Left your holiday gift shopping until the last minute? Stressed about how much it’s cutting into your wedding budget? Well from one bride to another, I’ve put together a little guide of thoughtful gifts to give when you’re saving money for your wedding.

You don’t need to send a fortune to show someone you are grateful for them. Traveling home for the holidays can be the gift enough! But if you need a little extra inspiration, here’s a list of what my friends and family will be getting this year.

1. Locally Made Treats

Does your current city make something spectacular you can’t find anywhere else? Every time I travel back to the West Coast it’s with a suitcase full of New York bagels, Italian soppressata, fancy chocolates and other Italian delights. It’s a thoughtful gift spoiling your friends and family with food items they only get to dream about, and most local treats can be under $10.

2. Handmade Treats

Better yet, if you’re a whiz in the kitchen, why not treat your loved ones with a homemade foodie gift? Jams keep for ages and will remind the giftee of you over every breakfast. I get so excited when my mom sends her pickled jalapenos from my childhood garden, that is a thoughtful, priceless gift that costs her next to nothing.

3. Favorite Childhood Games

Lately, I’ve found an obsession with nostalgic childhood games like Clue, Scrabble, Mancala and more. You can find retro games on Etsy and Amazon for surprisingly cheap. Order your sibling the game you played day after day, and maybe over the holidays let them win?

4. Personalized Used Books

Whenever I walk by our local bookstore I check out the one dollar rack on the curb to see if there are any books that remind me of a friend. Even if ironic, or barely relatable, I love giving interesting reads to people. It says “Hey, I was thinking of you on my walk yesterday”. Wrap up the book in some super pretty paper and you have a low cost, thoughtful present.

5. A Very Nice Handwritten Card

Whenever I need a card to go along with a present and I shop in the neighborhood and read the back “SIX DOLLARS!” (I feel like an old Grandpa, sometimes) I keep looking for maybe a slightly cheaper option. But why not splurge on just a card, and write a touching, meaningful note on the inside? If the card itself is the gift then it’s the right time to spend extra on that special message.

6. Free Square Prints

Guys, I might just blow your minds: did you know that Parabo Press gives away 25 free Square Prints, as often as you like?! They’re super cute and on recycled paper, and you can order photos from your phone album, Instagram, computer and other social profiles. Print those family photos for ma and pa for just the price of shipping, and maybe they’ll cry happy tears.

7. Donate to a Meaningful Charity

My little two-year-old nephew is already saving the world. For holidays and birthdays, I donate in his name to different charities that I know will mean something to his mom (my sister) and hopefully to him someday. A few dollars in each of your loved one’s names to unique causes that you know are important to them can be a powerful gift.

8. A Bottle of Beer or Wine

True life, I used to work at a wine store! Friends and family could count on specially curated bottles from me at every occasion. I always picked out something interesting that either tailored to their personality or was made the year they were born or married. You don’t have to spend tons of cash to buy something nice, ask an expert at your shop and give a hard budget, they’re hired to give you the best possible advice.

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