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The Best Places To Buy Wedding Veils & Bridal Accessories Online

Where to Buy Bridal Veils and Accessories – Veiled Beauty – Little Something Blush Veil 2

So you did it! You found the dress – the one that makes you swoon. You dream about it. It’s perfect. But…now what?

After the long, arduous process of wedding dress hunting, searching for accessories to complete your bridal look can seem daunting.

Bridal veils, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headpieces, tiaras (you know we love bridal crowns), belts for your gown, robes for dressing & all those dainty underpinnings – it’s a wild, glittery world that even the most dedicated fashionista could get lost in.

If you’ve found yourself stuck at just where to begin, let us take the pressure off. We’ve rounded up our favorite websites to shop veils, headpieces, and earrings, you name it! Ranging from the bold to the delicate, the glam to the demure, you’re bound to find something that fits your unique bridal style & budget.

Untamed Petals

Price Range: $10 – $1,350

With a pulse on what’s hot in bridal fashion, Untamed Petals gives brides exactly what they want, right now.

Flirty, fun, fashionable & fairly priced, the collection is filled with everything a bride could ever want to make her look complete. Shop the glimmering collection of tiaras & hair vines, earrings & necklaces, bracelets & belts, veils & overskirts, robes & capes and even custom embellished denim jackets!

They even host a (seemingly) never-ending sample sale of pieces gently worn in photoshoots & whatnot so you can score a major deal on a veil or accessory. That’s how our Editor Claire found her beloved bridal tiara, which she cherishes to this day!

Extra fabulous news, receive 10% off your order by using our special promo code: BRIDALMUSINGS.

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Untamed Petals Rain Tiara – 20 Unique and Beautiful Bridal Tiaras and Crowns – Bridal Musings


Price Range: $150 – $1,090

Where are my Carrie Bradshaws at? Net-a-Porter is the one-stop shop for designer bridal accessories that capture your vivacious nature.

They offer hairpins and veils too, of course, but if you’re looking to give your bridal look an haute-couture feel, check out their gloves, bridal belts, and dramatic headpieces to add some fun textured pieces to your look.

As we scroll their site, we can’t help but wonder: it’s impossible to over-accessorize…right?

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Best Websites to Buy Veils and Bridal Accessories Online- Net a Porter- GIGI BURRIS Adrianne feather headband


Price Range: $30 – $800

BHLDN is perfect for the bride looking for a classic look with a twist! Maybe veils aren’t quite your style? Try a cape (or capelet) instead! It’ll elevate you to that bridal place and we promise you’ll feel nothing short of regal.

Carrying a wide variety of sashes, veils, hairpieces, and jewelry from a variety of designers, you’ll have endless possibilities in crafting your entire bridal look from head to toe.

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Where to Buy Bridal Veils and Accessories – BHLDN – bridal cape


Price Range: $100 – $900

Nordstrom is the place for our Grace Kellys and Audrey Hepburns – the epitome of elegance and poise. Offering sophisticated pieces from a variety of designers, you’ll find accessories that are absolutely timeless. From diamond teardrop earrings to pearl-trimmed veils, you’ll be sure to be the star of the show.

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Best Websites to Buy Veils and Bridal Accessories Online- Nordstrom – Toni Federici Picasso fingertip length veil

Sibo Designs

Price Range: $60 – $800

Sibo Designs is perfect for the bride looking to add an ethereal element to their look. Dreamy lace mantilla veils are this designer’s signature style, and we can’t stop drooling over the romance that emanates from the soft, natural lace of these beauties.

Or, if birdcage veils or silk flower clips are more your style, this is a designer that offers a wide variety of shapes and patterns – each one more dreamy than the last.

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Best Websites to Buy Veils and Bridal Accessories Online- Sibo Designs- Modern Couture Ivory Lace Mantilla Wedding Veil

Emma Katzka

Price Range: $50 – $600

Good vibes only! Emma Katzka crafts funky statement pieces for the boho bride who’s looking for a bit of a vintage feel. Many of her styles use malleable wire bases, allowing some of her more ornate pieces to be easily styled and secured for a night of dancing!

If you’re looking for a never-before-seen quartz-crystal piece that will have your guests talking about it for years to come, this is the designer for you!

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10 Beautiful Bridal Tiaras for Your Wedding – Emma Katzka Isolde Quartz Crystal Bridal Tiara

Twigs & Honey

Price Range: $40 – $1,050

If you love the look of florals in your hair, but don’t want to commit to a flower crown, Twigs & Honey offers hand-crafted clay floral headpieces that will make your guests do a double-take.

Their natural and organic designs are light-weight, but heavy in detail, perfect for spring and summer garden or water-side weddings where the heat and wind may be harsh on real flowers.

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Unique Veils
Photo by Elizabeth Messina, Custom veil by Twigs & Honey

Eden Luxe Bridal

Price Range: $34 – $3,000+

If Lady Mary Crawley is your bridal icon then consider Eden Luxe your lady’s maid. Quite possibly the vastest selection of regal bridal crowns, tiaras and opulent hair accessories – their ornate style is meant to make you feel like royalty.

You’ll find replicas of tiaras worn by the likes of Queen Elizabeth & original pieces that range from British Royal to Grecian Goddess. And for the ultimate bridal tiara splurge, there’s the Persephone – a truly royal piece featuring Swarovski crystals & enviable drama.

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10 Beautiful Bridal Tiaras for Your Wedding – Eden Luxe Bridal Lady Mary Bridal Tiara

Hushed Commotion

Price Range: $35 – $575

If you’re an art deco, vintage minded bride, Hushed Commotion is about to steal your flapper girl heart. Designing all sorts of accessories from headbands, bridal belts, jewelry, clutches and more, the Brooklyn atelier’s collection is a perfect marriage of jazz age and modern trends.

We’re particularly smitten with her statement belts – like this white leather floral piece – a unique accessory to dress up any bride vibing on the modern, minimalist dress trend.

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Where to Buy Bridal Veils and Accessories – Hushed Commotion – Ombre Blush Beaded Wedding Headband

Veiled Beauty

Price Range: $45 – $710

Soft, elegant & feminine – Veiled Beauty is an excellent choice for the classic bride looking for a little ‘something pretty’. Find dainty velvet garters, bejeweled hair combs & soft tulle veils with little lace appliques that all add a little subtle intrigue to a likely already stunning bridal look.

Unsurprisingly, Veiled Beauty’s veils are what truly stand out. As with all of their accessories, each bridal veil features a little something different to make it unique. Sweet polka dots give this classic Chantilly Lace Veil a delightful, retro vibe and the pink hue of this Tulle Veil (in any size you like!) is a whimsical, modern statement.

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Where to Buy Bridal Veils and Accessories – Veiled Beauty – Chantilly Lace Polka Dot Veil

Gibson Bespoke

Price Range: $65 – $1,720

Lavish & luxurious, if you want your accessories to be on par with your designer wedding gown, Gibson Bespoke is your fairy godmother of bridal styling.

Based in Ireland, Gibson Bespoke and has been creating beautiful accessories, veils and capes for brides around the world for over 10 years. A favorite of brides around the world, the master of crystal embroidery has gained esteem from the likes of Harper Bazaar & Elle magazine, too.

A full-service bridal accessory shop, find everything from veils, tiaras, jewelry, capes and even gowns. Every piece is the epitome of luxury, featuring exquisite craftsmanship and the highest quality of crystals and materials.

Best of all, if – like me – you have expensive taste but lack a budget to match, you can shop their sample sale for discounted prices on pieces used in studio and in photoshoots.

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Gibson Bespoke Porcelain Bridal Necklace – The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Veils and Bridal Accessories – Bridal Musings 3

Tania Maras

Price Range: $85 – $1,280

Delicate elegance, Tania Maras crafts stunning tiaras & veils for the bride looking for understated glamour.

Each piece is masterfully & intricately designed. In full-length photos, your Tania Maras accessory will glimmer in the light, not taking an ounce of attention away from your gown & radiant beauty. Up close, you and guests will marvel over the beautiful details.

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The Opulent Secret Garden Collection from Tania Maras Bridal 18

Blair Nadeau Bridal

Price Range: $12 – $596

Blair Nadeau has us looking to the heavens with her starry, celestial-inspired bridal accessories.

With mystical vibes, the Canadian atelier’s pieces have been featured on a number of stylish TV characters from Charmed, Reign and Riverdale (that should help you imagine her dreamy, whimsical style!) We’re wild for her nostalgic Juliet cap veils & unique shoulder jewelry, for the bride looking to make a glamorous statement.

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Blair Nadeau Bridal Celestial Tiara – The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Veils and Bridal Accessories – Bridal Musings


Price Range: $10- $50

Planning on having a more intimate ceremony? Or courthouse chic feeling more like you? ASOS accessories are for the brides who are looking for modern, bridal flair without donning a veil.

We’re particularly loving these diamante bow clips! They’re understated sparkle and can carry you from day to night. Plus, they’ll easily adaptable to your everyday wardrobe, so you can carry a piece of your big day even after it ends!

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Where to Buy Bridal Veils and Accessories – ASOS – pearl hairclips 1

LOHO Bride

Price Range: $50 – $925

For the bride ‘in a league of her own’ LOHO Bride’s jewelry & accessories shop provides fashion-forward brides worldwide the same careful curation they offer in their made-to-order wedding dresses.

LOHO brides exhibit confidence that can carry them not only down the aisle but just as well down the runway. Just like their gowns, their collection of designer jewelry, veils, hats & headpieces all make a bold fashion statement. Iconic hats with birdcage veils, avant-garde hairpins that belong in an art gallery. The only difficulty you’ll have shopping at LOHO Bride is determining how many looks you can fit into one wedding day.

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LOHO Bride – The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Veils and Bridal Accessories – Bridal Musings

A.B. Ellie

Price Range: $79 – $879

When shopping for my own accessories, I was feverishly searching for pieces in shades of white or ivory. With most designs on the market at that time in shiny bold metals, it was tough for a cool, minimalist bride to find the perfect piece. Had I known A.B.Ellie at the time, my vanity would likely be filled with her bespoke bridal accessories.

Romantic, natural & understated, A.B.Ellie’s collection of mostly white & ivory jewelry, headpieces, belts & veils won’t clash with your gown. Elevating your look to cool-bride, fashion-girl status, each piece is artfully designed and meant to accentuate your bridal look, not take attention from it. The beaded earrings are iconic. The pearl hair ties, a trend-setting moment.

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A.B.Ellie Stevie Earring – The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Veils and Bridal Accessories – Bridal Musings 3

Ann Marie Faulkner

Price Range: $55 – $1,040

“We specialise in headpieces and veils for the modern bride, the unconventional bride, the tom boys, the romantics, the girls who know their style.”

Oh, Ann, you have our whole entire heart! A bridal designer who walks the walk, her collection is fun & fabulous. Never boring, yet never too loud, her veils & accessories are for the bride unafraid. Her veils are graphic & embellished (we will love this daisy veil until the day we die). Her headbands are wild & rebellious.

If accessorizing to you means “let’s have fun” then get in loser, we’re going shopping.

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Anne Marie Faulkner – The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Veils and Bridal Accessories – Bridal Musings

Erin Rhyne

Price Range: $275 – $1,700

Poetic. The first word that comes to mind when we envision Erin Rhyne’s glorious collection of bridal crowns, combs & vines. A masterclass in intricate bridal design, every little fleur in every stunning tiara has its perfect starring placement.

Natural, whimsical, nostalgic & purely beautiful, we imagine these hair accessories for any bride seeking romance.

We have to mention that we love her use of curly-haired models. Girls with curls don’t often see their natural selves in bridal imagery and Erin Rhyne’s collection comes just in time for this au natural movement. Showing off how beautiful her tiaras & accessories look with curly hair, it’s essential inspiration for this modern moment.

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Photo by This Modern Romance – Accessories by Erin Rhyne. 2

Claire Pettibone

Price Range: $28 – $3,500

Just as enchanting as her gowns, Claire Pettibone’s collection of veils & accessories are out of this world beautiful.

Known for whimsical designs, floral embellishment & never afraid of color, Claire Pettibone seamlessly sews her iconic style into her accessories, too. Find veils with 3D florals & butterfly motifs, nostalgic lace gloves with luscious ribbons and boleros & capes that will woo any bride, whether you’re already dressed in a Claire Pettibone gown or not. Need a mask that’s fancy enough for your wedding day? Claire has you there, too.

And while this isn’t our bridal shoe guide (you can find our favorite places for shoe shopping here!) we have to mention Claire Pettibone has been tapped by our favorite shoe designer, Bella Belle Shoes, for their own collaborative collection.

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Claire Pettibone – The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Veils and Bridal Accessories – Bridal Musings 3

Atelier Lilac

Price Range: $10 – $115

Atelier Lilac is perfect for our more minimalist brides. Hand-made in France, their petite hairpieces pack a lot of romance into simple designs. Ranging from clean lines to more intricate, art-deco patterns, these accessories pack a lot of punch without feeling overwhelming.

Plus, it’ll be exciting to reply to the compliments you’ll get with, “Oh yes, I got them from a French Atelier.”

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Best Websites to Buy Veils and Bridal Accessories Online- Atelier Lilac- Tiara half Crown hair comb

Jannie Baltzer

Price Range: $120 – $620

Gold jewels with organic curves. Ivory headbands with statement ruffles. Dotted veils that stand out. Jannie Baltzer designs bridal accessories that are completely unique.

Elegant & elevated, each piece exhibits one particular design detail making it a stand-out style for minimalist brides. Less is more with Jannie Baltzer, which seems proper for the Copenhagen-based bridal atelier. If you like Scandi design (don’t we all?!) and high-fashion sensibility, there’s no doubt a piece in her collection for you.

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Jannie Baltzer – The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Veils and Bridal Accessories – Bridal Musings

Maria Elena Headpieces

Price Range: $340 – $1,448

There’s a reason why luxury bridal designers like BERTA send their models down the runway in Maria Elena Headpieces: they’re fire.

Trendsetting, luxurious, sparkling & over-the-top, Maria Elena’s stunning collection of bridal tiaras, jewelry & accessories set the tone of what luxury accessories can and should be. If you want to look better than royalty, then your royal highness, here’s your closet full of crowns.

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Maria Elena Headpieces – The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Veils and Bridal Accessories – Bridal Musings

Liv Hart

Price Range: $250 – $1,245

Effortless romance. We fall in love with anything Liv Hart touches. Whether it be an understated birdcage veil, sparkling headband, or shimmering hair vine, we can’t get enough of her impeccable taste.

If you want an even better example of Liv’s incredible style, her own wedding set in a French chateau just so happens to be a Bridal Musings favorite.

Another Bella Belle Shoes collaboration alum, the accessories designer shows her exquisite & romantic style throughout her entire collection. If you’re a Liv Hart bride, you can literally be one from head to toe!

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Liv Hart Headband – The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Veils and Bridal Accessories – Bridal Musings 3

Girl & A Serious Dream

Price Range: $54 – $1,600

Lace lovers beware, Girl & A Serious Dream has the potential to break your heart. Why? Shopping through their Etsy shop a hopeless romantic is liable to fall in love with five or six veils & robes too many – how does a bride just choose one?!

Luckily, a bride entranced by Girl & A Serious Dream’s style can fill her entire wedding day wardrobe with luxurious lace that all seamlessly fit together. Shop dainty panties, garters, robes, capelets & veils all to match and even gift a few pieces to your best ladies, too!

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Rosehip & Wren

Price Range: $15 – $130

Delicate, Feminine, and Wild are words that come to mind when we think of Rosehip & Wren’s one-of-a-kind creations. Ideal for outdoor ceremonies, elopements, and for brides who love floral headpieces, but want to keep an heirloom that won’t wilt!

This designer is always open to collaboration with brides, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing exactly what you’re looking for – reach out to have your vision become a reality!

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Best Websites to Buy Veils and Bridal Accessories Online- Rosehip and Wren – Summer Fields Crown

Crown & Glory

Price Range: $4 – $520

Disco Dreams, Palm Springs Glitter, Space Odyssey & Starry Night are just some of the apt names Crown & Glory has so cleverly given their wild & funky bridal veils.

Imagine rainbow tulle, bright embellishments and plenty of sparkles, the UK designers bring a serious party vibe for any rock and roll bride.

We love the statement piece potential of so many of the wild designs but even the most demure brides can find a little understated edge with help from sparkling hairpins and petit blusher veils. They even supply materials to create your own custom glitter slogan veil!

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Where to Buy Bridal Veils and Accessories – Hushed Commotion – Crown and Glory Space Odyssey Veil

Which Goose

Price Range: $12 – $148

Boho babes, prairie girls & barn wedding brides all should congregate for a dress-up party at Which Goose’s sweet & natural Etsy accessories shop.

In what feels like an online countryside farmer’s market stand, Which Goose crafts and sells the sweetest, organic-looking floral combs, crowns, boutonnieres and bouquets. Using dried florals, eucalyptus, artificial succulents, and romantic gold metals, their pieces have a natural, heirloom quality.

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Where to Buy Bridal Veils and Accessories – Whichgoose babys breath flower crown

We bet you need some shoes, too? Here are our favorite places to shop for bridal heels, boots, flats & sandals!

This post was originally written by Allison Dunn, later edited & updated by our Editor, Claire Eliza.

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