If you're a lover of all things vintage, you're going to fall pretty hard indeed, for today's gorgeous elopement inspiration.

Taking its cue from the roaring twenties, this shoot has the most beautiful beaded vintage wedding dress, fabulous Hollywood-worthy make-up, luxe florals, and a rather gentrified backdrop of Wenkenpark, near Basel in Switzerland.

Captured by Anna Tereshina and styled by In Love Atelier, these two talents and their real life couple have created a whole lot of pretty pictures for us to coo over.


Scroll down to go back in time with this fabulous 1920s-inspired elopement, but first up, the lovely Anna Tereshina tells us more about the team effort behind the shoot…

From the Photographer

This is not only a shoot, but also a collaboration – with talented stylist from Ukraine, In Love Atelier and one of my favorite couples ever – Anna-Lena & Benôit.

They are sweet, have amazing taste and sense of style, as well as huge love for vintage. Together we created this story, full of real emotions and beauty.

For me it's not a historical stylisation or an inspirational shoot, but an option for couples who love this époque, or are searching for a unique look for their elopement.


vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-7  vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-6


vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-1  vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-2


vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-10  vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-16


vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-28  vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-27


vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-25-630x952  vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-14


vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-20  vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-21


vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-18  vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-15


vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-24  vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-19


vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-39  vintage-elopement-inspiration-by-anna-tereshina-38


Oh I just adore how stylised it all is, that dress is stunning. It's such a fun idea to rock a really glamorous, vintage look for an elopement.

Thanks so much to Anna Tereshina and In Love Atelier for sharing their bygone elopement inspiration with us.

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