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‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ Popping the Question with Anna Sparkling Wines

There are so many reasons to pop the bubbly when you get engaged.

There’s the engagement itself, all the congratulatory get-togethers, then the day you set your date or find your wedding dress, your bridal shower and bachelorette party, getting ready on the morning of your wedding, and of course, toasting yourselves and your guests, after you say your ‘I Dos’.

But when we teamed up with Anna de Codorniu Sparkling Wines, we thought we should chat about another pre-wedding occasion that calls for a celebratory tipple.

Popping the question to your bridesmaids!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid

Popping the Question

As you know, we’re all for marking the milestones in the lead-up to your big day. Even in the most simple of ways.

So the fact that asking your bestie, sister or fave guy pal, “Will you be my bridesmaid/matron of honour/chief gent?”, has become something of an event in itself, well, we’re pretty chuffed about it!

Asking someone to be part of your day is a pretty big deal, so we reckon your bridal party proposals are worth putting a little effort into.

We’ve put together a few ideas for popping the question (and popping some bubbly while you’re at it!).

Make it a Surprise

So some of your bridesmaids might be expecting you to ask them to be in your big day crew. Adding a surprise element to how you ask them is a really nice way to make it fun and catch them off guard.

There are lots of sweet, ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” cards you can buy, but we love the idea of accompanying it with something extra.

Leave a bottle of bubbly at their door – Anna Sparkling Brut Rosé would be perfect for this, with its pretty pink bottle – or surprise them at lunch with some wedding merch, like #bridesquad PJs or a bridal party tote.

Giving a gift when you pop the question is not only a nice touch, but it also lets your bridesmaid know how special they are and how happy you are to have them be part of your day.

(It also softens the blow when you tell them how much wedmin you’ve got lined up for the months ahead!)

Anna Wines 2

Plan a Proposal Party

If your bridal party come from different parts of your life, say a sibling, a school friend and a college pal, it’s nice to bring them together as early as possible in the planning process.

Likewise if your maids are friends, it’s fun to let them all know at the same time that you want them to be part of your day.

Why not ask them all over for an evening, and pop the question to them as a group? Pour some bubbly, get some nice glasses (we love Champagne saucers for a special occasion!) and put together some nice nibbles.

Anna Sparkling Blanc De Blancs Brut Reserva goes so nicely with a cheeseboard or antipasti, while Anna Sparkling Dulce Anna is a little sweeter, and perfect for cupcakes or chocolates.

Once you ask your girls to be by your side on your big day, the drinks will be flowing while you hatch plans for bachelorette parties and bridesmaid dresses.

Anna Wines 4

Anna Sparkling Wines aren’t just beautifully bottled, (in chic blue, white and pink packaging making them perfect for presents) but they taste beautiful too.

Made for celebrations, Anna Sparkling wine comes in three varieties – Blanc De Blances, Dulce Anna and Brut Rosé – each one is refreshing, works so nicely with food, and is produced authentically in Spain.

For more inspiration on marking the special moments in the lead up to your big day, follow Anna Sparkling on Instagram and Facebook. And be sure to look out for their pretty bottles when you’re party planning.

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