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10 Gorgeous Engagement Rings for a Valentine’s Day Proposal


As Valentine’s Day is only a week away, romantics around the world will be booking restaurants, making grand plans, and of course, shopping for rings ahead of one of the most popular occasions for popping the question.

We do love a good Valentine’s Day proposal – it’s a classic!

So, ahead of this February 14th, we’re teaming up with our very good friends, and purveyors of very gorgeous custom engagement rings, Joseph Jewelry, to talk all things rose gold, platinum, sapphires and diamonds.

We’re rounding up the prettiest, most romantic, most unique or most statement Joseph Jewelry rings to propose with this Valentine’s.

(And if your other half doesn’t say yes to one of these beauties – come find us, because we most certainly will!)

1. Morganite & Pave Rose Gold Ring

We’re kicking things off with this beautiful peachy pink stone that would be pretty perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal.

Along with the statement blush morganite stone, the pave band adds extra sparkle in a chic, contemporary way.

This one is glamorous and luxurious, but also so sweet and pretty – we couldn’t see ourselves saying no to this one!

Custom Morganite and Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

2. Double Halo Diamond Ring

This brilliant cut diamond engagement ring, with its double halo is such a dazzler in person, it really sparkles on your hand.

While the single halo has been popular over the last few years, the double halo makes this one so much more unusual and modern, and really sets off the centre stone. The platinum setting gives it a minimal, yet timeless finish.

As a custom engagement ring, this one could be changed up with an oval or marquise centre stone.

Custom Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring

3. Custom Rose Gold Solitaire Ring

There’s something just so romantic about a solitaire engagement ring, with a beautiful, carefully-chosen diamond. Simplicity fused with so much meaning.

The rose gold band looks so pretty next to the sparkling stone on this round brilliant cut diamond ring.

This is a 0.75 carat diamond and the setting, with four prongs at compass positions, give a star-like dazzle to the stone. This one is so timeless!

Custom Rose Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

4. Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Oh this ring is so glamorous, it’s such an elegant, grown-up piece, don’t you think?

A cushion cut diamond set in platinum and flanked with two tapered diamond baguettes, it’s at once so modern, but so classic.

Baguette stones are perhaps one of the biggest trends in engagement rings right now, and they give a vintage twist on an otherwise contemporary ring – this would look gorgeous with a sapphire or garnet for a more antique aesthetic.

Custom Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

5. Diamond Halo Three Stone Ring

This custom-designed diamond halo rose gold engagement ring, is such a pretty one, with its distinctly vintage design and unique side stones for added interest.

Using a 0.90 carat oval-cut diamond, the client who was designing this ring, wanted a low-pronged setting, which makes this slightly flattened style perfect for a low-maintenance ring, for someone who works with their hands.

The diamond halo surround really sets this one off with sparkle.

Custom Rose Gold and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

6. White Gold Marquise Engagement Ring

If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day proposal to someone with cool, minimal, contemporary tastes, then this is just the ring.

A romantic marquise-cut diamond in a modern twisted white gold band, this one strikes such a stylish balance.

The elegant four-prong setting and the 0.25 carats size of the diamond make this a really gorgeous choice for something subtle and understated, that still packs a punch.

Custom Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

7. Mixed Stone Cluster

This gorgeous sapphire and diamond cluster engagement ring, is a unique piece of jewellery that’s after my own heart. I’m already married, but if I could drop some hints for this one, I would.

Unusual mixed stone clusters is perhaps one of the biggest trends for an alternative engagement ring, and the pairing of stones in this one, is particularly pretty and romantic.

The main gemstone is a 0.90 carat brilliant cut diamond, which sits among other white diamonds, peach sapphires, pink sapphires and light brown diamonds all on a rose gold band.

The result is an unusual engagement ring that any bride-to-be with offbeat tastes will adore.

Custom Cluster Set Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

8. Pear-Shaped Diamond Halo Ring

Oh my, this pear-shaped diamond halo ring is a sparkler!

Pear cut diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for brides looking for something truly glamorous and a little bit different. The halo on this 2.46 carat centre stone and the diamond-laced band makes it all the more fabulous.

What you can’t really see from this picture, is the two-setting with both platinum and rose gold, visible from a side profile.

A custom engagement ring that’s a real one of a kind.

Custom Two-Tone Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

9. White & Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

White sapphires are the insiders’ secret of engagement rings.

If you want the look of a diamond, but would prefer a bigger stone or more costly cut than your budget allows, a white sapphire is the perfect substitute – and most people wouldn’t know the difference.

A pretty white sapphire engagement ring, with a white and pink sapphire surround, this ring is fun, it’s unusual and it’s so gorgeous.

The bright pink touches and the flower-like cluster make it ideal for a Valentine’s proposal too.

Custom White and Pink Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

10. Yellow Gold Moissanite Ring

Moissanite are lab grown, dazzlingly bright, and like white sapphires, another gorgeous diamond-alternative for a sparkling white stone.

And this beautiful yellow gold moissanite ring would really stand out on your hand.

An oval-cut centre stone, is framed with clusters on either side, this ring is a classic, timeless piece that anyone will adore forever.

A fitting choice for a February 14th proposal, don’t you think?

Custom Moissanite Engagement Ring
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