangs in my living room year ’round.

    So expect me to be as passionate about your wedding day as you are, delivering oceans of inspiration, streams of great tips, and a drop of fun and excitement, while I’m at it.

    Our Vow

    Our vow, is to make planning your wedding, exciting, fun, and full of inspirational ideas.

    We want to guide you through planning process from the boring stuff, (hello, wedding budgets) to the fun stuff, (Maldives or New York for the honeymoon?) and everything in between.

    With the help of inspirational content, beautiful images, handy expert tips, and of course, some incredible real couples who’ve been there, done that, and bought the wedding cake, we’re here for you every step of the way, to make wedding planning easy, and enjoyable.”

    Wedding planning  is a once in a lifetime experience – it’s a chance to be creative, to express yourself and share the things you and your partner love with the people you love.

    There are so many fun and exciting things to do / see / enjoy in the run up to your wedding. From venue visits to menu, wine and wedding cake tasting (yum!) deciding on your wedding music (one of my fave parts) and, of course, those dreamy days spent in a sea of satin and lace at bridal boutiques.

    It’s not without it’s stresses and strains but for the most part it’s a joyful experience all culminating in the best party EVER, surrounded by your favourite people in the whole wide world!

    Oh, and we may be called Bridal Musings, but that doesn’t mean this is a groom-free zone. From bachelor parties to boutonnieres, we’re here for the gents as well.

    Whether you’re a bride and bride having a beautiful laid-back beach party, a groom and groom planning a chic city soiree, or a bride and groom opting for a rustic bash in barn, your day is special, unique and important, and we want to help you make it perfect too.

    Our Partners in Matrimony

    We love to feature and promote the work of talented wedding vendors here on Bridal Musings, from make-up artists to stationers, dress designers to planners and all the other people who work tirelessly to ensure that each couple has their ‘best day ever’. It’s always such a treat when one of our industry friends pops by to share their expert tips and advice!

    As lovers of beautiful imagery and film buffs, regularly featuring the work of creative photographers and videographers is a dream come true. We’re big believers in the importance of having your wedding documented in a meaningful, beautiful way. (Trust us, it’s well worth the investment.) After the Champagne’s popped and the confetti has fluttered away, all you have left from the day are your memories so capture them and treasure them.

    But enough about us, what about you? We’d LOVE to hear your bridal musings!

    Say ‘hello’ in the comments below any pretty post – it’s always so lovely to hear from fellow wedding obsessives / suppliers / brides and grooms. Or get in touch via emailTwitterFacebook or Google+.

    Oh and FYI, most days you’ll find us pinning all sorts of pretty things on Pinterest.

    Elizabeth & Claire xx

    Photos by Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography taken in design cafe Drink Shop Do, London, UK

    *Travel updates, city guides and honeymoon hotspots coming soon to Bridal Musings!