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You Said Yes! Here’s How To Take Care Of That Sparkling Engagement Ring

Congratulations! Chances are you landed on this edition of Engagement Ring 101 because you’ve just said yes and slid on that sparkling, new engagement ring – and we’re so excited you’re here! We’ve got the best tips to take care of your precious gems.

When we got engaged, late that night, I suddenly felt a level of panic “Oh my, I have no idea how to take care of this beautiful ring”. Frantically, I searched things like “should you shower with your ring on?” (Probably not) “Does my engagement ring fit right?” (Google can’t tell me for sure) “How not to destroy your engagement ring” – I was nervous.

The most frequent tip that came up in all of my searches was to purchase jewelry insurance to protect my ring as soon as possible. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group offers policies specifically for jewelry, so you know you have coverage tailored to all the “life” that could happen to your precious ring, with coverage extending worldwide!

Luckily Jack was way ahead of me and had the beauty appraised and prepared for our insurance policy. (Woohoo, marry me, man!) And after getting our personalized insurance quote, I moved back to researching frantically how to take care of my beautiful diamond – now, please enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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1. Purchase Jewelry Insurance

You said yes! Have you celebrated with a bottle of bubbly? Called all your nearest and dearest? The very next call you should make is to insure your sparkling new engagement ring. Life happens at any moment, and it’s best you make sure your ring is safe from any catastrophes as soon as possible.

Insurers like Jewelers Mutual® will give you a quote for free online and insure your ring for its true value – this special moment in your life. Jewelers Mutual offers worldwide travel coverage with the flexibility to work with your own jeweler (the more you research plans, the less common you find this is). Your plan includes covers for loss, theft, damage, mysterious disappearance – you know, life!

2. Make Sure It Fits Properly

Once your gorgeous gem is insured, head to your jeweler, or a local recommended professional to make sure your ring fits properly. Your ring should fit snugly at the base of your finger without squeezing or leaving an indent. Unsure if your ring fits right? Have a professional evaluate the fit, you never want to lose your ring when you could have easily made a slight fix.

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3. Buy A Ring Dish

Maybe your ring came in a snazzy box, lucky you! But you should still invest in a ring dish or two to put in safe, clean places in the house (away from drains, windows or doors) for all those times you need to quickly slip off your ring.

It’s up to you if you want to take your ring off while you sleep, but you’ll definitely want a dish to stash your ring while your hands are working with chemicals, cleaners, when you’re swimming, exercising, gardening or if you’re like me, kneading bread dough.

Bonus tip: plenty of DIYs exist on Pinterest for clay ring dishes you can easily create. Make it personal by etching in you and your honey’s initials or wedding date.

4. Clean Your Ring

For light dust and oil removal, and more frequent cleanings, you can clean your ring yourself at home.

Jewelers Mutual suggests gently scrubbing your ring with a new, baby-size, soft toothbrush in a bowl of soft dish detergent and warm water. Dry with paper towel or regular cloth, being careful not to snag prongs. And make sure this whole process takes place away from any drains, please!

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5. Visit Your Jeweler

Twice a year, your ring will likely need a professional cleaning. Visit your jeweler so they may inspect your ring for any scratches, dings and to make sure the setting is secured.

Yearly cleaning visits and check-ups will lengthen the life of your ring in the long run, keeping your engagement ring sparkling for years to come.

6. Take Precaution When Traveling

Traveling with jewelry can seem stressful, but there are certain precautions you may take to ease the anxiety on adventures. First off, make sure your insurance policy extends worldwide (like Jewelers Mutual‘s plan!)

Then, remember a few essential do’s and don’ts while traveling. Do fly wearing your engagement ring or packed securely in your carry-on luggage. Do slip your ring around so your rock hides inside your hand when you’re in a  crowded public place, or ever feeling uncomfortable about possible thievery.

Don’t ever check your engagement ring, as not only could it be lost, but many hands touch your bag on its way to your destination. And please, don’t wear your ring while swimming in the pool, ocean, or spa.

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Essential Info

To obtain a personalized quote to insure your engagement ring and other jewelry head to the Jewelers Mutual website.

Jewelry insurance is only as good as the company standing behind it. Protect yours with the only insurer in North America solely dedicated to jewelry insurance for over 100 years.

Find helpful engagement ring tips on their blog, and follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more jewelry inspiration.

This post was made in partnership with Jewelers Mutual.

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