I absolutely LOVE sharing DIY projects so that couples can put their own homemade, personal stamp on their weddings. But I must admit, I'm not so good at finding the time for DIY projects myself.

During my wedding planning, I felt rushed off my feet half the time so I'd always go for the BUY rather than the DIY option. I'm sure I can't be the only one out there…?

So here, dear readers, is something extremely, very lovely indeed which can be bought OR made.

BUY ~ I adore these tassel garlands from Confetti System, they would make such unique and colourful decor for a wedding. The sparkly tassels make my heart sing!

Cost: $130 {yikes!}

Each garland is 12ft long and handmade out of tissue paper & metallic foil. The confetti system garlands come in a range of gorgeous colour palettes, from bright and beautiful to nudes and naturals ~ always with a beautiful sparkly accent. The team at Confetti Sytem can even create custom colours to match your wedding/event.

DIY ~ Here are homemade fabric garland alternatives and the great thing is, with this tutorial you don't have to do any sewing!

What you need: an assortment of different coloured/textured fabrics, scissors and string.

Technique: Cutting, twisting and tying.

These fabric tassel garlands are durable enough for sustained outdoor use {in fact Jaime, the DIYer used them to decorate her patio} so they could be used to decorate your home long after the wedding day. See the full tutorial over on Prudent Baby.

If you like the lightweight feel of the Confetti System option {which would look lovely blowing in the wind} you could always use the DIY technique with thinner fabric or tissue paper and I reckon those sparkly wigs you can get at fancy dress shops could be used to create sparkly tassles!

So are you a DIY or a BUY kinda bride?