Did you know that there’s a wide, wide world of wedding veils out there? Sure, we all know that they come in all shapes, lengths, styles, colors, and designs—but it’s so much more than that.

Wedding veils have the ability to add so much to a bridal look, but for some reason, it seems like they get overlooked fairly often.

When putting together your dream wedding look, don’t underestimate the beauty of a veil and how much it can enhance your wedding gown. Take a look at our list of truly extraordinary wedding veils and see for yourself.

1. Accordion

Accordion Veil by Davie & Chiyo via Etsy

Simple, sleek, and chic. Accordion-style veils like this Davie and Chiyo design look particularly stylish with “no frills” gowns, and are quite a rarity—although very striking graceful. Combining a classic shape with a modern twist, accordion veils make a fashion-forward statement.

2. Customized Wording

Custom Slogan Circle Veil by Crown & Glory via Etsy

For those who want to add a little flair to their big day, veils with custom wording are available. Brides can get anything they like, from their new last name to a meaningful phrase or word. Some brides may choose to rock their “slogan veil” the entire day, and some may break it out just for the reception. Either way, these are so fun!

3. Birdcage with Pearls

Mini Tulle Veil with Pearls by Twigs & Honey via Etsy

If you love birdcage veils and are thinking about one for your wedding, consider choosing one with a little embellishment, such as pearls or flowers. Birdcage veils with wide mesh is the norm, but selecting one that features finer material with a splash of embellishment is much more elegant.

4. Antique-Style Embroidery

Boho Veil by Claire Pettibone

Beautiful and oh-so-sweet, bohemian veils such as these with antique-style embellishment and embroidery evoke purity and romance.

5. Hyper-Textured

Veil by Anna Campbell via Want That Wedding

Texture and tactility can add so much to a bridal look, and the veil is a perfect place for this when done correctly—like this stunning veil from Anna Campbell. No matter the length, a highly-textured veil tends to enhance everything around it.

6. Two-Tiered Floor-Length

Veil by Britten Weddings

Floor-length veils are always elegant, but when you add an extra tier, as with this design from Britten Weddings, it elevates the look from elegance to perfection.

7. Designer Trim

Veil by Ann-Marie Faulkner

Such a small detail, yet it adds so much. Choosing a veil with a design trim like this cut-out veil will add a unique and surprising touch to your bridal look.

8. Floor-Length Embroidery

Veil by Carolina Herrera

This stunner from Carolina Herrera simply radiates beauty. The combination of a graceful length with sprinkles of floral embroidery and dramatic draping result in a truly remarkable piece.

9. Classic Purity

Mantilla Lace Trim Veil by Blair Nadeau via Etsy

Mantilla-style wedding veils like this call to mind elements of religion and purity, but also eternal romance. This style is classically beautiful, and this particular version from Blair Nadeau features a gorgeous lace trim and the finest material that is still able to show off a bride’s hair underneath.

10. Knotted

Chantilly Hair Bun by Grace Loves Lace

This rarely-seen style is unique and extremely stylish, and has the ability to truly showcase the intricate details of a well-made veil. As an elegant look that doesn’t get very much play, this style is sure to get plenty of favorable attention.

11. Flower-Spotted

Stefanie Ingram photographed by Lara Hotz

Simply beautiful! Colorful, youthful, and wildly fashionable, a veil featuring large colorful posies will certainly make a big statement. This style can be worn with a wide variety of wedding dresses as well, from the most simple to the most detailed.

12. Draped and Dreamy

Veil by Jannie Baltzer photographed by Sandra Aberg

Veils that drape from a headpiece such as this are fit for a princess. Deeply romantic but not typically seen, draped veils are so lovely that they can steal attention away from the gown. This Jannie Baltzer design is simply exquisite!

13. Most Beautiful Birdcage

Veil by Twigs & Honey photographed by Elizabeth Messina

Birdcage veils don’t come more perfect than this one: a delicate, scalloped eyelash edge, French lace, and a completely chic look when pulled back. So sweet and haute at the same time.

14. Broader Mesh with Florals

Veil by Gigi Burris Millinery

Another very different look, this veil goes with a broad mesh and incorporates perfectly-placed white flowers near the base. Borrowing a bit from the 1950s and a bit from the 1970s, this veil comes together to create a very interesting style.

15. Bold Color

Stefanie Ingram photographed by Lara Hotz

You can’t deny the power of a bold, brightly-colored veil. Whether a bride wears it with a white dress or a gown with color, a colored veil—like this Mexican-inspired one from Stefanie Ingram—says quite a lot.

16. Drenched in Lace

Veil by Twigs & Honey photographed by Elizabeth Messina

Ravishingly romantic, this mantilla-style veil is both extremely simple and extremely detailed. Its shape and draping is universally known, and its ornate lace offers tactility and depth. A true thing of beauty!

17. Rose Gold Flaked

Rose Gold Flaked Veil by Cleo & Clementine via Etsy

2018 saw a lot of gold-flecked wedding décor and cakes, but those lovely gold flakes have now made their way to wedding veils—and what a lovely place for it! The delicate nature of gold flakes goes hand-in-hand with the delicate material of most veils, resulting in a magical bridal look.

18. Topped Off

Veil by Vera Wang via Wedding Inspirasi

A bit on the avant-garde side, this is a veil for fashion-minded brides who enjoy taking chances. This bridal look calls to mind the famous statement hats and fascinators that women wear to weddings in England—only this time, it’s for the bride!

19. A Cape of Color

Secret Garden Veil by Crown & Glory via Etsy

This incredible veil is crawling with bright, colorful flora and fauna! Both embroidery and hand-sewn jewels were used to create this nature-focused masterpiece. A bride would be lucky to find something similar to this, but this exact version is available from Crown and Glory.

20. Cascading Petals

Veil by Ann-Marie Faulkner

How stunning is this petal-trimmed veil? A cascading, feminine dream, a veil like this is what wedding days are made of. Sheer enough to show off bridal hair, yet still layered and lovely.

Feeling inspired by now? A veil can be a perfect extension of your taste and personality on your wedding day. Hopefully, these 20 incredible pieces give you a few ideas for your own unique bridal look.

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