Just when you think you've crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's on the never-ending wedding plans you realize “Oh my goodness, I don't have any underwear for my dress!”

I was having a chat with my best gal pal Christina – who as you may know is getting married in just one month – and gloriously, she's nearing the end of her wedding planning business. The food's taken care off, RSVPs are in, alterations are done – but just one thing, currently she's wearing a dress & dress alone.

I, too, waited until the last minute to realize I'd rather not ‘go commando' under my wedding dress. Wearing a bias-cut crepe silk wedding dress, I was basically bearing all to the world. I needed a pair of panties that was completely invisible under my gown.

In a last-minute frenzy, I ordered a variety of pairs from ultra-cheap packs from ASOS to luxe pairs from Bloomingdales. The winner? Hilariously and fittingly, a brand called Commando! You can buy them here – they have just about every shape and coverage (I went for the thong) in three different colors, there's a perfect pair for whatever dress you're wearing.

I loved them so much, I had my hubbie buy me more pairs for Christmas (after all, my wardrobe is basically just silk slips at this point). Since I instantly recommended them to my bestie bride, I figured I'd just have to recommend them to all of you!

I've made a little shop of all the different shapes & colors below. Once you've got your perfect pair (or two) why not shop for a gorgeous robe for all the beautiful getting ready photos you're about to take?

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