• Happy New Year + A Heart Felt Thank You


    Happy new year! *wipes glitter off laptop* Elizabeth here, doing a little reflecting on 2014 and taking this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all our readers, friends, followers and supporters. We love you guys. (And if 2015 is the year you’re getting married, please picture us jumping up and down with giddy joy and […]

  • Merry Christmas! Plus Our Festive Season Round-Up


    Merry Christmas! Finally, after all the build-up, excitement, preparation and shopping (kind of like a wedding!) the other big day is, at long last, upon us. We hope Santa has been good to you, that your turkey is moist, and that no one notices you’ve been playing the Michael Buble Christmas album on repeat for […]

  • The Ultimate Christmas Wedding Playlist

    Ruffled - photo by -

    The perfect Christmas party, needs the perfect Christmas playlist. And if you’re having a Christmas wedding, then you need the mother of all tracks to get the party started! But don’t fret if you’re throwing a big bash (or having your big day!) over the next few weeks and you still haven’t finalised your tunes. […]

  • 12 Perfect Ideas for a Christmas Proposal

    Christmas Proposal Ideas | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

    It’s our favourite time of year… for proposals! The holiday season is just packed with perfect moments to pop the question. The first snow fall, decorating the tree, and digging into your stocking, every day is filled with excitement and magic, even if you’re a grown-up!  Propose on a winter walk, Photo by Melissa Green […]

  • Wedding Dresses Throughout The Decades


    As you know, we’re budding history buffs! Well, once we’re talking about weddings. So we just loved this fun (and a little educational) infographic from Dublin-based ring search website, Perfect Ring, which takes a look at how wedding dresses have evolved over the last 100 years. Last week we talked about how celebrity weddings can […]

  • 10 Of The Most Stylish Celebrity Weddings Of 2014


    The celebrity wedding. It’s the kind of thing we can’t help ourselves from pouring over. Who attended, (who didn’t!), where was it, and what did the bride wear? But these weddings are so much more than tabloid fodder to pick apart. Over the years, some celebrity nuptials have stood the test of time to become the […]

  • Okay, so this might be a beer ad. But it’s also one of the most romantic things we’ve ever seen!

    Romantic Christmas Ad | Bridal Musings

    Okay so this isn’t the kind of thing we’d normally share but it’s so freakin’ lovely we just had to jump on the blog and share it with you. It’s a beer ad. But it’s a very, very, very sweet beer ad! It doesn’t take a lot for a Christmas ad to get us welling […]