Fall brides and grooms have a tyranny of choice when it comes to wedding flowers. With late summer blooms, Autumn-specific flowers and an entire year of crops dried just for the occasion, couples can fill their decor with the widest variety of florals, grasses and foliage.

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So, which Fall wedding flowers will be trending this year? Let's cover first which flowers Fall wedding florists and couples have to choose from…

Which flowers are available during Fall?

Late summer blooms that you may still get to include in your wedding florals include Sunflowers, dahlias, zinnias and marigolds. And thankfully, each of those varieties comes in the prettiest of Fall hues! As for foliage, rejoice in fluffy dried grasses. Pampas grass, of course first comes to mind. However, there are so many more showy grasses you can include in your arrangements. Consider feather reed and fountain grasses in autumnal hues of cream or deep burgundies and purples.

As for proper Autumn flowers, black eyed susans, coneflowers and other daisies come to life in gardens each Fall. Think anemones are reserved for Spring weddings? Think again. Japanese anemones take the stage late in the blooming season providing unique, delicate blooms to bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements. Likewise, the butterfly bush mimics the look of lilacs, with clusters of light purple flowers for an ethereal feel. Finally, don't write off the chrysanthemum as an outdated flower. Mums and Chinese asters come in all sorts of unique shapes and colors these days with the Vienna Copper chrysanthemum being the ultimate taupe-colored Fall wedding flower.

Top Fall Wedding Flower Trends for 2022

Having the pulse on the flower market, Lauren Bercier and Laken Swan, co-founders of Something Borrowed Blooms, share which blooms will be booming this Fall wedding season.

Photo by Larissa Cleveland and florals by Studio Mondine

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Organic Olive

Moving along from the bold colors of summer and spring, we anticipate Fall’s biggest trending color to be olive. Expect to see this in botanical arrangements of foliage, wedding invitations, bridesmaid dresses and more.

Florals by Floraltique

Earthy Neutrals are a close second.

Muted earthy hues are running for a close second in our color trend predictions. There are so many Fall wedding colors out there – from rich jewel tones, earthy neutrals, and rust tones – that will make an appearance as a safe alternative to full color.

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Florals by Solemoon Studio


Florals by Everbloom

Florals by Ava Flora

A Variety of Textures

As the leaves change color and the season changes, this fall we’re expecting to see a variety of textures from different types of fabrics and velvet that truly capture the spirit of the season. We expect to see more ethereal additions like textured grasses and wildflowers that look like they came straight from a field completed with a piece of ribbon or velvet.

Photo by Laurel Klein and florals by Creative Light Design

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