The final lead up to your wedding is a time to take stock, and thank all the people who have helped you create your dream day, from bridesmaids and groomsmen, to parents and siblings as well as your wider circle of family and friends.

Over the coming days, we'll be bringing you guys lots of ideas for gifting the loved ones in your life with something special.

And today we're starting with an ode to our favourite place on the planet to pick up a unique thank you gift.

Of course, it's Etsy.


Photo by Say Yes via Etsy

So if you're a regular BM reader, you'll know we're bona fide obsessed with Etsy.

If you're not, it's a website filled with shops from crafters, designers, and makers all over the world. So it's the perfect place to pick up something genuinely unique, special, personalised and best of all, handmade.

And if there's one place where you'll find something for even the most impossible-to-buy-for loved ones, this is it!

Planning your wedding is often a time when you feel even more loved-up with the people in your life (not just your other half).

From your friends who really step it up to help with wedding planning, to siblings who are so excited for you, and parents, who support you in so many ways from supplying the cash to supplying the hugs.

So why not show them just how grateful you are by getting them something with a truly personal touch? An art print with something you know will make them smile, monogrammed leather goods that shows you get their love of travel, or just something pretty than will leave them feeling like a million bucks.

But of course, there's a lot on Etsy to sift through.

So to help you out and save you time (and you know, do some wishlist scouting for ourselves) we've scoured Etsy for some of our favourite finds, that your friends and family will fall hard for too.

Introducing the official Bridal Musings' Etsy Gift Guide…

1. Unique Tea Cups


Boozy Tea Set by Yvonne Elle on Etsy

Throw a tea party with a kick.

This is the gift for your granny who enjoys a tipple in the afternoon, or your friend who likes a touch of refinement with her weekend G&Ts. Look out for more gorgeous porcelain plates and cups from Yvonne Elle on Etsy too – they're fab!

2. Big Spoon, Little Spoon Pillowcases


Pillow Cases by Old English Co. on Etsy

Such a fun gift for a couple in your life, especially one who tend to fight over the duvet. I got these as a wedding gift for friends of mine, and can vouch, they're really nice quality too.

Oh and be sure to check out Old English Co.'s shop, they've got tonnes of gorgeous buys.

3. Custom Hoop Art


Hoop Art by Kim Art on Etsy

Got something lovely to tell your friend? Say it in sew! Embroidered hoop art is pretty trendy right now, but it also makes such a sweet gift, whether it's for a kid's bedroom or your mum's kitchen.

Be sure to check out the custom pieces by Kim Art on Etsy for an even more unique gift.

4. Silk Robe


Silk Kimono Robe by Girl With a Serious Dream on Etsy

We all love a little luxury from time to time, and a beautiful silk robe is one of those gifts that will make the recipient feel special every single time they put it on.

Girl With a Serious Dream also make some gorgeous lingerie (just in case you're looking to drop some hints of your own!)

5. Jewelled Hair Accessory


Opal Hair Comb by Gibson Bespoke on Etsy

We all have someone, who without meaning to, we end up buying the same kind of gift for every single year. And for many of my friends, that's jewellery.

If your friend loves all things shiny, but you're eager to give them something new, why not gift a special hair accessory? They're just as pretty as earrings or a necklace, but with a little bit a twist.

6. Phases of the Moon Print


Calendar Print by Worthwhile Paper on Etsy

Worthwhile Paper make all kinds of gorgeous art work and prints so it was rather tough of pick a favourite. But this one is a calendar AND a piece of art in one, so that's pretty cool, right?

This is one for the star gazers in your life, or perhaps those who go a little bit kooky when there's a full moon!

7. Minimal Gold Earrings


Gold Earrings by Rock Salt Vintage on Etsy

Buying jewellery for other people can be tricky. But I find one of these safest ways to go when I'm unsure of someone's style, is for something minimal, that also makes a statement.

And Rock Salt Vintage have so many pieces that fit that bill. Clean lines and nothing to chunky, for those who like things unfussy and understated, while still keeping things unique and interesting enough for the cool ones.

8. Luxe Leather Goods


Personalised Leather Travel Set by HarLex on Etsy

Wouldn't this custom set make the perfect gift for a discerning traveller in your life? Leather goods might be one of those old fashioned gifts, but these days such quality, timeless pieces really are appreciated.

HarLex make beautiful pieces for men and women from document pouches and folios to wallets and tablet cases. Add a custom message or monogram for thoughtful take on a classic gift.

9. Copper Candelabra


Copper Candleholder by Little Deer Etsy on Etsy

Everyone loves candles, right? But when you're on your on your 20th cinnamon and fig scented candle of the season, it might be time to gift something a little bit different.

Little Deer Etsy make lots of beautiful pieces from copper and cement, making them a unique Christmas present for an industrialist who likes to create a little atmosphere.

10. Personalised Touch


Personalised Glass Box by Sugar & Chic Shop on Etsy

We all like beautiful gifts with a personal feel and Sugar & Chic Shop make lots of these, from Christmas decorations to keepsake boxes and mail stamps to custom signage.

We love that this one could make a pretty gift all on its own, or be a stylish finishing touch for something more elaborate.

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