It's our favourite time of year…for proposals!

The holiday season is just packed with perfect moments to pop the question.

The first snow fall, decorating the tree, and digging into your stocking, every day is filled with excitement and magic, even if you're a grown-up!

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 Propose on a winter walk, Photo by Melissa Green Photography

But with all the build-up, celebrations and anticipation, planning the perfect Christmas proposal can be tricky.

Wily fiances-to-be are often on the look-out for a surprise proposal over the festive season, and with so many proposals happening over the holidays, you want to make sure you have a sweet story to share.

So to help you plot an utterly romantic, memorable, and personal Christmas proposal, we've come up with 12 ideas for making it even more special…

1. Surprise Delivery

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Photo by Valorie Darling Photography via Bridal Musings

We're pinching this idea from our readers' proposal stories earlier this year.

Kacie's boyfriend said he was unable to join her and her family over the holidays, and dropped her to the airport without even giving her a Christmas gift. (We're not advising going quite so far with the rouse!)

Nevertheless, Kacie got on with enjoying the holidays.

On Christmas morning, as she was opening her presents, she found a little box right down the bottom of her stocking, and out popped her boyfriend! You can watch the full video about two-thirds of the way down this post – it's adorable.

And a totally steal-worthy Christmas proposal!

2. In The Snow

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Photo by Clarence Chan Photography, via Bridal Musings

We love the idea of a proposal in the show, whether you're just out for a stroll, building a snowman (pop the ring on the stick hand!) or by leaving a proposal message in the snow outside your beloved's window.

An extra special version of this Christmas proposal was done by a friend of mine who's a helicopter pilot.

He treated his girlfriend to a helicopter ride over her hometown for Christmas, and has they flew over her house, her family were in the garden, with a massive “Will You Marry Me” written in the snow.

Now, we don't all have a helicopter at our disposal, but pretty romantic, right? Candles or rose petals on the snow work just as well.

3. A Night in The City

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 Photo by Debra Eby Photography via Style Me Pretty

There a few things more exciting than a night out in the city before Christmas. The lights, the buzz, the crisp weather, and lots of people rushing about and celebrating the season.

Book a nice restaurant, perhaps take in a show, and maybe even book a room in a swanky hotel. Tell your other half to get dressed up for a night on the town.

Then, at the perfect moment, whether it's outside a beautiful festive window, under a Christmas tree, or as carollers start to sing, pop the question.

The perfect proposal for a glamorous, cosmopolitan bride and groom.

4. Winter Picnic

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Photo via Ikea

We just love the idea of a picnic proposal, it's thoughtful and shows a little preparation while at the same time, being really intimate and low-key.

But you don't have to wait for summertime to plan a picnic.

You could plan an indoor feast by the fire, with lots of candles and pillows on the floor, or, you could brave the elements with plenty of blankets, hot drinks, and maybe even a fire pit.

Either way, a winter picnic makes a very special story to tell forever.

5. On The Tree

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 Photo by Q Avenue Photo via Ruffled

This is a classic Christmas proposal that, just like our favourite festive movies, never gets old!

A guy I know, had a special decoration with the words “Will You Marry Me” painted on it for the occasion, and there are lots of proposal baubles available on Etsy (some even fit the ring inside!) that would work beautifully. Best of all, you'll have as a keepsake for ever after.

Or of course you could opt for the most sparkly decoration of all, and hang the ring itself on the tree instead.

Effortless, but so effective!

6. Big Box Little Box

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Photo by Marisa Holmes via Style Me Pretty

If talk of marriage is on the cards, a lot of ladies are on the lookout for tell-tale signs of a holiday season proposal.

Throw them off the scent on Christmas morning, by presenting them with a really big box. You could cushion the ring box safely inside (we've put together a list of our favorite ring boxes & cushions) or for even more of a tease, you could adopt the Russian doll tactic, and build up the excitement as each parcel gets smaller.

We all know the best gifts come in small packages!

7. Into The Woods

Ideas for Christmas Wedding Proposals | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 19

 Photo by Michael James Photography via How He Asked

A winter walk in the woods is such a sweet opportunity for a special proposal.

You could go for something pre-planned with solar lights or faux candles in a clearing (please don't light candles in the woods!), a picnic or a big banner. Or perhaps something impromptu in a pretty spot is more your style?

Don't live near the woodlands? A tree farm or tree lot proposal is a super romantic, utterly adorable alternative!

8. Drink Up

Ideas for Christmas Wedding Proposals | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 4

Cup Photo by Preston Bailey

Hot drinks are a big part of festive nesting. Mulled wine, hot chocolate, chai latte, pumpkin spice, we love the lot!

Why not incorporate your other half's favourite winter beverage in a Christmas proposal?

From writing a note on their Starbucks cup, leaving a message at the bottom of their drink, using this adorable proposal mug, or asking them in chocolate dusting with one of these personalised stencils, there are so many sweet, novel and cosy ways to pop the question with a cup this Christmas.

9. On The Ice

Ideas for Christmas Wedding Proposals | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 13

Question poppers take note: there are few places more romantic to pop the question, than in the centre of a Christmassy ice rink. (Unless of course you're like me, and a total wuss about the blade/ice combo!)

With the string lights and the festive soundtrack, many ice-skating rinks are a fairytale backdrop!

Some rinks offer date night skates especially for couples, you could speak to your local one about playing a special song as you pop the question or perhaps even arrange a private session on the ice!

10. Sweet Love

Ideas for Christmas Wedding Proposals | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 12

Photo by Donna Hay

‘Tis the season for stuffing your face. Mince pies, gingerbread, s'mores and selection boxes, seriously, we can't get enough.

If your other half has a sweet tooth, why not add a festive treat into your proposal?

Decorate a cookie with a diamond ring, dress your gingerbread man as a bride, or simply stick the sparkler in a s'more.

Just make sure your other half gets the message, before they take a bite!

11. Carollers At The Door

Ideas for Christmas Wedding Proposals | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 2

Still via Love Actually

This is perhaps one of our favourite ideas for a Christmas proposal, and there's a couple of ways to do it.

You could rope in some local carollers (whether they're a choir of your pals or a real group of singers) to arrive at the door and serenade your partner, before you pop out to pop the question – Glee style!

Or, you could take a scene from one of our favourite Christmas movies (Love Actually, obvs!), and arrive at the door playing a sweet festive tune on a radio or smart phone, and without saying a word, tell your partner how much they mean to you, and ask them to marry you with paper signs.

We're turning to mush at the thought of it!

12. Name in Lights

Ideas for Christmas Wedding Proposals | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 7

Photo by Jarndell

Our last one is so festive, so romantic, and 100% guaranteed to get you a yes!

Lights are an integral part of creating a festive atmosphere, so including some in a Christmas proposal is a must.

We've seen guys who've written Marry Me across a building in fairy lights, we've seen it written in candles on the snow, and we've seen it in light-up letters like this one above. If you have a thing for neon (like we do!) here's a seriously cool light to get the message across.

Whether you fill a bandstand with fairy lights (like this amazing festive video) or simply add a few candles to the mix, create the perfect feel to your big moment with lots of lights this Christmas.

Ideas for Christmas Wedding Proposals | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 8

Photo by Chris Emeott Photography

Aren't they such sweet ideas? I don't think anyone could say no to a single one of them!

Were you proposed to at Christmas? We'd love to hear the story in the comments below!

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