Planning a wedding is an exercise in organization, logistics and budget management. It's also an excuse to invest in some gorgeous stationery!

Photo by The White Box

Whether you're newly engaged and getting started with wedding planning, or you've made a new year's resolution to be more organized with your life, today, we have just the thing for you.

A round-up of wedding planners, planning journals, organizers and notebooks, made just for brides and grooms (& incredible maids-of-honor, too!)

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive planning guide or somewhere to keep your free wedding budget spreadsheet, a personalized engagement gift or simply a pretty blank notepad to jot down your ideas and to-do lists, we've put together some stylish stationery to get you on your way.

Pens at the ready…

1. The Little White Book

The Little White Book Organiser & Journal by Little White Books on Etsy

2. ‘love is in the air' Kate Spade Wedding Planner

Kate Spade New York Bridal Planner via Dillards

3. Wedding Planner Book & Gift Box

Modern Wedding Planning Book & Box by The Caledonia Design Store on Amazon

4. Luxury Wedding Planner

Rose Gold Foil Wedding Planner by Blush and Gold Invites via Etsy

5. Personalized ‘Future Mrs.' Wedding Planner

Future Mrs. Wedding Planner Book by Starboard Press via Etsy

6. Bridal Appointment Calendar

Engaged Bridal Appointment Calendar by Kate Spade New York via Neiman Marcus

7. Bespoke Wedding Planner

Custom Wedding Planner by Notable Planners on Etsy

8. Miss to Mrs Bridal Planner

Miss to Mrs Bridal Planner by Kate Spade New York

9. Maid of Honor Wedding Planning Binder

Maid of Honor Wedding Planner by Wicked Bride via Etsy

10. Faux Leather Wedding Organizer

Future Mrs. Wedding Planner and Organizer by The Future Mrs. Company via Etsy

Once you've got your perfect planner in hand, take a look at our Planning section for all the guidance you need to fill in the blanks.