A common misconception about ring shopping is that you need to drop some serious cash for serious beauty, and that’s just not true! We’ve put together affordable engagement rings in the past, but today we’ve gone even further and found twenty (and honestly, this is just the first cut!) incredibly stunning and unique engagement rings that fall below $1000, so you can seize the day and ask your love to marry you this holiday season.

Indie Etsy jewelry designers, Catbird stars, and cult favorites alike, your love will be saying yes, yes, yes to these gorgeous sparklers. And even beyond the stellar price, these rings are strikingly unique, adorned with sapphires, rose petal designs, raw stones, vintage halo settings and marquise diamonds just to name a few.

Photo by Flytographer via The Knot

I firmly believe that it’s the thought and gesture that matters, and quite frankly would rather spend extra money on a luxurious honeymoon getaway than have all that money spent on jewelry only I get to wear. But whatever your reason, don’t let out-of-budget engagement rings be the reason you can’t propose. Surely, one of these sparklers will fit your fancy.

Top to bottom, left to right: Artemer on Etsy // Page Sargisson // Michael Gabriels on Etsy // Audry Rose // Luna Skye // Satomi Kawakita Jewelry // Jennie Kwon on Catbird // Satomi Kawakita Jewelry // Artemer on Etsy // Doyon Merav Weddings on Etsy // Melissa Joy Manning on Ylang 23 // Inbar Alezraki on Etsy // Bianca Monros Gomez // Audry Rose // Roelavi on Etsy // Marrow Fine // Anna Sheffield // Jennie Kwon on Etsy // Megan Thorne on Ylang 23 // Michael Gabriels on Etsy

So many stunners right? I’m all about the crescent moon ring, so different from so many rings I’ve seen! Which is your favorite?

We’ve added even more favorites under $1000 into our shoppable lookbook below, take a peek.

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Cover Image: Anna Sheffield