As we said with our Etsy gift guide, your wedding is a time when you're going to want to give something special to all the people who've helped you in the lead up to your big day. From bridesmaids and groomsmen, to parents, friends, siblings and extended family.

But of course, it all adds up. And as much as everyone involved with your wedding deserves a new Rolex or Chanel 2.55, you still want to have the cash to feed more than just canapés on the big day (and leave enough in the kitty for a honeymoon, right?)


Wrapping & Tags from The White Company

So that's where we come in.

We've put together an edit of ten gorgeous gift ideas, that we think really does have something for everyone. And best of all, they all come in under 50 quid.

So for your friend who loves to be her own glam squad, to your mate who likes to play his tunes loud in the gym, the one who likes a tipple, and the one who loves eat healthily, we've thought of them all, with gifts that still show them how special they are, without setting you back.

Scroll down to shop our thank you gift wish list, and if you want to pick up something for us to say thanks, we're always partial to a G&T!

1. The Party Clutch


Clutch Bag from Topshop

Whether it's for your mum, your sister, or your best pal, a glam party clutch or cross-body bag always makes a gorgeous gift.

Look for something that's stylish, but not overtly trendy, vintage beading, leather quilting, or faux leopard or crocodile skin are always timeless and cool.

2. The Namesake Necklace


Personalised Name Necklace by Anna Lou of London on Not on the Highstreet

Some people like to see their name in lights – I prefer to see mine on gold or silver! Carrie Bradshaw is the one responsible for making namesake necklaces a must-have back in the day. And moniker jewellery has made a comeback.

Coming in all kinds of styles and finishes, from stamped on copper to written in solid gold, they make an instant personalised gift, that's chic and understated enough for everyone's style.

3. The Must-Have Eye-Shadow Palettes


Naked by Urban Decay from John Lewis or Macy's.

This is a gift to buy someone in your life who loves make-up, but are quite particular in their tastes.

With gorgeous shimmer palettes, cool smokey sets, and the most beautiful neutrals, there's good reason the Naked by Urban Decay collection has reached cult status, and has a coveted-spot on any make-up lover's wishlist.

4. The Spiralizer


Kenwood Spiralizer from John Lewis

Okay so as kitchen gadgets go, I honestly thought the whole spiralising thing was a bit of a fad. But it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon, with zoodle bars at weddings, and whole cookbooks dedicated to things you can make with beetroot spaghetti.

There are tonnes of variations of spiralizers available to buy (this one has some fancy add-ons) just be sure to go with a trusted manufacturer, to buy a gift, your loved one will thank you for, every time they chow down on some cauliflower rice risotto.

5. The Pair of Headphones


SkinnyDip Headphones from Nasty Gal

Whether you're shopping for a guy or a girl, headphones are a gift that are massively appreciated, and can be adapted for the recipient, whatever their style.

Kitty ones for a cat lover, rose gold for a little minimal glamour, these best bud ones are pretty fun, or opt for something that's all about the acoustics. Whether you're buying for someone who loves to pump up the podcasts in bed, or pump up the tunes at the gym, a little audio style is a great gift.

6. The Movie Art Prints


Movie Print by Claudia Varosio on Etsy

Art prints are always a cool (and affordable) gift, but of course, as art is so subjective, it can be really difficult to pick something out for someone else.

Luckily talented designers like Claudia Varosio create cool, reimagined posters for new releases, old films, albums and TV shows. All you have to do is know your loved-ones favourite movie, and you have yourself a thoughtful, personalised present, without dropping a lot of cash.

7. The DIY Pamper Kit


Pamper Kit by Bloomtown Botanicals on Not on the Highstreet

Okay so if any of my friends or family are reading this, this is what I would love! A pamper kit is always an effortlessly awesome gift, once the components are thoughtfully curated.

You can buy your kit ready made (this one is fabulous!) or you can make up your own. All you need is a gorgeous face mask, body oil, or foot balm, perhaps some nail polish or pretty nail files, and maybe a candle, eye mask and some of your favourite snacks (chocolate or popcorn please).

Essentially, you're giving your loved-one the gift of pamper sesh night in. You can fit it to any budget, and they'll love you for it forever (especially if they're stressed at work or have young kids!).

8. The Luxury Candle


Scented candles from The White Company

Scented candles are one of those gifts that might seem boring or cliche, but a carefully chosen one, is always appreciated. A quality candle adds an instant cosy vibe, whether you're sitting at your desk or on your sofa.

Honestly, the person who receives this will be thanking you on the first week of January, when their dull day smells of lavender, fig or jasmine. We love The White Company, Rituals, and Diptyque for real luxury.

9. The Bottle of Booze


Drinks Gifts from John Lewis

Okay so this might be a tried and tested gift, and we would rather be original, but when you're keeping within a certain budget, there's nothing quite like a bottle of something potent to pack a punch.

Rather than opting for a classic spirit brand, why not go for something a little more niche, a Scottish sweet liqueur, an Icelandic vodka, or craft London gin for a special gift for the special booze-lover in your life.

10. The Coffee Table Book


New York Times, 125 Weekends in Europe from Barneys

Another classic gift, choosing the right book for a loved one can make the most wonderful present. And you can't go wrong with something that not only looks beautiful but also gives the reader lots of inspiration too, whether it's about travelling, design, photography, fashion or cooking.

We love the idea of a few choice books perched on your coffee table, and while chunky volumes are often pricey, there are some gems to be had, if you look to publishers like Taschen and Phaidon or stores like Urban Outfitters.


Book from Urban Outfitters

Some cool ideas, right? And if you don't see something here, shop our pick of sweet handmade gifts from Etsy. Plus we've added more choice gifts to the nifty widget below.