• Ruby Red Glitter Shoes BUY or DIY?

    There’s just something about those ruby red slippers that Dorothy wears in The Wizard of Oz, isn’t there?!

    In case you didn’t know, I’m a BIG fan of brides in red shoes…evidence here and here but a bride in sparkly red shoes blows my mind!

    Keira Knightly shows us just how lovely a pretty white dress and red shoes can look in this Wizard of Oz shoot by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue back in 2005. I have just discovered it and it’s gorgeous I tell you…GORGEOUS! {FYI I’m a big fan of Annie Leibovitz’ Disney portraits too!}

    {Images by Annie Leibovitz via Teresala Marquesa}

    So inspired by Dorothy and Keira, I thought today’s BUY or DIY? could be glittery, ruby red slippers, for all you daring brides who want to inject a bit of sparkle into your bridal footwear!


    Milk and Honey is an amazing online store where you can design and create your own bespoke shoes. You choose the style, material, colour, pattern and heel height and in a matter of weeks you will have your dream shoes delivered straight to your door!

    There are some styles already created to inspire you, such as these perfectly named ‘there’s no place like home’ shoes:

    They cost $265 and the great news is they ship worldwide! Ok so there is a teeny tiny element of DIY…but essentially, it’s a ‘BUY’.


    For all you crafty brides, this is one of the easiest craft projects going. With very few materials needed I found a tutorial on Lady Melbourne blog that simply uses a pair of cheap shoes, some fabric glue and glitter. That’s it!

    Which is fine if they are ‘once in a lifetime’ bridal shoes because you’ll probably leave a magical trail of glitter behind you wherever you walk!

    But if you want to wear your gorgeous shoes more than once, I’d suggest following this in-depth tutorial on Living With Bob, which includes a few added steps such as sanding excess glitter and applying a coat of varnish to keep the glitter well and truly on.

    {Image via Living With Bob }

    How special would you feel in those shoes?!

    So…the big question is would you BUY or DIY?

  • Diana Rush

    Yep… I have a special place in my heart for red shoes too!  I quite literally cannot resist buying them (I currently have, oh, just 6 pairs)!

    • Anonymous

      Wow! 6 pairs, that must be a record! I just bought red, patent may jane heels and I’m in love! :)

  • Diana Rush

    I have a special place in my heart for red shoes too! I literally cannot stop myself from buying them… I currently have, um… 6 pairs!

  • I almost DIY’d my wedding shoes a pink glitter color but 2 weeks ago I found a pair of light pink/blush patent leather shoes for my tea-length wedding dress. I’m so in love! But now I want to try glittering a pair of shoes to see if I love the glittered ones better. :)

    • Anonymous

      lol! Congrats on finding your dream shoes ~ they sound gorgeous! You need statement shoes with a short dress don’t you?! You could always try out the glitter DIY on a super cheap pair…or you may always wonder ‘what if’ ;) 

  • I am obsessed with anything that sparkles and glitters!  I may just have to have a go at the DIY ones 

  • Lynngeorgian

    I have red glitter flats from milk & honey and i LOVE them!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Lynngeorgian, that’s so good to know! 

  • I wore red shoes and I LOVE seeing them on Brides! I think I will need to try my hand at sparkly shoes! And Keira looks absolutely stunning in that shoot!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for all your comments, I was thinking this post was a bit random & ‘out there’ but thankfully you ladies appreciate red, glittery shoes too! ;) 

  • Oooh wow – DIY for me! Sounds like a fun way to spend a few hours :) x

  • My sister has been DIYing shoes (and other items like bicycles!) like this for about 20 years…she’s become a master at choosing the right adhesives, glitter and applying them. Even with this skill right in my own family I recently bought some gorgeous heels sprinkled with a fine champagne glitter. They are STUNNING and I get so many compliments when I wear them. Even though I knew my sis could make ones just as lovely, sometimes it’s nice to buy things ready to wear. 

    • Helenmeg

      Where did you buy your shoes please? I’m desperate for some with a fine champagne glitter!

      • Bridget

        I found them at ALDO :)

    • 77lisamarie

      Do you have any suggestions for covering the heels with glitter? The glue does not state that it will stick to that surface. Thank you. I am going with the red sparkles!

  • Total DIY! Love this!

  • Neda Lahrodi-Blake

    Very lush and great idea for makeover for shoes needing jazzing up. Looking forward more of the great ideas. Neda x

  • TheBrideFairyWeddingBlog

    I did DIY glitter heels a little while ago! much easier than you think go for it! :)


  • 77lisamarie

    I have a wedding  coming up in Oct and I am going to be a DIY girl!!!!

  • 77lisamarie

    I have a wedding  coming up in Oct and I am going to be a DIY girl!!!!

  • Tinahandmade

    Im going to have to try and make these for my wedding shoes

  • Tenaj Harris

    I love this!! I just glittered my wedding shoes!!! Thank you so much!

    • Anonymous

      Yay!! You’re so welcome ~ I’d love to see your wedding photos! :) Best of luck with the rest of your planning & DIY projects x

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