Picture Perfect Skin

So, for this post I called on the expertise of beauty therapist, Chantal of Prim and Polished who has helped many a bride get gorgeous for their big day, including me!

Here’s the Q&A…but be warned, picture perfect skin involves a lot of dedication!

When is the best time to start preparing your skin for the big day?

To get the best results, you should start preparing your nails, hair and skin, six months before your wedding. It sounds extreme, but it can make a big difference!

What sort of preparation do you recommend brides to do?

A basic regime should consist of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, twice a day morning and night. Elizabeth: For those of you who skip toner thinking it’s a waste of time-like I used too…think again! Toner will help to remove any last traces of cleanser, balance the PH of your skin and prepare skin for your moisturizer.

It can take ages to find the right products for your skin type and is often a case of trial and error, even for beauty therapists! However, almost all skincare companies offer samples, which provide a great opportunity to ‘try before you buy’

Don’t Get Stuck in A Product Rut

A common mistake people make is to stick with the same products for years and years. However, our skin can change all the time with the effects of aging, lifestyle and environmental factors, so to achieve full effectiveness from skin care products it is recommended that skin care products be changed every 6 months. A simple and effective way to do this is to have a cleanser, toner and moisturiser especially for spring / summer months and a cleanser, toner and moisturiser for the autumn / winter months.

To achieve the full benefits of cleansing, toning and moisturising, it is important to invest in products that work for you but its also worth noting that the more expensive the product does not necessarily mean the more effective it will be or even that it’s right for you.

Monthly Facials

Treatment wise I’d recommend brides have a professional facial every month, the facial therapist will be able to recommend suitable aftercare that compliments your professional facials to ensure your skin is perfect for your big day!

If regular professional facials are out of your budget then seek advice from the skin care specialist in beauty stores. (Yes, those people we tend to try to run away from because we don’t want to be sold to!). Many are actually qualified Beauty Therapists and should be able to recommend homecare products suited to you. Always ask for samples to ‘try before you buy’ and seek advice from more then one store.

But do bear in mind that brides or anyone with a big event, should not attempt a deep cleansing decongestant facial the day before, as it will inevitably lead to breakouts! Instead opt for a light skin smoothing, rejuvenating, hydrating facial which will not only ensure a radiant looking skin complexion but also provide the perfect smooth canvas for your make-up application.

If you get a spot (shock horror!) a few days before the big day what should you?

There is no easy answer, and it can depend on the blemish. Remedies such as tea tree oil or toothpaste can help if applied to the blemish as they can dry the blemish out. Whatever happens, brides should never pick a spot on the big day…that’s a disaster waiting to happen! Picking spots is generally not recommended as it can cause scaring. The best way to conceal a blemish is to apply concealer using a small make up brush and blend before applying foundation.

Elizabeth: I’ve got a recommendation for a spot clearing product-Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions-Spot Treatment Gel. I put it on at night and the spot seems to calm down overnight, then by the following day it’s pretty much a distant memory. It works well for me but I can see how it might irritate sensitive skin as it can be a little drying.

How can I get soft, silky smooth skin on my body?

My top tip would be to use a body brush daily as this is really effective to help smooth away dead skin cells, and stimulates the body to eliminate toxins and helps to release any water retention. There are many anti-cellulite treatments to accompany a body brushing ritual, the best ones I’ve tried, liked and have good reviews are Elemis Cellutox Active Body Concentrate and Smoothing Body Refiner by NUDE.

I find body brushing works best if done after a shower, (though your skin must be dry) Body brushing should take no more then 30 seconds to do, use the brush quickly but firmly brushing over the skin, always towards the heart. An application of your chosen Anti-cellulite treatment is then followed to complete the process. In terms of the ‘C’ word, bear in mind, that cellulite builds up over years so it’s not going to disappear overnight! Be very wary of products promising quick results. Daily body brushing can definitely help and as with any beauty regime, the key is to be consistent. Also don’t forget to apply body lotion after your body brushing and anti-cellulite treatments.

Elizabeth: Body lotions I love: Cocoa Butter-cheap but effective and any in the Boots Soap n’ Glory range because they smell amazing!

Thanks for the advice Chantal…body brushes at the ready, girls!

Elizabeth x

Are there any products or treatments for perfect skin that you can’t live without? Do tell us your beauty secrets!

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