We’re so glad to have awesome NYC florist, Rachel Cho back on the blog today, sharing more expert tips on all things florals and wedding design.

Today Rachel is tackling how to choose a colour palette – which is tricky at any time of year, let alone when you’re getting married in a season with so many cliched colour combos.

So to steer you away from all things holly and ivy if you want a more timeless December wedding, or to give you ideas for a February bash that doesn’t look like a Hallmark store on Valentine’s day, Rachel’s come up with some chic, non-traditional ideas for creating a celebration that still nods to the season, without succumbing to it entirely!

Take it away Rachel…


Flowers by Rachel Cho Floral Design, Photo by Kelsey Combe Photography 

How do you pull off wedding decor in the winter without it screaming “Happy Holidays”? There are a lot of color pairings that you might ordinarily feel comfortable with, if you were getting married in any other season.

But once you decide on a winter wedding, you encounter all sorts of palettes that have already been spoken for: Christmas’ cheerful reds/greens/whites, Hanukkah’s sophisticated whites/blues/silvers, Valentine’s passionate pinks and candy plush reds.


Bouqet by Flower Rivers, Photo by Aleksandra Semyonova via Bridal Musings

On the other hand, certain color palettes that you might feel good about for a summer or spring wedding – soft pastel pinks mixed with blues and lavenders, bright yellows contrasted with dark purples – might not feel right for a winter wedding, either.

So, how do you strike a tasteful note and choose a color palette that is true to its season, without also feeling clichéd? We’ve seen plenty of creative, out-of-the-box, and stylish ideas over the years, and have come up with a few ourselves. Here are our favorites to-date:

Red Wine and Aubergine


Bouquet by Rose and Mint, Photo by Charis Rowland Photography via Bridal Musings

A favorite choice, this pairing of deep, dark red wine tones with sultry aubergine celebrates the warmth and richness of the winter season without being obvious about it.

A sexy original.

All Red


Bouquet by Grant Rector, Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

A dramatic nod to winter’s romance and decadence, this palette pairs perfectly with gold.

We recommend this as a sophisticated and bold reimagining of the season’s easily typecast colors.

Solid White


Bouquet by Grandiflora Farm, Photo by Arte De Vie via Bridal Musings

Modern and clean, this classic color palette transcends seasonality and makes for a beautiful choice, no matter your wedding date.

Whites with Greenery


Bouquet by Calyx Floral Design, Photo by Justine Milton via Bridal Musings

If your taste tends toward organic and garden-inspired, trailing greenery is a beautiful way to make this tasteful winter alternative color all your own.

Blushing Bride


Flowers by Rachel Cho Floral Design, Photo by Kelly Kollar Photography via Style Me Pretty

Evoke the delicate, ephemeral nature of wintertime by choosing a soft monochrome of pale, petal pinks.

This palette pairs beautifully with silvery foliage, silver vessels, and silver votives for an elegant, understated winter look.

Color Play


Flowers by Holly Viles Design, Photo by Blue Elephant Photography via Bridal Musings

The winter brings shorter, darker days, but it also brings plenty of festivals and celebrations.

Bring your own light to winter and play around with warm colors. A multicolored bouquet in a variety of bold tones makes your wedding bright.

What are some of your favorite non-traditional color palettes for winter weddings? We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas, and would love your feedback!

Thanks once again to Rachel again for her clever and creative ideas, read her other guest posts here (so many great tips in there!), and be sure to to visit her website and follow her on Instagram for more inspiration.