Every couple we feature in our real weddings is in love. But I feel like today's bride and groom are in love at a whole other level! Maybe it's an Italian thing, but they're giving us major relationship goals.

Ambra & Francesco are a cool couple from Florence, who married with a quintessential Italian wedding in the hills overlooking the city.

With a romantic church ceremony, a drive in a mini to their al fresco foodie reception, a quick dress change, and an evening under the stars, this couple had the most spectacular day.

And one of our favourite Italian wedding photographers, Stefano Santucci, was there to capture every gorgeous detail.


While we're all wrapped up in Ambra & Francesco's epic love story (which you can read about in the bride and groom's words below), this wedding is also crammed with beautiful decor and chic style.

From Ambra's elegant Pronovias wedding gown (and her glamorous reception dress!) to Francesco's very close shave and smart suit, the couple set the tone for their stylish celebration.

And when it came to the decor, tall tea-light holders, candlelit terrariums, an abundance of florals, potted herbs and over-head lights made their outdoor banquet, a pretty special one to be seated at.

Scroll down to see this sweet couple, and their gorgeous Tuscan wedding (and don't forget to read their ‘Wish Upon a Star' love story!).


From the Bride

We met on November 16, 2007 at Bebop. I was with two friends there, Francesco with three friends. None of us had ever been to that place before. That night the The Vickers played. 

Now, we've been together for nine years, including three of living together.

He says that I am the wish he made on a falling star that he saw one night in August, three months before going to Bebop. I do not know how, but I always knew it was him, that I had found him.

At first I was sorry to have known him when I was 21. I was young and maybe a part of me wanted to do other experiences, but I could not ignore what I felt. We grew up together.

traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-10  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-45

We are very different, but we found immediately a joint that works. We compensate and understand eachother deeply. This still surprises me because we come from completely different realities.

However, the basic values are shared. One family is a big beautiful close-knit family, the other a complicated tangle. We always shared everything.

He has done so much for me, indeed, for us. Francis and I have traveled often. The first trip was for his 25th birthday (one month and shortly after that we met) he took me to London.

From there it was a series of adventures. The largest was the cohabitation. Our house was all arranged and chosen together from the smallest detail.  

I always put the eyewash in his eyes in the morning and he dries my hair.


We decided to get married. He asked me when we returned from a weekend in Paris to celebrate our seventh anniversary.

I can not help but love and continue to choose him every day of my life. I am a better person since I met him.

Neither of us was a practicing Catholic, my mother is a Buddhist and I’m just been baptised as a child. I did Communion and Confirmation last year in view of marriage. We decided to take this important step before God, to make it unique and unrepeatable.

Do not dare man separate what God has joined together.


From the Groom

It was back in August 2007 and I was at the lake Bilancino. That evening I saw a shooting star and expressed a wish. Finding someone to love, who loved me and was right for me.

On 16 November 2007 I found her, unexpectedly at Bebop. Me and Ambra were looking in the mirror next to each other, “we are the same height!”. We were dancing to ‘I Can't Get No Satisfaction', and from there the first kiss.

Amber and I are very different and very similar. Amber is extrovert, unlike me, knows how to be with people, she always knows how best to behave in all circumstances, it is impossible not to love her. We compensate. We are a nice family. 

wedding photographer fiesole tuscany photo sir rick bowman rings

For our seventh anniversary we went for a weekend in Paris. I had already arranged everything to ask her to marry me, but I did not want to be obvious and ask her in Paris.

So I unleashed my friend and future witness Riccardo, charging him to go to take a bunch of flowers I'd ordered and bring it into our house along with a white shirt that says “Just missing the proposal: will you marry me?”

On our return, on the stairs, before she opened the door I said: “Love, happy anniversary. I love you.”

And then the totally unexpected surprise, and her emotion, and her YES.

Now, the opening words of the last album that we recorded it says: ‘To the woman who always chooses my clothes in the morning.”

traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-88  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-66




traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-18  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-23


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traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-36  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-56




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traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-87  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-53


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-73  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-74


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-58  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-71


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-92  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-69




Such a gorgeous wedding, right? Don't they seem like the most in love couple – head over heels, best friends. I just love it when our real wedding couples seem so meant to be!

Thanks so much to Stefano Santucci, and of course, Ambra & Francesco for sharing their beautiful wedding in Florence with us.

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