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Welcome To The New Look Bridal Musings!


Things are looking a little different around here, right?

Welcome to the brand new look, Bridal Musings!

We’ve ditched the calligraphy style writing and the love hearts, and we’ve opted for a pared back, more editorial look, that we think will let the gorgeous photography and helpful advice we feature every day, shine through.

We’ve worked with some crazy talented designers and developers* and we’re really proud of the results!

What do you think?

If you’ve been a long time reader or contributor to the blog, you don’t have to worry that we’ll be changing up our writing style or featuring a different kind of real wedding.

It’s more that our blog has been evolving over the years, and we think our new look better reflects where we’ve been at editorially for quite some time already!

We want to be cool, stylish, and grown up, but still fun, friendly, and most of all, helpful.

We want to cater for every kind of couple and every kind of wedding because we 

And (despite what our name might suggest!) we want to make content that grooms will love too.


While we’ll still be making some tweaks and ironing out some corners for a little while yet (mostly techy things I don’t quite understand), I did want to take this chance to share some of the features of our shiny new home.

First up is the Photo Gallery. We’ve been tagging our (MASSIVE) back catalogue of pictures and storing them neatly in one place.

So if you’re looking for the perfect hairstyle, wedding dress or centrepiece, head straight there for some instant eye candy, and lots of ideas. (Though, at the time of writing this, our developer is tackling a few bugs so apologies if it’s not playing nicely – be sure check back again soon!)

Next, we’ve got to tell you about our Shop.

Now this isn’t just any shop. We know how hard it is (and how many hours it takes), to find the perfect veil, or an affordable bridesmaid’s dress you can buy online. So to save you precious time, we’ve painstakingly curated only the most gorgeous, quality, affordable pieces from our favourite stores and shared them in our shop for you to buy directly from the retailers. 

You may have also seen our Curated Lists popping up around the site over recent weeks. They’re simply round-ups of wedding must-haves (think engagement rings, wedding invitations or bridal cover-ups) to show you the best of what’s on offer, and help streamline your shopping!


And finally, I just want to share a few, super helpful, long-standing areas of our site, that we reckon deserve a little extra attention.

Music – filled to the brim with cracking playlists.

Videos – here you’ll find a gallery with reams of stunning wedding films (essential viewing if you’re on the fence about booking a videographer).

And our Planning Guide – there are so many helpful posts in there, stocked with practical tips and real talk advice. It’s a veritable treasure trove.

Okay, I’ll let you go have a snoop around our new look site…

Please do get in touch on Facebook or Instagram and let us know what you think!

*Big shout outs and thank yous to our incredible designers Marine & Thibault of Studio Krabb and awesome developer Remy of The New.

Special thanks also to the wonderful Dasha of Dasha Caffrey Photography, whose beautiful photos you’ll see adorning our homepage, some of our category pages and (coming soon) on our photo gallery page.

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