I love everything about this engagement shoot! From Angie's gorgeous red hair to Ricky's trilby, her yellow, stripy Anthropologie sundress to his geek chic glasses… Ricky's tattoo sums them {and their shoot} up perfectly ~ this is one ‘cool' couple!

Angie shares a little about how they met:

Luckily for Ricky and I we met in Highschool! He was a Senior in High school and I was a Junior. I found my Prince Charming early. I was compeltly in love with Ricky the minute I saw him on the soccer field.  He didn't know me but with a lot of help from mutual friends, Ricky and I started dating right after he asked me to his Senior Prom. From there on the rest is history. 

I love the fact that Angie and Ricky were high school sweethearts and that 6 years on, they are still just as crazy for each other!

A few choice props, cute outfits and a lot of love make this such an adorable shoot!

Thanks so much to Paige of Paige Winn Photo for sharing these beautiful photos and to Angie and Ricky for sharing their story. Scroll down to read all about Ricky's super creative and sweet proposal!

How did Ricky pop the question?  Ricky and I have been big on celebrating birthdays from the begining of dating. They have always been a big deal we take a whole day together where we do a activity and then a special dinner and its always a suprise! I love our birthdays together. So my birthday was coming up and Ricky told me that he was taking me out and the only information he would tell me was ‘pack a change of clothes and dress warm I'll pick you up in the morning at 8am'. So the next morning at 8am he picked me up and we took a long road trip up to Duluth, a very beautiful place to visit in the fall or any time of the year. We walked around in downtown Duluth and ate lunch and walked around the pier and lighthouses to take pictures ~ it was so fun and such a surprise. I had not been to Duluth since I was a little girl. 

Our afternoon activity was sailing on lake Superior for the day! AWWW…so fun! Ricky and I learned how to sail and had a tour sailing on the lake. We were on our way back towards the harbor and Ricky and I were just sitting at the front of the boat relaxing enjoying our moment when our captain said to us ” There is a huge ship coming into the harbor today so he has to pass us through the canal and under the lift bridge before we can go through so we will watch this ship go through and then we will pass!” So we watched this huge ship go by and Ricky had these binoculars and said to me “Angie look at all the people at the light house! They are all watching the ship go through ~ there are a ton of people!” So I took the binoculars and looked and there were lots of people at the lighthouse…as I was looking all of sudden three huge signs went up! I turned to Ricky and said “people are holding signs?” He told me to keep looking and asked what they said? So looking very closely I read ” TURN AROUND ANGIE” 

As I turned around Ricky was down on one knee asking to marry me!! AHHH!! I was totally suprised! Of course I said yes and after composing myself I found out it was my whole family as well as his by the lighthouse! We all went out for a celebration dinner. It was an amazing surprise and something I will never forget. He is trully amazing and I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!

I can't wait to see their wedding photos ~ I'm sure their wedding will be all sorts of awesome! {Angie's favourite shop in the whole world is Anthropologie…I wonder if she'll go for a BHLDN gown?!}

Photographer:  Paige Winn Photo / Dress Anthropologie / Location Riley Park, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States / Submitted via Two Bright Lights