Looking to add a little ‘extra’ to your bridal wardrobe? Planning to make a royal statement as you walk down the aisle? Whether you’re a classic princess or mystic boho bride – we have the bridal tiara picked out just for you.

I have in the past declared my obsession with bridal hair accessories – bridal vines, crystal-encrusted combs, flower crowns & starry pins. But there’s nothing I love more (as seen in my own wedding-day look) than a glimmering bridal tiara.

You don’t have to be a traditional bride to admire the royal statement that a bridal crown can make. From raffia embroidered pieces that would wow on the beaches of Mexico, to dainty tiaras that add that subtle glimmer to an already sparkling gown & dried flower crowns for the bohemian babe – we swear, there’s a bridal tiara for everyone.

And for those that bow to the classic, regal pieces of our beloved royals & aristocracy, we’ve even featured a few statement gems that will absolutely wow. You’ll find an incredible crown inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s own pieces and an art-deco tiara fit for Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary (swoon!) No doubt, there will be a few tiaras in your shopping cart by the end of this post.

1. The Royal Bridal Crown

Eden Luxe Bridal Queen Elizabeth Bridal Crown

2. The Greek Bridal Tiara

Anna Marguerite Laurel Leaf Bridal Tiara

3. The Chic Bridal Tiara

Tania Maras Lauder Bridal Tiara

4. The Minimalist Bridal Tiara

Luna Bea Luna Halo

5. The Dried Flower Crown

Rosehip & Wren Dried Flower Crown

6. The Edgy Bridal Crown

Kryle Kryle Crystal Bridal Crown

7. The Art-Deco Bridal Tiara

Eden Luxe Bridal Lady Mary Bridal Tiara

8. The Mystic Bridal Tiara

Emma Katzka Isolde Bridal Tiara

9. The Dainty Bridal Tiara

Tania Maras Henri Bridal Tiara

10. The Bohemian Bridal Crown

Verbena Madrid Raffia Bridal Crown

11. The Statement Bridal Tiara

Twigs & Honey Ginerva Bridal Tiara

12. The Subtle Bridal Tiara

All About Romance Couronne de Fleur

13. The Antique Bridal Tiara

Treasures 570 Antique Gold Bridal Tiara

14. The Traditional Bridal Tiara

USA Bride Vintage Bridal Tiara

15. The Heirloom Bridal Tiara

Tania Maras Rosebury Bridal Tiara

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Feature Image: Eden Luxe Bridal