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20 Best Places To Buy Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands Online

So you’re going to propose & you can’t ask for help because friends & family will blow the surprise? Bridal Musings is here to the rescue!

We’ve long been a fly to the light when it comes to sparkling jewelry. We cover plenty of topics from breaking down the shapes and sizes to sharing alternative gemstones & even helping you take care of that precious sparkler after the big ask. But it’s about time we cover the biggest task of all: where to buy the perfect engagement ring (& wedding ring, too!)

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of favorite online retailers to find the perfect engagement ring for any bride or groom. In our guide below, you’ll find varying price ranges, metals, diamonds & gemstones. And even if you still can’t find ‘the one’ we’ve included designers happy to create the custom piece of your dreams.

It’s true that Etsy has stolen our hearts as our favorite place to shop for engagement & wedding rings. But given the massive selection on the site, we’ve gone a step further and listed some of our favorite designers in the 20 shops below.


It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of shopping for sparkling jewels on Etsy. From custom-designed engagement rings to vintage, heirloom wedding sets, you can find just about anything your heart desires on Etsy.

The vintage & handmade shopping mecca boasts more than 600k engagement rings – so plug in any sort of shape, size, metal, gemstone or diamond and you’re bound to find the perfect ring. And even if you don’t, so many of Etsy’s talented designers will happily craft the custom engagement or wedding ring of your dreams.

Don’t have time to scroll through Etsy? Further down this list, we share our five favorite engagement & wedding ring shops on the site.

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10 Best Places To Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings – Etsy Melissa Tyson Designs Seline Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring
Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs available on Etsy


Price Range: $210 – $13,980

The epitome of Brooklyn-cool, Catbird sources unique designs from independent designers worldwide while also crafting their own line of stunning jewelry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Ever-stylish and in a cool price range, the New York City jeweler keeps the site fresh with new designs from cult indie designers like Satomi Kawakita, Sofia Zakia (my own wedding ring designer!), Jennie Kwon and more. The brand teeters the line of classic & cool featuring both dainty sparklers and edgy alternative pieces, using all sorts of gemstones & precious metals.

You’ll even find rainbow sapphires, raw stones & uniquely etched gold.

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10 Best Places to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings Online – Catbird Alternative Engagement Rings

Ylang 23

Price Range: $60 – $24,000

‘Ylang 23 is Designer Jewelry’ the brand says, and we wholly agree. Those looking to make a major statement with their engagement & wedding ring set – whether that be with a dazzling, oversized diamond or bold alternative design – the online retailer wows.

Of the designers featured on the site, you’ll find darling of the fine art wedding world, Anna Sheffield. Selling both her curved diamond wedding bands and unique grey diamond engagement rings, one can’t help but be entranced.

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10 Best Places to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings Online – Ylang 23 Designer Engagement Rings


Price Range: $40 – $8,000

Pave diamond wedding bands, princess cut diamond engagement rings – Nordstrom’s selection of fine wedding jewelry tailors for the classic, glamorous bride.

With plenty of rings under $2,000 and matching wedding sets aplenty, shopping for wedding jewelry on Nordstrom’s website is about as easy as it gets. The selection of sparklers is concise & well-curated, offering contemporary designs fitting of trendsetters & subtle art deco pieces for the vintage-minded.

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10 Best Places to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings Online – Nordstrom

Price Range: $20 – $22,000

Those who already shop at will likely squeal with glee when finding out their very own engagement ring & wedding band can be ordered from this treasure trove of a site.

Why? boasts & delivers ‘the best deals online’. If you’re thinking, “Why would I want a discount engagement ring?” I beg you to consider this fact: more bang for your buck. Start shopping on and you’ll quickly realize that your starting budget might grant you more carats than you’ve found elsewhere.

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10 Best Places to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings Online –

Melissa Tyson Designs

Price Range: $150 – $10,500

Long been on our radar for her radiant, rutilated quartz designs, Melissa Tyson Designs’ engagement rings will likely bring a sunshiney joy into your wardrobe.

Ethically handcrafted hammered engagement & wedding rings, Melissa’s Etsy shop is the place to go if you love a more natural, organic look. Shop deeper looks like grey or salt and pepper diamonds or keep it bright & cheery with sunny yellow rutilated quartz, raw pink morganite and sparkling moissanite. She’s even coined a few of our favorite rare diamond cuts – we give you the ‘Moroccan Marquise’.

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10 Best Places to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings Online – Etsy Melissa Tyson Designs


Price Range: $240 – $7,000+

The Gemvara website is akin to an encyclopedia of engagement rings in the best way possible. Offering an impressive catalog of 29 different gemstones and 9 precious metals, you can find or create an engagement ring all your own. Their gemstone experts are well prepared to support you in having the colorful ring you always dreamed of.

If you need any more convincing, check out our Gemvara birthstone engagement ring shopping guide.

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Birthstone by Month Guide – Perfect for a Gemstone Proposal! | Gemvara 17


Price Range: $150 – $1,990

Are you a nature-lover with an outdoorsy spirit? Roelavi Atelier likely has the engagement & wedding ring set for you.

Hailing from the nature-rich state of California, it’s no wonder so many of Roelavi’s engagement rings emulate the florals, leaves and branches of the great outdoors. Shop from pieces like ‘Lily of the Valley’, ‘Vintage Rosebud’ and our favorite sweet ‘Flower Branch’ (then get to work finding that wedding florist to match your florals to your stunning setting!)

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10 Best Places to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings Online – Roelavi Atelier on Etsy


Price Range: $950 – $2,250+

Upscale jewelry with a social conscience, need we say more? For the visual folks scrolling through, Vrai website makes it easy to shop for the ring of your dreams. Their refined designs focus on their sustainably stunning diamonds. Vrai offers a generous Proposal Care Package that includes an annual shine and lifetime warranty.

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Vrai – The Best Websites to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online

Anna Sheffield

Price Range: $450 – $50k+

A talisman is defined as a ring that “is thought to have magic powers and bring good luck.” Anna Sheffield prides herself on doing just that.

Her unique use of stones and placements has made her a favorite amongst wedding professionals. We applaud her intentionality of sourcing ethically and creating timeless designs. Rings like The Eleonore Suite No. 13 were made to be passed down for generations.

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Anna Sheffield – The Best Websites to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online 4

Joseph Jewelry

Price Range: $800 – $15,000+

Washington-based Joseph Jewelry is a true gem in the Pacific Northwest. The jewelers make it easy to customize your own ring and can even revitalize family heirlooms to suit more modern tastes. Joseph Jewelry ensures your peace of mind by including a 3D wax model of your design to try on before your dream ring is created.

We’re currently swooning over this precious princess cut ring inspired by a customer’s custom design request! For our nature enthusiasts, we recommend this eye-catching vine and yellow diamond engagement ring.

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Joseph Jewelry – The Best Websites to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online

Great Heights

Price Range: $485 – $3,100

Great Heights offers stunning lab-grown diamonds with an inclusive flair. (We see you Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris.) The jewelers also make it clear that they understand how overwhelming looking for a ring can be. Their website offers Guide Me and Education sections to ensure that you feel more confident about your choices with every click.

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Great Heights Ethical and Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings

Clean Origin

Price Range: $525 – $2,300

Clean Origin is made up of third-generation jewelers who offer a wide range of classic and modern styles. The eco-friendly twist? They offer lab-grown diamonds that are the real deal.

According to their website, “A lab-created diamond is ‘grown’ inside a lab using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process. The result is a man-made diamond that is chemically, physically, and optically the same as those grown beneath the Earth’s surface” without the ethical & environmental tole.

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Clean Origin Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring – The Best Websites to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online.jpg 2


Price Range: $375 – $3,000+

Portland-based MiaDonna’s instinct to give back and be eco-friendly already has us swooning, but their stunning vintage-inspired designs are not to be missed. All of the diamonds are lab-grown, which means these luxe stones are completely conflict-free, with bands made from recycled precious metals.

Their website is easy to navigate, especially for those who rely heavily on visuals. Need more reassurance that you’ve picked the right ring? MiaDonna also offers an At Home Try-On program of four designs for a week.

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Romantic Vintage Inspired Eco Friendly MiaDonna Engagement Rings – Susan-WS-Lifestyle-01


Price Range: $275 – $22,000

Featuring sharp edges, bold patterns & funky arrangements – Artemer caters to the rock and roll bride.

Find art-deco designs made wildly fun with bright colored gemstones & alternative arrangements. We can imagine these colorful, funky rings on the bride and groom filling their rooftop Vegas venue with custom neon & disco balls.

Our favorite alternative pairing? An aquamarine art-deco engagement ring paired with a modern moon phase wedding band.

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10 Best Places to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings Online – Etsy Artemer

Derrick Rings

Price Range: $145 – $512

Those looking for affordable elegance, look no further! Derrick Rings offers a wide range of handmade wedding band sets for the bride on a budget. Derrick has also garnered rave reviews for excellent customer service and quick shipping.

This gorgeous pear-cut engagement ring & wedding band set is the most popular amongst our readers.

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20 Diamond Alternative Gemstone Engagement Rings – Etsy Derrick Rings Moissonite Engagement Ring

Audry Rose

Price Range: $275 – $11,000+

Whimsical, delicate and colorful. Audry Rose captures it all. The retailer prides herself on showcasing “unique yet timeless” designs and succeeds! Their bridal collection is a treasure trove for those looking for vintage designs with a modern twist.

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Audry Rose – The Best Places to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online

Marrow Fine

Price Range: $400 – $9,000+

Marrow Fine is a go-to for alternative engagement rings. Most of their rings are made to be stacked so you can create a set perfect for you. We should also mention that they have a generous selection of gemstones to mix and match to your heart’s content.

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Marrow Fine – The Best Websites to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online


Price Range: $170 – $9,900

We love gemstone engagement rings! And who supplies so many of the best colorful engagement rings found on Bridal Musings? Capucinne!

Located in Slovenia & selling on Etsy, Capucinne wins the hearts of alternative couples & color-lovers worldwide. Whether you’re shopping for your birthstone or perhaps the best-colored gem to match your wardrobe, chances are Capucinne has the perfect stone for you.

Shop rainbow sapphires, pink morganite, sparkling moissanite, vintage emerald, sea-faring aquamarine, natural ruby and so many more. You can even request a custom order with your favorite stone & metal!

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10 Best Places to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings Online – Etsy Capucinne

Minimal VS

Price Range: $150 – $10,750

Minimal VS crafts unique engagement rings for the romantic bride or groom.

Each piece is so different from the next, from marquise sapphires arranged into floral settings to halo arrangements featuring rare gemstones (like watermelon tourmaline!) We’re taken by the Slovenian designer’s cluster arrangements, finding creative & beautiful ways to pair wildly different colors and stones together in one ring.

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10 Best Places to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings Online – Etsy Capucinne (1)
Anna Sheffield – The Best Websites to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online 2
Rings by Anna Sheffield

Find even more gorgeous engagement rings & wedding bands on our Pinterest board. See a piece you love? Find the above designs in our shop below. Once you’ve proposed (or said “YES!”) here are some fabulous Save The Dates & wedding invitations we love.


This post was originally written & curated by our editor Claire Eliza, then later updated by Bridal Musings writer Adriana Zazula.

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