So on Wednesday I wrote a sentimental little post about the fab concept that is Dear Photograph.

I included Louise Doland's contribution…this photo taken on her wedding day:

And here's her caption: Dear Photograph…the best day ever. 650 days and counting.

Now it's time to find out more about the lady behind that fab black nail polish!

Here are some more photos from her gorgeous wedding day:

A wedding day is just the beginning ~ the day you go from ‘bride' to ‘wife' so I'll pass you over to lovely Louise as she shares her Wifely Musings:

My husband and I married on 5th September 2009 at 3pm {well more like 3.30 as I was 20 minutes late!} We have been together since 1st January 2006.

I think I am a young wife at 22 {wed at 20}, I am in my final year of nursing school, hoping to go into sexual health & I spend too much time on my laptop! {On my Tumblr blog}

Our wedding… was the very best day.

Married life is… not easy! But I love it.

Being a wife means… Supporting & loving him unconditionally.

The honeymoon… needs to happen again soon!

The thing I miss most about planning our wedding is… The planning! The excitement of what lay ahead.

The thing that I don't miss at all about planning our wedding is… Being so careful with money.

The first time my partner called me his/her wife… In the car to the reception & he hasn’t stopped.

The thing I love most about my partner is… How he makes me laugh (he’s pretty handsome too!)

A recurring argument/debate/conversation in our household is… His hatred of DIY. We still don’t have wardrobe doors after 2 years, “at least it’s easier to put clothes away”!

When we're old and grey… We’ll still hold hands when walking down the street & we will still say “I love you” every day.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Louise. Wishing you and your husband a long and happy marriage…and let's hope you get those wardrobe doors soon!

Check out Louise's Tumblr blog – it's full of the loveliest things!