• 13 Alternative Processional Songs For Your Walk Down The Aisle

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    Processional Music; More Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

    13 Processional Songs For Your Walk Down The Aisle

    The ‘walking down the aisle’ music, otherwise known as processional or bridal entrance music, can be one of the hardest tracks to choose.

    Especially if you’re not a traditional ‘da da da daaaah…Here Comes The Bride’ (on the organ) kind of bride.

    As with all wedding music, there are so many things to consider when choosing your processional music.

    Do you want to make a grand entrance? Or perhaps you’d prefer a track that starts off slow, but builds up to a crescendo? Do you want instrumental music? Or a song with meaningful lyrics?

    Decisions decisions…


    Photo by Stefano Santucci via Bridal Musings

    Lucky for us John from  Aria Melody DJ is here to help with some beautifully quirky, alternative processional music options for your wedding.

    I’ve DJ’d quite a few weddings lately held in unique venues all over the NYC area and many brides have chosen unique songs to which they walked down the aisle so I thought I’d share of a few of them.

    Each song sets a different tone and mood – so no matter if you’re going for sweet & sentimental or dramatic or contemporary…there are many, many songs out there just waiting to be found.

    Your DJ should be able to trim or edit the parts you like or cut the weird lyrics (there are always weird lyrics). Of course, there are hundreds of great modern-tracks-with-a-classic-twist from the very popular Vitamin String Quartet.  Or, if you’re looking to go back to the classics, the Lumiere String Quartet has great selections.  


    Photo by Laura K. Moore, LKM Studios via Bridal Musings

    Click the play button to listen to each track and don’t forget to turn the volume up nice and loud!

    1. Reign of Love – Coldplay

    2. I Love NYE – Badly Drawn Boy

    3. Longing to Belong – Eddie Veder

    4. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Ingrid Michaelson

    5. “She” – Elvis Costello

    6. Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

    7. Moth’s Wings  – Passion Pit

    8. Rose of My Heart – Johnny Cash

    9. Halo (Beyonce cover) – One Republic

    10. Sparkplug Minuet  – Mark Mothersbaugh

    11. Let Me Tell You About My Boat – Mark Mothersbaugh

    12. Sky Cloud Winter Breeze – Orba Squara

    13. Falling In Love At a Coffeeshop – Landon Pigg

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these songs as I put this post together. You may not recognise the titles but after listening you’ll recognise some of the instrumental songs from adverts and film scores. There are some truly beautiful songs on this list.

    Have you got any other alternative processional song ideas? I’d love to hear them!

    To find out more about New York based Aria Melody DJ ‘s services, check out their website and visit their blog for more awesome playlists.

    Don’t forget to check out our free playlists on Spotify and take a look at this handy wedding playlist planner I found on Etsy.

    Check out our post on more beautiful songs to walk down the aisle to.  

  • Adeline Keirle

    We’ve just decided on ours! I mm going to walk in to ‘Sparks’ by Coldplay!

    • Anonymous

      Gorgeous choice!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE this post Elizabeth, absolutely brilliant idea and something not too often thought of until the very last minute. Great selection too xx

  • Allie

    Ohh great idea!! I’ll be walking down to a vitamin string quartet song…cannot wait! :)

    • bridalmusings

      So sorry I missed your comment Allie, thanks for sharing. Hope you had (or will have) an amazing wedding day! :)

  • Rowan January

    Love this post. For us it’s At Last by Etta James. After eight years it seemed appropriate :)

  • Gloria

    There are 2 new pop bride’s entrance songs written especially for the bride walking down the aisle available only at http://www.weddingmusiccentral.com.  “Here She Comes” with a vocal by Oren Waters, and
    “When She Walk”, written for a Platinum Weddings episode is new, fresh and totally appropriate for that moment.

  • bree [capitolromance]

    After seeing 500 Days of Summer, I just knew our wedding party needed to shimmy on down the aisle to “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates. It was such a fun way to start our wedding day, insanely appropriate for us,  and my heart still skips a beat whenever I hear the opening notes.

    • Lol same here!! :D

    • phamm

      What did you walk down the aisle to, to follow such a great opening song?

  • Triple5_soul00

    where is this dress from! and who was the designer?

  • Jessfcohen

    I walked in to Hopipopolla by sigur ros and it was incredible. 

    • Nununana

      im getting married soon this coming december and your comment inspired me to choose the same song for my march in

  • Lilbree34

    I am walking down to “Life in Technicolor” by Coldplay. I cannot wait!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow! That’s such an exciting, powerful song to walk down the aisle to! :)

  • Great recommendations here. Many people choose Coldplay as an alternative. I’d prefer something personal rather than traditional.

  • Ash

    Our wedding party is walking to one song, while I walk to “My Little Girl” by Jack Johnson.  It’s very short and sweet.

    • Anonymous

      I hadn’t heard that Jack Johnson song before, had to go have a listen ~ it’s lovely.

    • Stephrk

      I love this song. Did your fiance pick it?

  • Love these choices!! Great post. :)

  • Caaiard

    another one you could post is john lennon’s “real love” cover by regina spektor. its lovely.

    • Anonymous

      I love that song ~ actually did a post about it too :) http://bridalmusings.com/2011/03/real-love-performed-by-regina-spektor-is-this-the-wedding-song-youve-been-looking-for/

  • Momaiyaj

    My sister walked down the aisle to “Falling in Love At a Coffee Shop.” It was super sweet since she and my now brother-in-law met each other while working at Caribou Coffee. 

    • Elizabeth

      That is so sweet ~ what a lovely idea!

  • Kellyp0121

    I walked down the aisle to Craig Armstrong’s “Glasgow Love Theme”…. beautiful…

    • Anonymous

      Oh my, that is such a beautiful piece of music ~ I adored Love Actually too :)

  • Knkopp

    Where is this dress from??? 

    • bridalmusings

      Claire Pettibone


    The photo above of the bride is actually a bridal portrait done by Juliet Elizabeth Photography. The link  to the tumblr is incorrect.

    Here is the correct link:

    It’s important to give credit where credit is due.  Most of the time, tumblr pages do not acknowledge the source of a photo. 

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you for providing the original source and introducing me to Juliet Elizabeth’s beautiful photography.

  • Vanessa Balta

    This is great, thanks for posting

  • Blondede

    We chose “She Walks this Earth” by Sting….much better choice than the usual wedding march!

    • Anonymous

      Beautiful. Yes much better!! 

  • Courtney Skates-McGuffee

    This is SO amazing. Thank you for posting this, because I’ve been going CRAZY trying to find songs other than ye olde Wedding March. They’re so beautiful, and I may actually have something to walk down the aisle to!

    • bridalmusings

      You’re welcome, so glad to have helped :) Best of luck with the rest of your wedding plans.

  • Crissydenny

    I am walking down the aisle to “God Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts

    • bridalmusings

      Wow I hadn’t heard that song before, it’s beautiful.

  • Chenoa Barker

    Hello, can you please tell me the designer of the wedding dress in the top photo? It’s just lovely and I’d like to know who designed it. 

    Thank you, 

  • Raidermae

    I’ve had several friends get married last year, and as we are Texas Country fans, three of them used songs from that genre. One that I can remember is “She’s Like Texas” by the Josh Abbott Band. I loved that all of the songs they chose were special to each couple. 

  • Cass

    In a little less than 2 months I’ll be walking down to “The Moon” by The Swell Season..it’s our “special song” and I’m surprising my fiance’ with it! I’m aiming to get him to tear up! HAH!

    The girls will walk to “Oh My Stars” by Andrew Belle C:

    • bridalmusings

      Wow! I am loving discovering all this great music! I’m sure your fiance will get a lump in his throat as soon as he hears the first few notes of The Moon. It’s hauntingly beautiful. And what a wonderful voice, Andrew Belle has! 

      Enjoy every second of your walk down the aisle and your wedding :)

  • Tonje

    I had “Is’nt she lovely”

    • Melanie

      String quartet?

  • Ash walker

    You just helped me big time.. Eddie Vedder – longing to belong is perfect for the processional entrance THANK YOU!

    • bridalmusings

      Oh I’ve just seen this, you’re very welcome, so glad to have helped! :)

  • sammie

    I love the sparkplug minuet song! I can’t find it anywhere on itunes though… I would love to walk down the isle to this. Could someone let me know where I could download or buy it from?

  • Tickles

    Awesome! Thanks! I really wanted Chris Cornell ‘Thank you’ but I can only get it with a live audience… not quite the same having applause break out in the middle of the march!

    • bridalmusings

      You’re welcome. Oh no, that’s a shame. Yep applause kind of ruins it a little…unless it was at the end when you reach your husband to be ;)

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  • i decided that im going to walk down the isle to a disney song possibly youll be in my heart by phill colins is there any other suitable disney songs that anyone can suggest?

  • Kate

    I walked down the isle last week to Doris Day’s version of Zip-a-dee-doh-dah, such a happy time deserves a happy song, It had me dancing down the isle and the guest smiling and singing along.

    • bridalmusings

      Congratulations! Hope you had an amazing day. What a wonderfully upbeat and happy song, it must’ve been so fun dancing down the aisle to that! :) I agree completely that weddings are happy times (there’s no need to walk down the aisle to something that’s going to make you cry.)

  • Erica

    I walked to “I love NYE” (#2). I couldn’t have played a more perfect and appropriate song. Thank you!

  • Meghin V

    I am getting married in a barn, but I am having my bridal party walk down the aisle and once they get in the whole wall of the barn opens up overlooking a meadow and I will start my walk in there with my dad. I am walking in to the song from Juno “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar

  • Tina

    This is a fantastic blog! I still have a year until I get married, but now its definitely a toss up between I love NYE or Glasgow Love Theme. Thanks for posting xo

  • Brit

    My mom walked down the aisle to “Thank you” by Led Zeppelin… yeah, my parents are awesome! I am thinking about using the same song for my wedding this summer.

  • Allison Skrocki

    I am walking down the aisle to “Plainsong” by the Cure. Think the processional of the coronation in Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

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  • Taylor

    Pachebel’s Canon in D

  • Kelly_inglis

    When I was married I walked down the aisle to Little Martha by the Allman Brothers. Still can’t think of a better song- so beautiful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmSPCOby-1A

  • Marchbride

    I’m going to be walking down to “Come Thou Font” by Paul Cardell, and my girls will be walking to Vitamin Sting Quartet’s “Wonderful Tonight”…. this is a great blog!

  • Ka1t

    i am going to use let me down easy by billy currington

  • Nicolene Mb

    So much in love by All for One

  • Ashley

    A Thousand Years by Christina Perri…here is me walking down to it.


    • Katiegeiger90

      Beautiful !!! Congrats to you and your husband :)

    • LindseyGettingMarried

      I’m getting married May 31, like two weeks from now! You totally made me cry, there’s no way I am going to make it down the isle dry eyed. Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment and for showing all of us brides, it’s okay to cry! Beautiful!

  • sowal

    Thanks for introducing us to the Eddie Veder song “Longing to Belong” — the groom’s a big Pearl Jam fan and we are using it for our processional song.

  • kellygirl

    What about “Marry Me” by Train, “Question” by Old 97’s or “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes

    • Maet

      Def love first day of my life but dont know if I could walk down the aisle without crying

  • MayBride

     I’ll walk down the aisle to Ian Britt, “The Shape of Us”

  • Yvonnabomber

    I will follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie

  • Danni

    We decided that i will be walking down the aisle to “a thousand years” by Christina Perry but in the piano / cello cover :) tradition with a twist.

    • Melody

      That is exactly what i chose<3 you have good taste

  • Hayles

    Amazing post… and such great ideas. Brilliant work!!! 

  • Danielle

    I’ll be 10/19/13 and will be walking down the aisle to the reprise of 16 going on 17 from The Sound of Music, or So This is Love from my favorite Disney movie, Cinderella :)

    • Phe

      Getting hitched the day after me! Not long now and we can’t decide on an entrance song :-(

    • Naomi

      That’s our wedding date as well! It was a perfect day! I walked down to Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years :)
      I like the Cinderella song idea.

    • Naomi

      That’s our wedding date as well! It was a perfect day! I walked down to Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years :)
      I like the Cinderella song idea.

  • Lauren

    I am walking down to “Sea of Love” by Cat Power. Still trying to figure out what the wedding party will walk down to.

    • nikerz19

      I love the cover by cat power!

  • Dani

    What are your thoughts on Somewhere only we know, the Keane or Glee version. Is it too melancholy? I love the song but I’m not sure if it works.

    • Megan

      the lily allen version would be PERFECT!!

  • Morgan

    I fell in love with the song called Neptune by Lemonade. It’s synth-y and the right tempo. The only problem I have with using it for my processional is the lyrics. It’s definitely a break up song in that regard. But the music itself is so beautiful and seems so fitting for my bridal walk!
    I also LOVE seeing Sigur Ros on the list. Hoppipolla is an amazing song and is actually my second choice.

  • Nat

    I’m doing Buddy Holly ‘Dearest’

  • jen

    i’ll be walking down the isle to my uncle playing the acoustic version of black bird by the beatles. my fiance picked it and i can’t wait!!

  • Charlotte

    I was hoping to walk down the aisle to King Curtis – A Whiter Shade of Pale (version from Withnail and I soundtrack) what do you think?

    • Malty

      Mum walked down the Aisle to this back in May 1984, at Glencourse church outside Edinburgh. Still happily married 30 years later and i am trying to decide on a song for my entrance in December! I like Elbow, beautiful day at the moment.

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  • BB

    I walked to an instrumental (piano) version of “Kissing you” by Des’ree. Beautiful song.

  • ashley

    Bullet for my valentine-hearts burst into fire. Just the guitar solo beginning . its long enough for you to walk down and very pretty

  • Judy

    Love the song; “I’ve Dreamed of You” by Secret Garden…..so beautiful

  • Danielle

    We are getting married in a coffee shop and “Falling in love at a coffee shop” is going to be PERFECT! Thank you!

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  • AussieEm

    Hi Ladies,
    I would like some opinions! I am Australian and I’ll be marrying my fiancé (who is American) in America. We have discussed my processional song and none of the ‘love songs’ fit, we are writing our own vows so will have a ‘tearful’ moment then, we both agreed my procession should be fun! We have thought to use ‘Final Countdown – Europe’ because it’s upbeat and I couldn’t stop laughing when we played it…however we don’t want it to be lost on our guests or for anyone to think we’re not taking our marriage seriously…which we are, we just are happy, upbeat people and want to be relaxed and enjoy our day. I am not sure of American traditions, would this offend?

    • bridalmusings

      Oooh this is a tough one – I do agree it would be quite fun, but I guess that’s why couples tend to leave the more novel songs for leaving the ceremony.

      I don’t think it’s about a particular country’s traditions as to whether it would offend, more about whether your respective families would see the fun side – and if you think they won’t, there are plenty of upbeat songs that won’t seem as much like their poking fun.

      Just keep in mind that your processional song is the moment your guests clap eyes on you for the first time, and it sets the tone for the rest of the day, so whatever song you choose, think of it as the soundtrack to that moment.

      Hope this helps!? What do the rest of you guys think? (Claire)

  • D’Nae Storment

    XO by beyonce <3

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  • Amber

    Northern Sky by Nick Drake from the movie Serendipity … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYU-8L06rfI

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  • Ashley

    My bridal party and I walked to a portion of Elsa’s Processional to the Cathedral from Wagner’s Lohengrin Opera. I tear up and smile every time I hear it.

  • Alysa Monét

    I need help finding a processional song that’s romantic while also channeling the “vintage” and “glamour” themes to my wedding!!

    I’m having the hardest time finding something I love. Hopefully one of you beauties can help!!!

    • lonecypress

      When I think vintage and glamour I think Great Gatsby! What about a song from that sound track, like lana del ray? You can get a string quartet to play the instrumental part only.

  • lonecypress

    Any suggestions for a guitar and sitar duo song?? I’m Indian and have a long family history of Indian classical music, so incorporating a sitar into our procession music would be perfect. Ideas?

    • m

      thievery corporation, the mirror conspiracy,
      listen to the album , there are a few great sitar songs!

  • Nicole

    I’m walking down to Hear Comes My a Girl by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

  • Melinda Sprueill

    Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve

  • Myshella

    I am going to walk to I wouldnt mind by he is we. =) my second choice is Mario Kart love song but probably a female cover.

  • Nick Colitses

    Ashton Lane’s (Primrose Hill) is a highly cinematic,outdoor wedding/love song. Set near the famous Abby Road Studio, and the most the famous place of all, 2 beautiful hearts in love!!!

  • Sukiyaki

    I couldn’t read all of them. What I could read, I didn’t see my song on there which makes me feel super special. I’m getting October 17, 2015 and My Grand Entrance song Is Prince- The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.

    • Che

      Got married October 17:) walked down the aisle with Michael Jackson’s I just cant stop loving you

  • Stephanie

    The song I am using for my special day this coming March is actually a cover of I Would Walk (500 Miles) by Sleeping at Last Covers Vol 1. Gorgeous cover and super sweet and tender. Not to mention no weird lyrics! If you don’t recognize the name, the original song was one they jammed out to in Tommy Boy haha So it’s a meaningful song for me and my hubby as well as throws a little hint in there to my Dad because Tommy Boy is his favorite movie!

  • Becca Patch

    I’m having Girl/Boy song by Aphex Twin

  • Kathy Strandberg Powers

    My daughter used Carrie Underwood’s Mama’s Song. It was perfect!


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